7 Best Places to Buy Jewelry Supplies (2024 Reviews)

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Looking for the best place to buy jewelry supplies online? 

You’re in the right place! 

In this learning guide, I’ll answer common questions like: 

  • What Should You Look For When Buying Jewelry Online? 
  • What Are The Different Applications Of Jewelry Supplies?
  • How Do You Know An Online Jewelry Supplier Is Legitimate? 
  • What Are Red Flags To Watch Out When Buying? 
  • And many more!

best places to buy jewelry supplies

Top Best Places To Buy Jewelry Supplies Online

What Are Jewelry Making Supplies? 

Jewelry making is a sophisticated craft and needs special tools for making. These tools help grind, polish and cut, and solder the different pieces needed to make an amazing piece of rhinestone jewelry or jump rings.

Jewelry making supplies help make the craft easier. 

They include common tools and other specialized items for the purposes of jewelry making. These supplies are found in hardware shops, malls, and online craft stores. They include pliers, soldering tools, wire cutters, drills and drill bits, crimps, and many more. 

Here are some of the best jewelry stores to get your leather cords, beads, jewelry scale, among other supplies online. 

#1. Buying Jewelry Supplies At Amazon

jewelry making supplies amazon

One of the most sought after online stores is Amazon. The site has over 45 million products on sale, including jewelry supplies. When buying your preferred tool for jewelry crafts, head over to the arts and crafts section.

Here, you’ll find hundreds of items including jewelry drills, butane torches, pliers, among others. Amazon is a marketplace for different suppliers to get items from different wholesalers and distributors online. The number of suppliers also increases competition and probably the quality of products available. 

Also, Amazon has a rating system where customers get to rate their experience out of five in terms of quality of product, shipment, and overall durability. This is a good way to check if a certain item is worth the buy. 

For instance, this jewelry making kit from Paxcoo has over 1,800 reviews and an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. That shows a certain level of confidence to the buyer that this kit is indeed a great choice and made of high quality materials. 

Here's one tool you'd definitely need in designing pretty pieces of jewelry...

The Beadsmith 1-Step Looper Pliers

It's a heavy-duty tool that would help you instantly create consistent loops for any piece of jewelry. It's a highly recommended tool and is rated 4.7 based on over 4.7K positive customer reviews.

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#2. Buying Jewelry Making Supplies At Jewelry Supply

jewelry supplies online

Jewelry Supply is a great and useful site to buy displays as well as storage items. If you’re dealing with handcrafted jewelry (glass beads, seed beads, gemstone beads, etc.) then this is the right place to get all you need.

Jewelry Supply is fairly affordable and ships its orders quite fast. Suppliers are located at the Jewelry Tools section with 20+ subcategories. The long list of inventory includes glue, beading adhesive, gauges,  bench lamps, hammers, cleaners, and many others. 

The pricing range set at the site is divided into three groups: 1-3, 4-6, 7+. The more number of items you choose to buy, the better the price. I was piqued at the sales & clearance section.

If you’re a smart shopper, you know how dear the price tag of any item is. Sales and clearances help you get your jewelry supplies at a cheaper price. However, the section is limited and may not have everything you need for your jewelry crafts. 

All in all, Jewelry Supply is a great seller for any jewelry artist or jewelry designers as it accepts online payments like PayPal, Mastercard, American Express, and others. 

#3. Buying Jewelry Supplies At Fire Mountain Gems

firemountaingems jewelry supplies

Fire Mountain Gems has everything to do with jewelry. It is an all under one roof site with a jewelry supply section on the home page. Apart from just selling jewelry craft supplies, Fire Mountain Gems gives you access to tons of tutorials on crafting jewelry, working with different materials like Swarovski crystals, art beads, and other crafts. They also have other projects that they have done for inspiration. 

For instance, the business and marketing page is filled with videos and articles on how to commercialize jewelry making and tips for selling online. Here, you can grow your own jewelry business and make good bucks with simple help from Fire Mountain Gems. 

The jewelry supply section has lots of subcategories and you’ll definitely get what you’re looking for. From cabochons, headpins, beads, findings, to chains, and stringing materials, the online store offers what jewelers and DIYers really want- supplies!

To get full access to the tutorials, make sure you register with the site. Also, when you order, you get a free gift for every purchase and a free jewelry-makers catalog. 

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# 4. Buying Jewelry Supplies At Rio Grande 

riogrande buying jewelry supplies

Another charming jewelry supply dealer is the Rio Grande. It has everything in place for jewelers and DIYers' wish list. The site’s jewelry supply section contains practically every tool for the trade and jewelry parts as well.

The prices are affordable but if you want even cheaper items, you can try your luck in the clearance section. Though not as packed, you can land on amazing deals at the clearance section every now and then. 

Rio Grande is a resourceful site for beginners as it has lots of infographics and tutorials on how to make jewelry. It covers everything from enameling, polishing, stone setting, metal clay, metal forming, etc. Rio Grande also sells precious metals; you’ll find the daily prices of gold, silver, and platinum at the front page. 

Rio Grande is a well-known seller and since its establishment in 1944, the company has had great reviews from customers. It also offers both domestic and international shipping on all orders. You can get discounts and promotions at certain times. To learn more about shipping methods and rates, go to the site’s help page. 

#5. How To Buy Jewelry Supplies At eBay

jewelry supplies ebay

eBay’s jewelry supplies selection is similar to that of Amazon. It has a dedicated section of Beads & Jewelry Making and other subcategories. The site offers a wide variety of items from different sellers. This kind of business model brings variety and makes sure you get a decent value for your money. 

When you shop at eBay, you’ll notice options of "auctions," "offers," and "buy it now." Here, you can choose to buy an item directly, on auction, or give the seller and offer depending on your preferred payment option.

It’s worth noting that if you don’t have all the cash to buy a certain jewelry supply, you can choose to buy on credit using the PayPal credit option. It is a nice alternative if you want to buy items for reselling. 

They do have a broad range of tools, but you’ll have to search for a specific term to get the time you’re planning to buy. If you need Tibetan silver chains with a filigree pattern then search for “filigree Tibetan silver chain” as is to get the best results.

If you don’t search for the exact term, results might be a little off. Just like Amazon, the site has a customer review system where customers can leave a review after they make a purchase. Now as you look for your jewelry findings, head over to the review section and see what others are saying.

Generally, a 4+ star item is the bare minimum for any supply, unless it is a new seller. I’d recommend eBay if you want specific designs from international sellers. 

#6. Buying Jewelry Supplies At Dollar Bead

dollar bead jewelry supplies

Dollar Bead is a one-stop-shop for jewelry supplies, particularly beads. It is a great place to get started and work on simple beaded DIY crafts. The costs are close to free, with reasonable pricing at just $1.

Shipments are charged at a flat shipping rate of $5 on all orders which will take a couple of days. They have a wide variety of beading supplies like chains, crystal bead caps, pearls, eye pins, glass leaf, and glass pillows. 

Since Dollar Beads specialization lies on beads and bead supplies, I noticed a couple of beads that were not available elsewhere. However, the site is not for professional crafters as you might not find many jewelry making tools included in the list. Dollar Beads lacks needles, tools, findings, and stringing materials. There are also no directions to use the items you buy. 

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What Should You Look For When Buying Jewelry Supplies Online? 

If you’re a jewelry student, then you already know what to look for in your jewelry projects. But still, sourcing can be overwhelming at first. It gets tricky to know which brands to choose and where to get the best bargains.

The first thing to look at is the units of measure used in the jewelry realm. Most jewelry is weighed in grams, carats, pounds, etc. lengths can also be tricky and understanding the difference between inches, feet, and meters is vital. 

Check for reputable sellers with tons of experience and high ratings. Don’t just pick out the first product you need on Google or Amazon ad. Suppliers will spend more on marketing than the actual quality of the product.

Some terms in jewelry are used interchangeably and it is crucial to know which ones are used where. For instance, sterling silver is not the same as “silver” or “plated silver.”  Take your time to read the product descriptions carefully and make sure it matches the product. 

Do not overly rely on one seller. As a rule of thumb, have several "back-up online stores" where you source your different jewelry designs and jewelry kits. If you have them at bay, you can use the ones with better discounts at the time of purchase. 

What Are Red Flags To Watch Out When Buying? 

As I wind up on my guide for jewelry supplies, I’d like to notify you on some mishaps that you ought to be aware of when browsing around the internet.

Firstly, a confident seller will ensure every bit of information about the product is available. Fake sellers usually have little to no information about the item and they lure buyers in outrageous wording and terms. If a jewelry wholesale supplier misses out information like the bezel settings in a ring, consider another supplier.

When buying new products, make sure you know the tool’s intended purpose, extra accessories, maintenance, and warranty. A simple ring sizer measuring tool is vitally important to making sure you get the right ring size. 

Also, any jewelry supply seller must be registered with the necessary authorities and have the necessary certifications to provide their services. 

While discounts are great, subpar sellers usually attract customers with incredibly low prices. Even when an item is on sale, or the seller offering wholesale prices, the online vendor must make a certain profit or threshold. A lowly priced item is either not there or dysfunctional.

Always be aware of any deal that seems too good to be true. 

Another trick fake sellers use is providing stock images in the items they sell. It is paramount to have the actual image of the jewelry supply to confirm availability and get a rough idea of what to expect.

While at times it is hard to tell, you should shy away from vendors with stock images. If you’re unsure whether the image is a stock image or not, do a reverse Google image search. You’ll see if it has ever been used on a website before. 


As you browse for online sellers with jewelry supplies, you need to tread carefully. Take your time and make sure you get the right tool that’ll serve you for longer. My guide may not cover everything, but it is enough to get you started.

These online sellers have gone through vigorous research and I can back them with a bit of confidence. Whether you’re looking for a pair of pliers, wire cutters, drills, jewelry cleaner, or any other tool, a reputable and trustworthy online vendor is what you need.

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