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Hey there, Shane here, founder of LearningJewelry.com.

I built LearningJewelry.com to help people make smarter decisions when buying jewelry.


I’ve never experienced a more difficult quest in my adult life than trying to find an engagement ring for my wife.

Between the endless options, ulterior motives, questionable sourcing, I was overwhelmed.

I know there a many other folks out there who probably feel just as frustrated as I did when I went through that process.

Hey, I'm Shane And I Have A Passion For Jewelry!

The Start of My Jewelry Journey...

So, to give you a little bit more context about my path into jewelry… it all started when I went on an engagement ring hunt for my wife. When we had that “discussion” she gave me 3 main criteria:

  • Sapphire
  • Diamonds
  • Non-Conflict

That’s it.

After I was given my marching orders, I went on my journey to find the perfect ring.

Let me tell you, I’ve never had such a hard time.

There are endless options, variants, settings, and colors to choose from. Me being the analytical guy I am, decided to take about 3 months to learn everything I could about jewelry. 

From diamonds to gemstones, to settings, and cleaning methods, I consumed every bit of information I could to help inform a proper buying decision.

Eventually, I landed on an 18K White Gold Gramercy Sapphire Diamond Ring pictured below. It was unique, elegant, priced correctly, and sourced responsibly.

But you want to know the most important part about this ring?

It met my wife’s criteria!

My Wife's Ring That Got Me Into Jewelry!

Fast Forward To Today...

As you can see, today I now have a website dedicated to spreading helpful knowledge and useful advice about jewelry. There are a TON of pitfalls and traps when it comes to buying jewelry (online and offline). I’m here to be your guide helping you cut through the noise and tell you what you need to know without all the fluff.

I always tell my friends to email or call me before buying jewelry because if you’re not careful, you’ll set yourself up to get fleeced and buy something worth 1/2 the price of its actual value. 

So what are you waiting for, let’s start learning about Jewelry! 🙂

Your’s truly….

Shane Herringbone

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