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LearningJewelry.com is the place for you to learn insider tips and tricks when it comes to buying high quality diamonds and jewelry without getting scammed or wasting your money.

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If you’ve ever tried to buy diamonds or jewelry and found yourself wondering what features were actually worth paying for and which features were a waste of money, you’re not alone. 

LearningJewelry.com is all about helping you cut to the chase and reveal what really matters when it comes to buying diamonds and jewelry.

Our Team

Juli Church - Managing Editor

Juli ChurchAs a Certified Diamontologist, Juli has been working with diamonds and jewelry for 6+ years. She’s worked at retail shops like Kay and Zales learning all the insider secrets about diamonds and jewelry.

When she worked in the retail industry she trained all the new hires in company knowledge, jewelry knowledge, and best practices. Juli ended up leaving after being forced to sell low-quality products to customers to meet arbitrary sales goals.

Juli is a straight shooter and will tell you what you need to know to make the best jewelry purchase.

Email: juli@learningjewelry.com

Shane Dutka - Founder

Shane DutkaShane started his jewelry journey trying to buy an engagement ring for his wife.

Each conversation Shane had felt like he was just being sold the highest priced product with features he didn’t really need.

Shane took it upon himself to learn what REALLY matters when it comes to diamonds.  

Through his frustration, he started LearningJewelry.com to share what he learned to help other people save time and money on their own jewelry journey.

Email: shane@learningjewelry.com


How LearningJewelry.com Can Help You

The jewelry industry is rife with fast talking high commissioned sales people just looking to make a quick buck.

What REALLY matters when it comes to diamonds and jewelry?

What features of a diamond ring are worth paying for and what can you skip without sacrificing that fire and scintillation diamonds are known for?

You’ll never get an unbiased answer from a jeweler because they are all commissioned and will push you to buy features you don’t need.

That’s where LearningJewelry.com comes in.

This blog is where you can get insider secrets from industry veterans and certified Diamontologists. 

No fluff or “high-level” advice. Just insanely actionable advice that will save you money when buying diamonds and jewelry.

To get in touch please contact us here.