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In this Learning Guide, I'll answer some of the most common questions about lab diamond earrings like:

  • What are lab-grown diamonds?
  • Are lab-grown diamond earrings expensive or cheap?
  • What are the best places to shop for lab-created diamond earring studs?

What Are Lab Grown Diamonds? 

Lab grown diamonds have the same properties and attributes as an earth made diamond. They’re impossible to tell apart with the naked eye and require special equipment to identify them. Lab diamonds have the same capabilities as natural diamonds in every capacity. 

1. James Allen


James Allen is one of the top online diamond retailers for engagement rings and wedding bands. They also allow their customers to build their own lab diamond stud earrings on their website. 

They have over 300,000 lab diamond pairs to choose from. There’s 10 different diamond shapes in their catalog. Most of them are round cut diamonds, but you should able to find a pair no matter what shape you want. 

You can browse easily with the grades displayed, or you can narrow your diamond grades using filters. Each single lab diamond may be certified by the GIA or IGI. The setting options shift based on diamond shape, but there’s under 15 altogether. 

James Allen also gives their customers a free lifetime warranty. It’ll cover any routine maintenance like stone tightening, polishing, and rhodium. Damages like bent prongs or posts aren’t covered under the warranty.

2. Clean Origin

clean origin banner ethical

Clean Origin sells lab diamond jewelry and only lab diamond jewelry. They’re a newer company with many years of combined experience. 

You’re offered three choices for round studs, princess, oval, pear, and emerald stud earrings. I actually like that they offer round halo stud settings for those who want a little extra sparkle.

1 ct. tw. Luminescent Halo Studs

Unfortunately, they don’t offer any kind of video or HD images of the exact diamonds you’re picking out. You don’t get to choose your diamond grades either, except for carat weight. Most shapes are limited to 1, 2, or 3 carats. A ½ and ¾ carat option is added for round diamond studs. 

You can see the minimum clarity and color grades listed, so that can give you a good enough idea of how clear they’ll be. You have the option of choosing your metal in 18K white gold or 18K yellow gold. All of their diamond pairs are IGI certified. 

They don’t have a maintenance warranty, but they offer a generous return policy on all their lab diamond jewelry. All customers have 100 days to return their purchase if they decide it’s not for them. 

3. Brilliant Earth

brilliant earth banner

Brilliant Earth is a big name when it comes to ethical diamonds. However, it’s not their lab grown diamonds they’re famous for. But, they still offer them. 

They have the best options in diamond stud settings. You can either pick preset lab diamond earrings or choose your own. They have more options for creating your own than any other retailer on our list. 

Oceana Earrings Rose Gold

If you choose your own, you’ll have over 100,000 pairs to choose from. I notice the pairs are usually made of different diamond grades, like an I color with J color. I also recommend staying away from the HRD certified lab earrings and sticking with the GCAL ones. 

Brilliant Earth prides themselves in being a pioneer of jewelry ethics with their Beyond Conflict Free campaign for natural diamonds. They also use recycled gold in their settings as well as environmentally friendly packing materials with a wooden jewelry box. 

The downside of having variations is they’re more expensive. Brilliant Earth isn’t the lowest priced lab diamond retailer around. They offer customers a warranty to cover their earring settings, but it’s an upfront cost based on the earrings you buy. 

4. Ritani

ritani banner

Ritani is another retailer that isn’t famous for the earrings, but more for their engagement ring settings. They are a branded designer, often competing with Tiffany’s settings.

I like their setup for creating your own lab created earring studs. The prices of their settings are very affordable. There’s only a $10 difference between 14K and 18K gold. Their selection is less than others, but still around 48,000 evenly matched pairs. 

I also like how high the total carat weight goes- all the way up to 10 carats total!

diamond stud earrings

Their lab diamond studs can be certified by multiple grading labs. Most of them seem to be certified by the IGI. They make browsing a little difficult because you can’t tell which pairs have 360˚ video and which don’t. It could take you a while to find a pair having to click into everything. 

Like James Allen, Ritani offers a lifetime warranty that covers metalwork like rhodium and tightening your diamonds. It’s free, and you just have to sign up for it online to activate it. 

Lab Diamond Stud Earrings FAQ

What Should You Look For When Buying Lab-Created Diamond Stud Earrings?

When buying any kind of diamond jewelry, you should stick to the 4Cs of Diamond quality. This system was enforced by the Gemological Institute of America.

All synthetic diamonds and mined diamonds follow these guidelines. 

Diamond Cut 

Diamond cut is the single most important factor when purchasing loose diamonds. Diamond studs are no exception. 

The cut quality of your synthetic diamond stud earrings controls the sparkle and fire of them. 

Without a well-cut pair of diamonds, they won’t look nearly as pretty. 

Aside from the sparkle, a diamond that’s cut to proper proportions will reduce its chances of breaking or chipping. 

A man made diamond and a natural diamond both have the same dirt and dust resistance, but they’re both capable of being chipped because of gemstone cleavage. 

For round diamonds, ideal cut lab grown diamonds will be the best. They are optimal for the best light performance. For fancy diamond shapes, you should stick to the recommended measurements for that shape. 

Diamond Carat Weight

I don’t usually put much emphasis on carat weight when it comes to diamonds. But with lab created diamond stud earrings, it’s a little different. 

A lot of people want the biggest diamond studs their money can buy. However, big diamonds won’t fit everyone’s ears. 

You should consider your earlobe size before settling on a carat weight. 

Another thing to think about is the way diamond stud earrings are measured by weight. With a single diamond, it’s measured as a one carat diamond

Diamond studs are measured in total weight. For example, if the pair of lab diamond studs says they’re 2 carats, that’s two carats total. 

That’s also why you might hear about a pair of 1 carat diamond stud earrings being small. They’re actually a pair of half carat diamonds. 

The other common confusion with carat weight is knowing the difference between carat size and carat weight. 

Your lab diamond stud earrings may appear bigger depending on which diamond shape you’ve chosen. 

Most people buy round cut or princess cut diamond studs, but there’s places that offer more unique cuts. 

A pair of 1 carat oval lab diamond stud earrings will look bigger than a pair of round cut stud earrings. That’s because oval cut diamonds are more shallow than round diamonds. They’re also longer. 

Round diamond studs and cushion cut diamond studs will look the smallest. Long and rectangular shapes have the edge on making your lab diamond earring studs look bigger. 

They’re cheaper than round diamond stud earrings too. 

Are Lab Created Diamond Stud Earrings Expensive or Cheap?

We all have different amounts in our wallets. What’s expensive to some of us might be inexpensive to others. 

Regardless, lab created diamond stud earrings are going to be much cheaper than the best mined diamond earrings. Lab diamonds can be between 20-70% cheaper than an earth made diamond of the same grades. 

Check out the price difference between these 2 carat lab diamond studs and their mined counterparts: 

Lab Diamond Pairs

Mined Diamond Pairs

The main reason why lab diamonds are cost-affordable compared to natural diamonds is because of their controlled environment. Growing lab diamonds in a chamber using the CVD method or the HPHT method allows for better outcome. 

And when I say better outcome, I mean larger diamonds with less inclusions. They don’t come into contact with other impurities and minerals like mined diamonds do. That’s one of the main things that make a lot of diamond crystals unsuitable to be gem quality. 

Red Flags When Buying Lab Grown Diamond Stud Earrings

You should apply the same cautions to lab grown diamond stud earrings as you would any other kind of diamond studs-or diamond jewelry altogether. 

Buying Certified Lab Grown Diamond Stud Earrings

Lab created diamond stud earrings might be cheaper than natural diamond studs, but they’re still not what I’d consider cheap. It’s still a pretty big purchase. 

Some might disagree. Either way, I’d be ticked to find out I paid $1000 for a pair of lab grown diamond studs to find out they’re not real. 

Wouldn’t you? 

The best way to ensure you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for is to buy lab diamond stud earrings with a gem lab certification.

Not just a report from any gem lab either. Some grading labs have looser guidelines when grading diamonds. Many brick and mortar retailers use these kinds of labs to grade their diamonds at a better price. 

The kinds of grading reports suitable for lab diamonds range. We recommend these grading labs for lab diamond certifications

  • GIA
  • AGS
  • IGI
  • GCAL

A pair of lab created diamond stud earrings with an accompanied certificate from one of the grading labs above will ensure you’re buying genuine lab diamonds, not a diamond simulant like cubic zirconia or white topaz. 

It also lets you know that you’re paying for the proper diamond grades you’ve chosen, like your clarity and color grades chosen. Some grading labs have had diamonds graded at the GIA lower than the lab they came from. 

How To Get The Best Deal When Buying Lab Grown Diamond Stud Earrings?

  • Know the difference between carat weight and carat size
  • Choose a diamond shape with a bigger face-up visual size
  • Always buy with an appropriate lab diamond certification
  • Choose 14K instead of 18K or platinum
  • Think about carat weight in relation to your own ears
  • Buy from a trusted retailer
  • Buying lab grown diamond studs online will be cheaper

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