4 Best Places to Buy IF Clarity Diamonds Online (in 2022)

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Below is a quick list of all my top picks. Keep scrolling to learn more about my best buying tips and tricks, as well as a comprehensive FAQ section.

Alternatively, if you want to shop around for other types of diamonds you might want to find out which is the best place to buy diamond online in our opinion.

Top 4 Places To Buy IF Diamonds Online

  1. James Allen (My Top Pick)
  2. Blue Nile (Best Selection for IF Diamonds)
  3. Ritani (Best Market Transparency for IF Diamonds)
  4. Clean Origin (Best Return Policy for IF Diamonds)

#1 Buying IF Diamonds at James Allen

james allen diamonds landing page

Our top pick for best place to buy an internally flawless diamond online is James Allen. They have 360˚ degree viewing technology on each and every one of their diamonds. They offer high-quality IF diamonds (min color H,  1+ carats, ideal and very good cuts) in varying diamond shapes

James Allen diamonds are going to be certified by the GIA, AGS, or IGI. You should avoid IGI diamonds because of their loose guidelines. 

A near colorless 1 carat diamond at James Allen hits about $3000 on the low end, all the way up to a whopping $1,000,000 15 carat IF diamond!

Their diamonds are conflict-free and priced cheaper than any diamond you'll find at a mega retailer like Kay or Zales. Neither of those stores even carry IF diamonds online or in-store for that matter. Those have to be specially ordered. 

However, at James Allen you've got instant access to IF diamonds. 

Even though you don't necessarily need a 360˚ viewer for IF diamonds since they should all be free of visible blemishes, you can still check out the brilliance and cut shape of the stone in real time. James Allen has the best viewer in my opinion. I love that I can easily control it. Other places don't always give you that option. 

If you have any questions, you can even click "Chat with an Expert" and you can be connected to a professional that will go over every detail with you. You can also request to review the grading report for the diamond you're looking at.

James Allen live chat callout

When you buy diamonds and fine jewelry with James Allen, they give you a lifetime warranty that covers all routine maintenance to keep your ring looking fantastic for years to come. You have the option of mailing it directly to James Allen or taking to select Jared stores for repair, but you do have to pay shipping. 


  • Over 150,000 high quality 1 carat IF diamonds 
  • Live chat with diamond experts
  • Free Lifetime Warranty
  • Easy to use 360˚ viewer


  • Have to pay shipping when redeeming warranty

#2 Buying IF Diamonds at Blue Nile

blue nile homepage

Blue Nile is a popular choice for IF diamonds because they hold the second largest collection of 1 carat (min) diamonds with H and above color grades. With over 1900 different diamonds to choose from, you're bound to find the right IF diamond for you. 

That's a lot of diamonds to sort through, so they have very specific filters you can use to sort out the diamonds you don't want. For example, one thing I don't like is that Blue Nile doesn't offer 360˚ viewing on all their natural diamonds.

Thankfully, IF diamonds should be pretty much clear under magnification anyway, but it's still nice to be able to see it before you buy it.

Blue Nile diamond filters

But if you click the filter for 360˚ view, you can see that narrows 1700 down to just over 1100. Likewise, you can go more specific--right down polish and symmetry, or even diamond fluorescence. These advanced filters will help you really narrow down the best IF diamonds Blue Nile has to offer. 

While most our picks have advanced filters, none of them are this specific. I also like that all of Blue Nile's IF diamonds are GIA certified. No worries about finding the perfect diamond to find out it's certified by a lower tier lab like IGI (with the exception of lab diamonds). 

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Colorless 1 carat IF diamonds at Blue Nile will have you looking at prices with a minimum of $8,000 and continue to skyrocket past $15,000. Near colorless 1 carat IF diamonds will be a minimum of $5,700 up to $10,000.

As you can tell, these are pretty pricey in comparison to our #1 pick, James Allen. Still, I guarantee it's cheaper than somewhere like Jared or Zales. 

Despite their higher prices, Blue Nile remains to be a fan favorite, probably in due part to their 24/7 customer service and long standing reputation as the first online diamond retailer. 

Blue Nile customer letter

The biggest downside about Blue Nile is the warranty they offer with their jewelry. The warranty doesn't cover retipping the prongs of your IF diamond that hold it in place, or rhodium plating white gold ring settings for it. Your IF diamond engagement ring will need maintenance over the years, so make sure you find a good jeweler do carry out those repairs for you. 


  • 24/7 customer service
  • Over 1700 1 carat IF diamonds
  • Special diamond filters for easy sorting
  • All diamonds are GIA certified


  • 360˚ view on some diamonds
  • Warranty won't cover routine repairs

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#3 Buying IF Diamonds at Ritani

Ritani homepage

Ritani might sound familiar to you've heard of ring designers. They initially started out as a ring designer, selling on other websites like Whiteflash. But as for selling loose diamonds, they're relatively new.

While their diamond prices remain competitive, their ring settings are considerably more pricey. They offer rings in white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold.

Ritani has over 450 high-quality flawless diamonds of varying diamond grades and shapes. Colorless 1 carat IF diamonds from Ritani start $4,000 on the low end up to over $17,000. Near colorless 1 carat diamonds range from $3,500 to around $9,000. They also carry higher carat weights than most of our retailers, costing up to $500,000 for an 8 carat IF diamond. 

What bothers me about Ritani is the inconsistency in diamond viewing tools. Some of the diamonds have HD photos, others have 360 viewing, and still others have nothing.

Ritani diamond viewing inconsistencies

However, I do think they've been improving it because it seems like there's more 360˚ videos than there was a year ago. Still, it's a video clip so you can't really toggle it or control it, which is annoying. It could be very annoying for people looking for eye-clean diamonds in lower clarity grades. 

I do like how Ritani is the only retailer to offer a breakdown of their prices using their market analysis. It shows you how much your diamond costs, the cost of shipping and customs to get the diamond from the wholesaler to Ritani, and of course the markup cost. It speaks volumes to customer trust when a company is this transparent. 

Along with your engagement ring, Ritani gives customers a lifetime warranty that covers all the routine maintenance you'll need for your ring. All you'll need to do is sign up for it online. 


  • Free lifetime warranty
  • Includes price breakdown of the diamond
  • High quality ring settings


  • Smaller selection of IF diamonds
  • Inconsistent diamond viewing

#4 Buying IF Diamonds at Clean Origin

Clean Origin homepage

Clean Origin normally ranks pretty high on our list due to their affordable lab diamond jewelry. But because we're talking about internally flawless diamonds, they come in lower than our other picks today. 

Firstly, Clean Origin has only six IF diamonds in stock, and they're either round or cushion cut. Since lab diamonds can be up to and over 50% cheaper than mined diamonds, you won't find small carat weights here either.

The lowest carat weight of IF diamonds offered is 1.5 carats. This is the minimum price as well, coming in at $5,000. The biggest carat weight comes in at 5.8 at almost $50,000! Not exactly everyone's price range, right?

Clean Origin IF diamond options

Probably the biggest reason why Clean Origin doesn't have too many IF diamonds is because they're not high in demand. Lab diamonds naturally have higher clarity than mined diamonds because they only have metallic inclusions, not crystal inclusions. If eye-clean lab diamonds are already pretty easy to find, why even get an IF diamond?

The main reason to get an IF diamond to begin with is because of its rarity. Rarity goes out the window when it comes to lab diamonds because they're easily available. So, most people don't want IF lab diamonds. 

Still, conflict-free diamonds are a hot topic and some people prefer to know exactly where the diamond came from, even if the likelihood was already slim to none.

In addition to the comfort of knowing the diamond was created, Clean Origin gives all of their customers 100 day returns. They'll let you sit and stare at your IF diamond ring and make sure it's what you really want. How's that for customer service?

The final thing I wish Clean Origin had was a decent warranty. Like Blue Nile, they only offer a lifetime warranty that covers defects and none of the routine maintenance for your jewelry. 


  • Know the exact origin of your diamond
  • Lab diamonds are cheaper
  • 100 day returns


  • IF lab diamonds aren't rare or valuable
  • Warranty won't cover wear and tear
  • Very small selection

Buying IF Diamonds Online FAQ

Are IF Diamonds Expensive Or Cheap?

Internally flawless diamonds are going to be some of the most expensive diamonds you can find. After all, they are the second highest tier on the GIA's clarity scale

But, because diamond quality is assessed by measuring the other 3 Cs, it's hard to give an exact numerical figure. 

Internally flawless diamonds account for less than 1% of diamonds in the jewelry industry, so you can already imagine how pricey they can get. 

Pricey, huh?

It might surprise you to know that most physical jewelry stores like Kay and Zales charge even more than that. Many brick and mortar retailers don't keep any in their inventory because they are not often requested due to the sky-high prices. 

If you're looking for an affordable IF diamond online, you'll have to toggle with your diamond grades, like color and carat weight. This only works if you're buying from a retailer that allows you to choose your diamond grades, like any of the four jewelry stores on our list today. 

diamond color scale

How to pick the best IF diamond online?

Internally flawless diamonds are extremely clear, so they should be accompanied by diamond grades that are higher tiers as well. You'd be surprised at how many people own faint yellow diamonds with IF clarity and think it's a high quality ring. 

Keep in mind that the price of your diamond will increase exponentially as your carat weight increases. If you're committed to buying an IF diamond, but saving a little more money, you should decrease carat weight. It's much harder to cut a large internally flawless diamond. 

round diamond carat weights graph

You want to keep a near colorless or colorless color grade. Lower color grades like J, K, and L, may look more yellow in a clearer diamond, especially if it is a larger carat weight. Can you see the difference in color between this 1 carat round IF diamond and the 2 carat IF diamond?

Do you need IF clarity diamonds?

You don't need to have IF clarity to have a high quality diamond. High quality IF diamonds (with higher diamond grades all around) can be crazy expensive for some, myself included. And for most, you can't tell the difference between IF and VVS diamonds with the naked eye. 

Like I said, IF diamonds are pretty rare. If you can afford it, why not be one of the few to own one? But if you can't, never fear. You can buy lower clarity grades that are eye-clean of blemishes or inclusions if you choose a retailer with a 360˚ viewer. Our favorite is James Allen. 

By using a viewer online, you can determine which lower tier clarity grades like VS or SI might have clear diamonds. 

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Do IF diamonds need to be certified?

Absolutely. You really shouldn't buy a diamond anywhere without a certification. Unfortunately, there are a ton of grading labs, each with their own style of grading. 

We only recommend buying natural diamonds with AGS or GIA certification. GIA certified diamonds are the best in the industry. These certifications are the top in the industry. For lab diamonds, we recommend GIA or IGI. 

IF diamond most definitely need GIA or AGS certification because they ensure that you are getting exactly what you're paying for. How mad would you be if you found out your diamond was two grades lower than what you paid for? That's why you need certification from the top labs. 

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Sale Alert: James Allen, our #1 ranked online diamond retailer, is currently offering 25% OFF sitewide. Click Here to shop the sale and save big today.

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