Diamond Guide

Over 80% of people choose a diamond for the center stone of their engagement ring, and in fact, diamond jewelry has been a staple in every jewelry wearer’s collection. Here you will find various helpful articles and guides to read as you start searching for your diamond. 

Buy Diamonds

Don’t just pick out any diamond you see. There’s a learning curve to buying a high-quality diamond. These articles below will teach you everything you should know BEFORE starting your diamond search.

Diamond Jewelry

What part of your body would you like to adorn with that bright diamond sparkle? These articles will show you different types of jewelry that will show off your diamonds in different ways to suit different wearers' styles from classic elegance all the way to fashionably flashy.

Diamond Cuts

Diamond cuts are also referred to as diamond shapes. Most online retailers carry between 8 to 10 different diamond shapes for their engagement rings. Weigh out the benefits and drawbacks on each diamond shape to help you make the choice for your dream engagement ring.

Diamond Clarity

Diamond clarity is one of the 4Cs of diamond quality. Your clarity grade lets you know how free of natural inclusions your diamond is. Learn about the different clarity tiers as well as how to make the most of your budget with clarity grades.

Diamond Color

Diamonds can come in a variety of colors. Natural fancy colored diamonds are very rare and expensive-though some colors will cost more than others. In this section, learn what causes the color in each diamond as well as the best places to shop for them.

Diamond Alternatives

The remaining percent of people may choose a different gemstone instead of a diamond for their ring. Some may choose other colorless gemstones or a gem of a completely different color. However, not all gemstones are made durable enough for everyday rings. Check the guides below to find the best diamond alternative for you.

Cubic Zirconia

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