Bezel Setting Engagement Ring: Is It Good? (Pros & Cons)

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Curious about the pros and cons of the bezel setting for your engagement ring?

Perfect, you're in the right place! In this guide, you'll learn:

  • Is the bezel setting style good for engagement rings?
  • Bezel setting vs solitaire setting as well as other styles
  • Where's the best place to buy a bezel set engagement ring?
  • How to save money when shopping?
  • And much much more!
Bezel Setting engagement ring pros and cons

Bezel settings are the original ring setting styles, though back then were mostly made of colored gemstones rather than diamonds. 

But once diamonds began being cut for brilliance, bezel set engagement rings started making themselves known. 

Looking To Buy a Ring With a Bezel Setting?

Here's my favorite places to buy right now ranked.

  1. James Allen (best pricing and value)
  2. Blue Nile (best selection)
  3. Whiteflash (best cuts)

A bezel set engagement ring is for the person who wants a different look than the average engagement rings.

Perhaps you have an active lifestyle, or a job that a high set ring wouldn't survive long in.

Bezel setting are low set and protective, making them ideal for activities. You won't have to worry about these diamonds knocking loose!

While bezel settings don't have too many variations, there are simple or flashy options for bezel setting rings. Some are plain metal like solitaire, pave styled, or even freeform into unique settings. Bezel settings are a cost affordable and durable option for every bride to be. 

Let's get into it!

What Is a Bezel Engagement Ring Setting?

In a bezel setting, the center diamond or gemstone is held inside the band with a metal rim around the girdle of the diamond. The top of the stone is set either flush or almost flush to the metal band. Bezel setting engagement rings are usually made with white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, or platinum. They can be raised but these styles are a little more rare. 

diamond characteristics

In men's wedding bands, you can find bezel settings in titanium, stainless steel, or tungsten. These are the settings that allow diamonds and gemstones to be set in alternative metals. 

A bezel engagement ring setting doesn't have too many ring styles. However, they are used frequently for creating unique settings like a flower setting, or a freeform rings.

Pros & Cons of Bezel Setting Engagement Ring

Like all ring settings and styles, there are advantages to owning a bezel set engagement ring. There are also some disadvantages. But are these disadvantages really game changers or deal breakers? You be the judge. 



  • Bezel set stones don't come loose
  • Low profile
  • Looks great with double wedding bands
  • Ideal for active lifestyles
  • Mixes well with other ring styles
  • Repairs are more expensive
  • Can impact brilliance of the ring
  • Not a great setting for princess cut diamonds

There are definitely some positives to owning a bezel set engagement ring. The biggest advantage is that bezel set settings are one of the most protective jewelry settings made.

They were actually the first official ring setting to exist, but it was used more often with gemstones. With the extra metal around the stone, it keeps the stone completely secure.

james allen bezel set engagement ring

This is great for everyone with active lifestyles and being low profile, they make ideal engagement ring settings for nurses, personal trainers, and other active jobs. 

It's almost impossible to be knocked loose if in a full bezel setting. Half bezels leave the girdle of your diamond uncovered, allowing for more brilliance, but risking a vulnerable spot on your diamond.

Depending on what type of bezel setting you get, they can match with many different wedding bands. Solitaire bezels with larger shanks may not look so good with some wedding bands, but look awesome with a band on each side.

If you have a bezel set engagement ring with a pavé style band, you can make many different and beautiful bridal sets. 

The main drawback of a bezel setting is the fact that yes, the bezel setting surrounding the diamond protects it. But it also impacts the brilliance.

If you have carefully picked out your diamond grades to get a high quality dazzling diamond, you might not want to stuff it into a bezel setting. There are plenty of other ring settings that can be protective for a high quality diamond. 

And because the metal craftsmanship is delicate, repairs would cost more as well. I don't recommend getting a princess cut diamond in a bezel setting where it sits inside the metal, because it covers a lot of the diamond. 

Bezel Setting vs Other Popular Settings?

While bezel setting may be the most common sort of ring setting, there are a couple other ring settings that are often compared with it. Let's see how the bezel setting compares to other popular engagement ring setting styles.

Bezel Setting vs Solitaire Setting 

blue nile bezel setting engagement ring
blue nile solitaire setting engagement ring



  • Bezel setting is more protective
  • Bezel settings don't need high diamond grades
  • Bezel settings minimize brilliance
  • Bezel settings don't have many styles
  • Solitaires have better light return
  • Solitaires have better wedding band options
  • Solitaire settings more likely to chip
  • Solitaire settings require high diamond grades
james allen diamond engagement ring

Bezel Setting vs Halo Setting

blue nile bezel setting engagement ring
blue nile halo setting engagement ring



  • Bezel settings are more modern and unique
  • Bezel setting are less likely to snag
  • Bezel settings don't mix well with vintage styles
  • Bezel settings can be seen as plain or industrial
  • Halo settings have more sparkle
  • Halo settings work for every ring style
  • Halo settings have small diamonds more likely to fall out
  • Halo settings tend to cost more

Where Is the Best Place Buy Bezel Set Diamond Engagement Rings Online?

Bezel settings are fairly common for earring and pendant jewelry, but not as much when it comes to engagement rings. It could be difficult finding a high quality bezel ring at popular jewelry retailers locally.

You'll probably have better luck looking at a local custom jeweler or family owned jewelry store that don't carry commercial pieces. But if you ask me, the best place to buy diamonds or any diamond ring is going to be online at one of these recommended diamond retailers. 

James Allen

James Allen is hands-down our favorite online retailer, and here's why. One of the worst things about going to a mega retailer like Jared or Helzberg is the pushy salespeople. But you can't really hold it against them. They're just trying to meet a sales goal that's been imposed on them to make every day so they don't lose their jobs. 

But at an online retailer like James Allen, they have staff available 24/7 ready to answer all of your diamond questions with no sales goal to meet. You can be sure their diamond experts are giving correct and unbiased information with none of the pressure. They're simply there to help you understand what you're looking for in an engagement ring. 

James Allen also has incredible 360 degree viewing technology of every diamond in their large catalog. You can see each diamond up close and personal to identify all of its inclusions and characteristics so you can purchase with confidence.

After picking out your diamond, you choose from any of their diamond settings, including bezel set rings. You will be able to view the ring you customized and are not charged for any labor.

Best of all, James Allen offers you a lifetime warranty that takes care of any routine repairs such as rhodium plating white gold and polishing the precious metal it's set in. 

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james allen pave setting diamond engagement ring

Blue Nile

Blue Nile is one of the most popular online diamond retailers on the web. They are very similar to James Allen by letting you customize your engagement or wedding ring online.

You can pick out your diamond shape and filter through all of the different diamond grades in order to pick your perfect center diamond. Unfortunately, not all of Blue Nile's loose diamonds have 360 video, and the quality isn't that great either. 

But Blue Nile remains one of the biggest names in online diamonds, so they must be living up to their reputation. Customers boast Blue Nile's customer service, saying it's better than going to a store in person.

They also don't work off of commission and you can be sure you are getting correct information as their experts are GIA trained

I'm not too crazy about Blue Nile's "lifetime warranty" as it only covers manufacturing repairs. Basically, if the ring was created badly, they'll replace it. But, if damage is due to wear and tear, you're on your own. Any company should take care of an issue they caused, so I don't care to word it as a warranty. 

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blue nile bezel diamond engagement ring


Bezel diamond rings are a gorgeous and unique engagement ring option. Not only does the setting provide an alternative to the more traditional prong and halo styles, but it offers superior protection for the diamond. It's no wonder why this exquisite ring style is becoming increasingly popular amongst couples looking for a dazzling, yet practical way to symbolize their love.

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