Top 5 Best Jewelry Steam Cleaners (2023 Review)

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top best jewelry steam cleaner review

Below is a quick list of all my top picks. Keep scrolling to learn more about my best buying tips and tricks.

GemOro 0384 Brilliant Spa Pro Professional Steam Cleaner
  • 16 oz tank
  • 3 steam jets
  • Sturdy construction
  • 1000 watts power
  • Removable water tank and basket
  • Easy one-button operation
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SteamFast SF- 1000 JULE Steam Jewelry Cleaner
  • 12 oz water tank
  • 58 PSI cleaning pressure
  • LED indicators
  • 3-stage cleaning process
  • 46,000 vibrations ultrasonic bath
  • Removable mesh baskets
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Gemoro Brilliant Spa Jewelry Steam Cleaner
  • Durable materials
  • LED indicator lights
  • 2-year warranty
  • 16 oz tank
  • Cleans both gold, platinum, silver, and gemstones
  • Lifting handles
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1300W Jewelry Cleaner Steam Cleaning Machine
  • Stainless steel body
  • 2L tank capacity
  • 1300W power output
  • Durable materials
  • LED indicator lights
  • 2-year warranty
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Reliable 5000CD Steam Cleaner
  • Standard pressure gauge
  • 50 PSI cleaning pressure
  • 4 safety systems
  • 12 oz water tank
  • 58 PSI cleaning pressure
  • LED indicators
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Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Updated On September 22, 2023

  • 3 times steam  
  • LED light indicators
  • Durable construction

Out of all of the best jewelry steam cleaners, GemOro 0384 Brilliant Spa Pro Professional Steam Cleaner was my favorite.


The professional steam cleaner is a perfect jewelry cleaner for beginners as it has an easy to use interface. It is easy to get it up and running. The jewelry cleaner has three steam jets each with a pressure capcity of 55 psi. That means in a single session, the steamer produces a whopping 154 psi of pressure!  

The Gemoro 0384 has a white and grey plastic body with a shiny stainless steel lining at the top. It comes packed with a large 16 oz tank, steam residue mat, a water funnel, a measuring cup, and a pair of tweezers. 

Top 5 Best Jewelry Steam Cleaners 

What Are Jewelry Steam Cleaners?

Jewelry steam cleaners generate steam as a way of cleaning old and tarnished jewelry. Generally, steam cleaners produce high-pressure steam up to 55 psi to remove grit, oil, and dirt on silver, gold, and precious gemstones like rubies and diamonds. 

Apart from restoring a jewelry’s shine, the machines do not use chemicals that may harm your jewelry, making them a perfect option for cleaning lab grown diamonds. Steam cleaners are also effective in killing bacteria and germs. The process only takes a few minutes and your jewelry will be as good as new. 

did you know best jewelry steam cleaners

Are Jewelry Steam Cleaners Expensive Or Cheap?

Jewelry steam cleaners can fetch a hefty price if the features are sophisticated. For instance, a cleaner with a higher holding capacity will be more expensive as it will accommodate more jewelry at a go. 

Cleaners that use fairly simple technology may not cost much, unlike ultrasonic jewelry cleaners which can range in hundreds of dollars. But still, there are cheaper beginner models that have less operational features but still do the job. 

What Should You Look For In The Best Jewelry Steam Cleaners?

Even though jewelry cleaners look to have a pretty straightforward job, you need to watch out for a few factors before spending your money. Not that there are fakes all over, but when it comes to online shopping, nothing is left unturned. 

That said, a jewelry cleaner is only as good as how efficient it is at cleaning your jewelry. Let’s say you have a huge Figaro silver chain (like 27”) and you want to clean with a steamer. Small to mid-sized jewelry cleaners may not have the right holding cup, and you’d have to look for larger cleaners. 

Apart from the size, jewelry steam cleaners are only good for you if they have the perfect balance of cleaning solution and cleaning mode. 


The cleaning mode is essential, but for this matter, you already have your perfect steam cleaner which basically uses steam to remove grit from jewelry. Manual cleaners will rarely do the job if you have delicate jewelry or pieces that would otherwise cost a fortune to repair. 

Also, when choosing a jewelry steam cleaner, consider the kinds of solutions it uses to clean your jewelry. A few models have both steam and sonic cleaners and this gives you a lot of flexibility.

If you’re looking to clean heavily tarnished or blackened jewelry, then sonic cleaners may be a good fit. 

If your jewelry pieces need simple polish and you don’t want to use harsh chemicals, steam cleaners will  be a better option for your piece. 

Other functions may come as extras but might play a part in maintaining your jewelry's shine include: adjustable power, on/off timers, and digital display. 

How To Clean Jewelry Steam Cleaners?

Your jewelry can only be clean if your steam cleaner is well taken care of. If you don’t take precautions while using the machine, your jewelry won’t get its full sparkle.

Cleaning a jewelry steam cleaner is not hard and you can do this by following these simple steps:  

Clean your machine regularly

First off, make sure you read the whole manual that comes with your steam cleaner and check which materials are safe to use, especially for cleaning silver jewelry. Once you’ve identified this, clean the machine regularly with hot water as it will remove accumulated dirt and oil during the jewelry cleaning process. 

Also, wipe the outer surface with a damp cloth soaked in a soap solution. If you are keeping your cleaner in a closed storage space, make sure you wipe the dust off before use. 

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Safe Storage 

Just like your jewelry, you should keep your cleaner safe in spots where it can’t accumulate dust. I’d prefer keeping it in a closed location where you’ll only bring it out when you want to use it. 

Best Jewelry Steam Cleaners Reviewed

The Gemoro 0384 jewelry steam cleaner has a sturdy look and would fit both personal and business use.

The body is made of an ABS plastic lined with stainless steel panels. The machine was made with portability in mind and its small size fits perfectly in small rooms. 

Amped with a 16 oz tank, this cleaner is an average size for your personal jewelry collection, but can also hold a lot of jewelry. 

Whether small or large, the cleaner has passed the test of quality and diligence in cleaning jewelry. The machine can also double up as a jewelry cleaner or other household items like eyeglasses. 

There are extra items to help you sanitize your jewelry including a steam residue mat, a water funnel, a measuring cup, and a pair of tweezers. To back its quality, Gemoro has a 2-year limited replacement warranty.


  • Large capacity tank 
  • Lightweight design
  • Triple steam jet 


  • Can sometimes leak after frequent use
  • Steam runs out quickly

Sienna SteamFast is another line of steam cleaners that has a higher single steam pressure gauge of 58 psi. (normally heating elements steams at 55 psi).

This makes it a good machine for jewelry with stubborn stains and oil as it removes everything without affecting your precious stones. 

Its lightweight design (3.6 lbs) only means that you can use it effectively at home rather than for professional purposes. 

The steam cleaner has a small dimension that can easily fit in small areas in your kitchen or bedroom. Due to this dainty design, this cleaner is great for beginners and anyone with a small jewelry collection. 


  • Lightweight
  • Better PSI 
  • Durable construction


  • Leakage may occur after prolonged use

Another Gemoro classic is the Gemoro 0384 Black Diamond Brilliant Spa Pro Steam Cleaner. The Ultraspa cleaner has almost the same quality as the 0375 and Gemoro 0377, only that it is a steam-specific cleaner.

However, when you look at the steam construction, you will clearly understand why Gemoro had to roll out this line of jewelry cleaner. 

It has a triple steam jet which gives as much steam power to completely remove dirt or grime from your jewelry. The steam jet produces a whopping 165 psi!

That’s probably the highest pressure output  in my list of jewelry cleaners (and probably on Amazon or other jewelry stores). 

Like most models, it also comes with a handheld basket, holding tweezers, and a measuring cup to fill with tap water. This machine is great for stubborn stains and anyone planning to clean jewelry that lasts for a long time. 


  • LED Function
  • 3-times steam pressure 
  • 2 years warranty 


  • Steam runs out fast
  • Susceptible to leaks

Another selection in this list of steam cleaners is this commercial 1300W Jewelry Steam Cleaner from Flyhero. It has an outright professional look and a fitting option if you have a huge collection of jewelry.

Made of 304 stainless steel, the steam cleaner can brush up just any type of jewelry from gold, stainless, steel to silver pieces.

This cleaner is quite efficient and its 2L capacity tank is large enough to steam for long periods of time. A bigger capacity tank also means being able to deal with stubborn grime or dirt. 

Like most models, it also comes with a handheld basket, connecting cords, and a measuring cup to fill with tap water. This machine is great for stubborn stains and anyone planning to clean jewelry that lasts for a long time. 


  • Extra large tank capacity
  • Durable build
  • Extra accessories


  • High maintenance

The Reliable 5000CD Steam Cleaner is another line of steam cleaners that has a high single steam pressure gauge of 50 psi.

This makes it a good machine for jewelry with stubborn stains and oil as it removes everything without affecting your precious stones. 

Though it has a professional look, it's miniature design means that you can use it effectively both at home and for commercial purposes. 

The steam cleaner comes with a 8ft hose gun capable of producing very concentrated amounts of steam. Reliable Store had safety in mind when designing this cleaner. It has 4 safety features including a heating element, safety cap, low water indicator, and a safety valve

Its design may look techy, but as long as you follow the procedures, you can easily clean your jewelry with this piece. Its stainless steel tank adds durability, making this cleaner a reliable piece. 


  • Monitoring pressure gauge  
  • High PSI 
  • Extra large tank


  • Heavy than usual  

Our Top Pick: Gemoro 0384

Even after a thorough review of jewelry steam cleaners, GemOro 0384 Brilliant Spa Pro Professional Steam Cleaner takes the top spot. It is incredibly cheap and has a simple look that's ideal for both business and personal settings. With its triple steam jets, Gemoro's 0384 cleaner can remove tough stains and restore shine in antiques as well.  

You also get extra items to help you restore your jewelry's brilliance. Gemoro has added a water funnel, a pair of tweezers, measuring cup, and a residue mat. The Gemoro steam cleaner will remove dirt and germs in a naturally clean process. Its has a nice design is probably my highlight as it can fit in any space without looking out of place.    

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