Gems of Scotland: Exploring Traditional Scottish Gemstones in Jewelry

blue Scottish gemstone

You are looking for the perfect birthday or anniversary gift for someone close to you. You want to get something unique and something they can use. You are considering jewelry, but you are not sure what piece you should get them or what style would be right for them.

Scottish jewelry is always a great option for a gift. There are several different Celtic designs to choose from, and each of them has a different meaning. You will find rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces when you shop online. You will also find that several Scottish gemstones enhance the beauty of the Celtic designs. 

Smoky Quartz Crystal

The national gem of Scotland is this lovely crystal. The stone is mined in the Scottish Highlands. They come in both a yellowish-brown color and a color that is closer to black. In addition to Scotland, the gem is found in Switzerland, Africa, and Australia. 

The Druids believed that smoky quartz crystals reflected a dark power possessed by the earth gods. It is thought to protect people from negativity. It is said to convert negative energy into positive energy. If you know someone dealing with a difficult life situation, you may want to give them a piece of jewelry with this stone in its center.


This colorful gem comes from the Isle of Lewis. Mined from ancient bedrock, it is over 3 billion years old. Its pink, blue, and white colors come from different minerals such as feldspar, Quartz, and Epidote. It has an unusual banded pattern. This comes from having constant pressure and heat on it. If you visit Scotland, you will see many monuments made out of beautiful stone.

According to mythology, Lewisain can encourage a person to have faith in their hopes and dreams. It makes the perfect gift for a graduation or retirement. 

Iona Green Marble

Found in the Southwest corner of the Isle of Iona, this unique gem is composed of serpentine and limestone. It is white with green spots and looks great with a silver or gold frame. 

Scottish fishermen used to believe this gem was lucky and would enable them to catch lots of fish. Healers believe that the stone will return a person to a pure state, uninfluenced by modern times. A bracelet with this type of stone in it makes a good present for someone who is going through a change in their life.

Scottish Isla Rose

This gem is exclusive to Scotland and makes a great gift for someone of Scottish lineage. It is soft pink with small flecks of green and black. 

If you know someone who is looking for work or needs a bit of direction, this is the perfect stone for them. Scottish Isla Rose is said to increase a person’s motivation. 

Red Jasper

This brightly colored gem comes from Scotland’s east coast. Iron causes the bright color. Although it is most ordinarily red, it comes in yellow, green, and brown. Healers believe that this gem will increase a person’s stamina and energy.

Red Jasper is a great gift for someone who is starting a business or a person who is competing in a contest whether it is physical or mental.

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Scottish agate is a hard quartz that is considered a semi-precious gem. They have a banded appearance and are considered the most stunning of the Scottish gems and the most popular. 

The Celts believed that these gems were lucky. They used them for protection. Agate makes a good bon voyage gift for someone about to go on a trip. 

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