5 Best Places to Buy Diamond Earrings Online

Last Updated on February 5, 2024 by Juli "Jewels" Church

Wondering where to buy diamond earrings online?

You're not alone. 

Lucky for you, I've been watching the market for 7+ years and know just where the best place to buy diamond earrings online is. 

top best online diamond earrings review

With the online jewelers on this list, you can pick out your loose diamond pairs and have them set. Instead of having to pick out something a store put together, YOU can be the designer of your dream pair of earrings. 

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Best Places to Buy Diamond Earrings Online

You can stop wondering, because I really think these 5 stores are exactly where to buy diamond earrings online.

  1. Best Overall: James Allen
  2. Widest Variety: Brilliant Earth
  3. Best Build-Your-Own Options: Blue Nile
  4. Most Unique Cuts & Styles: Whiteflash
  5. Best Fancy Colored Earrings: Leibish & Co.
Product Details    
1. James Allen

Best Overall

  • Design Your Own Studs Option
  • 360° View on ALL Products
  • 30-Day Easy Returns
  • Free Shipping & Lifetime Warranty
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3. Brilliant Earth

Wide Selection

  • Wide Variety of Styles
  • Beyond Conflict Free™
  • Free Shipping & 30-Day Returns
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4. Blue Nile

Solid Retailer

  • Build Your Own Earrings®
  • Expansive Selection
  • Free Shipping & 30-Day Returns
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5. Whiteflash

Unique Styles

  • Great Diamond Cuts
  • Free Worldwide Insured Shipping
  • 30-Day Returns But Only 10-Day for Some Products
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1. James Allen

james allen online diamond earrings store

James Allen is the leading online diamond retailer when it comes to purchasing all diamond jewelry. They offer among the biggest selections in both loose diamonds and gemstones, making it easy for me to research and compare various options.

It gets better:

When it comes to the best diamond studs, James Allen takes the cake. 

I browsed their extensive collection and customized the sliders to adjust the carat weight, color, and clarity grades. Additionally, you can select what type of cut as well.

I will say they have plenty of excellent and ideal cut diamonds, which is pertinent to diamond quality. I observed their diamonds under different lighting conditions and was impressed with their brilliance.

If you're wanting to go the cheaper route, you might consider a pair of lab diamonds stud earrings. Lab diamonds are 30-70% cheaper than mined diamonds of the same grade. Just be aware they don't have the best value diamond earrings for resale.

James Allen offers you an additional type of cut in their selection, called True Hearts.

True Hearts is their version of hearts and arrows diamonds, allowing you to see the symmetry and proportions from above the diamond.

dangle diamond earrings from james allen

To see high quality symmetry, you can view the pattern by looking through a jewelry loupe or microscope. I verified the quality by checking for GIA certifications.

I have to say that James Allen is not only the best place to buy diamond stud earrings but also a great place to consult experts and gather advice. However, they're not the best place to buy diamond earrings with fashion flair, as they're currently lacking in diamond fashion earrings.

But they are dedicated to having the best diamond earring studs. They won't have many different settings, but you're in complete control of the selection of your diamond pair, allowing you to invest in the perfect earrings.

Upon checking out the different styles, I can say that the selection will only appeal to particular tastes, rather than a trendy look. I appreciated their focus on quality over trends.

stud diamond earrings from james allen

This online diamond store offers GIA certified diamonds, so you know you're getting the best diamond stud earrings with the best diamond certification.

I felt confident in the authenticity of their products.

James Allen also offers you a lifetime warranty where all routine metal work is done for free. Some of those include prong tightening, polishing, rhodium plating, and deep cleaning.

You can either send it to James Allen, or one of their participating Jared retailers.


James Allen  has competitive pricing and world-class customer service, including 30-day easy returns and lifetime warranties on all products—so you have nothing to lose by trusting them with your next diamond earrings purchase.

I was pleased with their return policy and overall customer service, making them a top choice for the best diamond stud earrings. 


  • 360 view of loose stones
  • GIA certified
  • 24/7 customer service
  • 30 day returns
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Lacks in diamond fashion earrings
  • No trending styles

2. Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth is a popular online retailer that specializes in ethical diamonds. They offer natural diamonds with blockchain technology, natural diamonds with GIA Origin Reports, and diamonds that have been recut and repurposed, allowing me to research and compare various options.

They also have a modest selection of colored diamonds, lab colored diamonds, lab diamonds, and colored gemstones.

When it comes to the best diamond earrings, Brilliant Earth should be your go-to for everything other than studs. I browsed their inventory and found a wide variety of styles available.

Many of these retailers have the Choose Your Own Diamond Pair feature to create a standard set of solitaire studs. Brilliant Earth has dangles you can customize, halo settings, and other fun fashionable earrings that still require you to select a diamond pair.

If you are someone who holds the environment close to your heart, you'll love that the majority of Brilliant Earth's fine jewelry is made with recycled metals. Not only that, but your diamond earring box and all the shipping materials are eco-friendly too.

Currently, they carry around 400,000 diamond pairs. Not every diamond pair has a 360˚ video, but about 315,000 do. That's more than enough to find your perfect pair. I checked the "real view available" option and sorted it that way.

They've got all different kinds of filters, more complex than our first two picks. That's mainly because they offer more options than the other guys.

The cost for Brilliant Earth's earring settings gets a bit pricey. Most of the white gold earrings are set in 18K instead of 14K. Plus, the complex and unique options they give you might just be worth the extra money for some. You'll want to carefully assess your budget before making a decision.

The last important aspect of buying diamond earrings with Brilliant Earth I want to point out is their Extended Service Plan. If you're familiar with Jared and Kay's ESP, it's similar.

The warranty is a 3 year service warranty that customers have the option to pay for based on a sliding scale. They'll also replace any missing stones up to .25 carats.

I'm a little bummed it isn't a lifetime warranty since you have to pay for it, but it's much cheaper than the other guys. And at least they have a warranty for earrings, which isn't always the case. 


  • Wide range of earring settings
  • Ethics focused with special natural diamond sourcing and recycled materials
  • Warranty covers small stone loss


  • Expensive
  • Paid warranty only lasts three years

3. Blue Nile

blue nile online diamond earrings store

When you buy diamond earrings with Blue Nile, you have a large pool to choose the best diamond earrings to buy from them. 

Here's why:

While other retailers in our top 5 have top-quality loose diamonds, Blue Nile is considered one of my picks for the best online store for diamond earrings. That's because no other retailer compares to their selections.

Not only do they offer high-quality studs built from loose stones, but they also have a killer section of diamond fashion earrings as well.

Like all the other retailers, Blue Nile offers a section where you can build your own diamond earrings and pick out the specific qualities of the diamonds using filters.

Their Astor Collection is their own branded collection that has been certified by the GIA and has better brilliance than your average diamond, and you can get Astor diamonds in earrings as well.

diamond earrings from blue nile

Personally, I wouldn't choose Astor ideals as the best diamond earrings to buy. They're just not worth the cost, especially when people can't see them very well in your ears anyway.

Astor diamonds come with an additional Gemex Light certification specializing in the brilliance of diamonds. 

Here's the thing:

I really like how their options differ from most of the other guys on the list. Most of the build-your-own earrings are limited to the round diamond and sometimes the princess cut, but Blue Nile has added the Asscher cut as an option.

Nobody else on our list offers that. Additionally, you can also opt for build your own gemstone studs too, which no one else has either.


What I don't like is that you can't look at both diamonds from the pair you pick out. When I try to switch between the two, but the 360 view does not change...

You don't get to see the exact diamond characteristics like you can with others on our list. But that may not bother everyone.

diamond earrings from blue nile

BN gives their customers a lifetime warranty, but it only actually covers manufacturing defects. Normal wear and tear issues like prongs or polishing do not fall under this "warranty."

But it gets better:

Now, Blue Nile offers 30 day returns and the return shipping is free as it should be. They also have 24/7 customer service and a special line for military customers to complement their already expansive selection. 


  • Wide selection of diamond earrings
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Asscher cut option
  • Free returns
  • Gemex certification with Astor
  • GIA certified


  • Warranty could be better
  • Can't see characteristics of both stones

4. Whiteflash

white flash online diamond earrings store


White Flash is another great online jeweler in the realm of loose stones and diamond jewelry. Their collection of diamond fashion earrings is one of my favorites.

They have some really beautiful and unique pieces, as well as name brands like Simon & Co. I browsed through the collection, and there are a LOT of styles I haven't seen at any of the other competitors.

Check out these earrings below from White Flash to see what I mean:

unique diamond earring style from white flash

What's even more exciting about White Flash and their diamond earrings is their prices.

The prices are more affordable than most of the guys on this list. White Flash allowed me to select diamond pairs based on filters as well.

They also have a patented collection called A Cut Above. This collection has four sub-collections, including a hearts and arrows with perfect optical symmetry. I assessed their offerings and was impressed.

They offer a 360 view of your diamond pairs and even include additional ASET and ideal scope imaging of the hearts and arrows under a gemscope. However, I don't like the way they let you view the stones.

The diamonds are put under a special light to make them sparkle against a black background, making it very difficult to observe the diamond characteristics in any grade.

But if that doesn't bother you, then don't worry about it.

stud diamond earring style from white flash

White Flash offers you a one-year free service guarantee, where you can get normal wear repairs done through them for free.

They also provide 100% trade-ins, 30-day warranties, and custom diamond jewelry. However, there are certain items from the virtual collection that have a 10-day return policy, so I kept an eye out for that.


  • Affordable prices
  • Unique designs
  • Brand collections
  • Custom jewelry


  • Bad diamond lighting for viewing characteristics
  • No gemstone jewelry (or loose stones)

5. Leibish & Co. 


Leibish and Co. has one of my favorite catalogs of diamond earrings to browse and dream. But for many people, they can make those dreams a reality.

This retailer is one of the few online jewelry retailers that sell natural untreated fancy color diamonds as loose diamonds, engagement rings, and fancy colored diamond jewelry. I educated myself on their offerings and was amazed.

But we're here to talk about their earrings collection. Even if fancy colored diamonds are out of your price range (they're very expensive), there are many pairs of diamond earrings that have natural colored gemstones.

These stunning 2.3 carat aquamarine diamond earrings are simply divine. You may know aquamarine as the light bluish-green March birthstone. These aquamarines are high quality, at fine color.

Many of the diamond earrings pieces at Leibish are statement earrings, like drop earrings adorned in a rainbow of sparkle. There's not as many modest designs, but that's to be expected from a high-end specialty retailer.

Leibish offers you 4 pages of preset earrings to browse from. You can buy colored diamonds mixed with colorless diamonds, colorless diamonds with gemstones, or classic colorless diamond earrings.

They also offer a wide array of fancy colored loose diamond pairs. I inquired about their offerings, and you're able to purchase the pair alone or choose one of their settings.

Chocolate and champagne diamonds are popular and one of the more affordable colors in colored diamonds. Leibish and Co has beautiful pairs of brown diamond with rich colors, like these ones below: 

Though I love everything about their diamond earrings, I can't help but notice that the prices are just so high if you're wanting a more expensive color.

I also wished they had some sort of warranty besides the typical manufacturer's warranty. I mean, James Allen sells fancy color diamonds and provides a free lifetime warranty with them.

Of course, none of the colored diamonds at James Allen could hold a candle to Leibish and Co's enchanting collection, which I found to offer amongst the highest quality choices around.


  • Colored diamond earrings
  • High-end, high quality
  • Certified 
  • Clear 360 view


  • Out of the price range for many
  • No warranty for earring settings

How We Selected The Best Places To Buy Diamond Earrings From


I researched a wide variety of diamond earrings from various online and physical stores, comparing their cut, clarity, carat, and color. I focused on options that offered customization and an extensive range of settings to ensure the best possible selection for the perfect pair of diamond earrings.


I verified the authenticity and quality of the diamond earrings by checking for certifications from recognized authorities such as GIA and AGS. I also utilized my knowledge of the 4Cs of diamonds to assess their value and ensure that the earrings met high-quality standards.

Settings and Jewelry Available

I browsed through multiple settings and jewelry types, including solitaire, halo, and drop earrings, as well as different metals like gold, platinum, and silver. I also considered customizable options to create a unique pair of diamond earrings tailored to my preferences.


I compared prices across various sellers to find the most competitive pricing, taking into account the quality of the diamonds and the craftsmanship. I also inquired about potential discounts and negotiated with sellers to obtain the best value for my investment.

Website Experience

I evaluated the user experience on each seller's website, focusing on how easy it was to navigate, research, and select the desired diamond earrings. I also read reviews from previous customers to gauge the reputation of the online store and assess the ease of the purchase process.

In-person Experience

I visited a few local jewelry stores to inspect the diamond earrings in person and assess their craftsmanship, brilliance, and fire under different lighting conditions. I also took advantage of the opportunity to consult with experts and gather their recommendations to determine how helpful they are.

My Experience

Throughout my research, I focused on finding a balance between quality, selection, and pricing. I used the company websites to customize my ideal pair of diamond earrings, taking into account their usability and functionality.

Customer Service

I paid close attention to the level of customer service provided by each seller, including their return policy, the availability of insurance, and any additional services like cleaning and maintenance. I prioritized sellers who demonstrated a commitment to customer satisfaction and a willingness to address any concerns.

Additional Buying Options to Consider

While we have researched over 20 retailers that are considered among the best places to buy diamond earrings, it is important to note that we have not vetted all of them personally. Our top recommendation, based on our own investigation, is James Allen. However, each of these additional retailers has its own merits and may be worth exploring further.

Among the online stores, some other considerations for purchasing diamond earrings include Brian Gavin Diamonds, Ritani, Vrai, Catbird, and Adiamor.

As for brick and mortar stores, notable options are Tiffany & Co., Borsheims, Harry Winston, Cartier, Kay Jewelers, Jared, Zales, Helzberg Diamonds, Ben Bridge, and Shane Co.

FAQs On Buying Earrings Online

There are too many pairs of earrings on the web to count. And there are a lot of questions to ask...

Such as:

Should you get a pair that's all diamonds or a mix of gemstones and diamonds?

What will you set it in? Rose gold? White gold? Maybe yellow gold?

The possibilities are endless. Check out the most asked questions about buying diamonds online vs in-store

What is the best diamond cut for earrings?

The best diamond cut for earrings is typically round brilliant, as it maximizes the diamond's sparkle and brilliance.

How do I choose the right diamond color for my earrings?

When choosing diamond color for earrings, consider your personal preference, as well as the color of any metal used in the setting.

What is the best setting for diamond earrings?

The best setting for diamond earrings depends on the style and shape of the earrings, but popular options include prong, bezel, and halo settings.

Is it cheaper to buy diamond earrings online?

While there are many factors that might increase or decrease diamond prices when it comes to earrings, the cost of diamond earrings online and in a retail store do differ. 

Because these online retailers specialize in loose diamonds and allow you to select your specifications, you're going to find that a pair of diamond stud earrings is more expensive online than at a brick and mortar store.

This is because most commercial jewelry stores have a pile of manufactured diamonds that are certified and already selected. 

Earring Backs For Diamond Earrings

Obviously, the stone and setting are majorly important when selecting the best place to get diamond earrings from. 

When you buy earrings, they usually have one of two earring back styles: friction backs or screw backs. There are other types around, but these two are regarded as the best earring backs, and are the most common that come with pieces from jewelry stores or costume jewelry

Friction Backs

Friction backings for stud earrings is the most common. They're also the most affordable. The earring posts are smooth with a small dip about 3mm into the post. The friction backs are pushed tightly on and secure in the dip of the post. 

Screw backs

Screw back earrings are just a little different. They're a bit more expensive usually. That's because the earring posts have to be modified in order for the backings to work. 

The post may be changed from midway in the post to 1/3 of the way toward the stone. Instead of being smooth, the whole thing has rivets in it like a super thin screw.

The backings look different than friction backs. They're kind of hard to describe, so you can look down below. The backs have to be twisted on and the the end of the most needs to be poking through the small hole to be secured. You can tighten them by screwing it on further. 

Other earring backs you might see include:

  • Push backs- simply push on the back of your posts. Fit tightly, but no added locking
  • Bullet earring backs- cylinder shaped backings that fit snugly with no added locking. May have a clear shield around for easier pickups
  • Guardian backs- they look like friction backs but are able to squeeze either the ends to locking

Red Flags When Buying Diamond Earrings Online

As with anything you buy online, it is good to take a few precautions. Check out a few concerns to keep an eye out for in your diamond earring hunt. 

1. Conflict-free diamonds 

If you've ever seen the movie Blood Diamond with Leonardo DiCaprio, you may be aware that in certain parts of the world, diamonds are used to fund civil wars.

Retailers wanted to make sure that consumers knew they were getting their diamonds from a legitimate source, rather than one that causes pain and violence to people. 

Thus, the Kimberley Process was created. This is the main way to ensure quality diamonds come from non-conflict countries or areas. Over 80 countries participate in the program and all diamonds that come through those market channels are ensured to be conflict-free.

2. Return Policy

When buying diamond earrings online, always look for a solid money back guarantee. All of the retailers on this list have a 360 degree viewer for the loose stones of custom diamond earrings, but the other earring styles don't necessarily have those viewing options.

Read Also: How to buy diamonds online?

The main reason for returning a piece of fine jewelry back to an online diamond vendor would be because you didn't like the quality or the way it looks.

Thankfully, most online places offer 30 day returns, though some will give you only as little as a week to return pieces. Checking out the return policy will help you steer clear from any scams. 

online diamond earrings

3. Materials

When shopping for diamond earrings online, not only do you want to make sure you're getting exactly what you viewed online, but you want to make sure the materials are high quality. Always read product descriptions thoroughly. 

Look for proper terminology when buying diamonds. When you read "14K gold", make sure it is solid gold, not plated. Many cheaper diamond rings and other jewelry pieces can be plated and the plating will eventually fade to reveal a cheaper metal. 

Watch out for the following words: diamond simulant, lab-created diamonds, and treated diamonds. Make sure you know what each of these are and if you're wanting them before purchasing. 

How To Get The Best Deal On Diamond Earrings?

Most people think that the best deal is the lowest price. When it comes to diamond earrings, diamond engagement rings, or any other diamond jewelry, this is not the case.

The best deal is the one with the most benefits.

Beyond the initial price of your earrings, think about the maintenance on them that they might require. Do your research. The best value diamond earrings might not be the cheapest. But they'll last longer. 

The best settings for diamond studs will keep your diamonds more secure, such as a bezel setting. Channel-set princess cut diamonds are also pretty secure. 

To get the best deal on diamond earrings, look for someone that offers a lifetime warranty. While some repairs are not covered by certain warranties, a lot of places will do a lot of the routine care that is regularly needed under warranties.

Recap: Our Top Picks

Here are our final ratings for trusted retailers to buy diamond earrings from based on our in-depth research and independent reviews. 

  1. Best Overall: James Allen
  2. Widest Variety: Brilliant Earth
  3. Best Build-Your-Own Options: Blue Nile
  4. Most Unique Cuts & Styles: Whiteflash
  5. Best Fancy Colored Earrings: Leibish & Co.

Get Your Diamond Earrings From...

After a comprehensive research and testing process, I found James Allen  to be the best place to buy diamond earrings, with an extensive selection of high-quality diamond stud earrings and an easy-to-use customization process. 

With GIA certification and a lifetime warranty, James Allen offers competitive pricing and world-class customer service, making it the top choice for diamond earrings.

Whether you're looking for classic diamond stud earrings or a customized pair, James Allen has you covered with their expert advice and easy returns policy.

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