Top 4 Best Magnetic Earrings (2024 Review)

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Looking for a pair of magnet earrings that won't fall off?

Then you're in the right place!

In this guide you can expect to learn:

  • What are magnetic earrings?
  • Are magnet earrings safe?
  • How to find the best ones?
  • And our top picks!
best magnetic earrings reviewed

Product Details
1. Fibo Steel Magnetic Earrings

Wide Selection

  • 6 Style Pairs
  • Stainless Steel
  • Nickel Free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Cubic Zirconia
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2. Hicarer Magnetic Stud Earrings

Huge Designs

  • 10 Style Pairs
  • Stainless Steel
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Cubic Zirconia
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3. Loyallook Magnetic Earrings

Safe For Sensitive Ears

  • 4 Style Pairs
  • Stainless Steel
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Brilliant Cut CZ
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4. Jewdreamer Magnetic Earrings


  • 9 Style Pairs
  • Stainless Steel
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 1 Yr. Return Period
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Ever since medieval times, people have always been decorating themselves for religious, ethnic, and cultural reasons.

Earrings have been a part of this fashion revolution, with the most recent trend being magnetic earrings.

Wearing magnetic earrings is not only cost effective; they also give you the pop without having to pierce yourself. There have also been reports of some magnetic earrings used for weight loss.

So, what are the best ones available today? 

In this piece, we’ll look at some of the best sets of magnetic earrings available, and a few tips on how to find the best ones at any store!

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Updated On June 28, 2024

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  • Stainless Steel
  • Come In Gold Tones, Silver Tones, And Black Tones
  • Cubic Zirconia Magnet Stud
  • Good Magnetic Strength

My top overall pick for magnetic earrings went to the Fibo Steel Brand.


Because these multicolor non-piercing CZ stud earrings come in a nice assortment of styles (silver tone and gold tone), perfect for multiple occasions— you can even mix up the earrings for a modern appeal.

They are stainless steel and come packed in a classy black velvet bag and for its price, 6 pairs all with non-piercing clips. Overall, this deal a huge bargain.

The cubic zirconia crystals make the earrings shine, especially the white tones. You should definitely have these in your jewelry drawer.

4 Best Magnetic Stud Earrings

These are, without a doubt, my favorite sets of magnetic studs.

Reviews Of The Best Magnetic Earrings

This set of highly polished stainless steel earrings come in 6 pairs with an assortment of 3 colors- black, white, and gold.

I love the color assortment as it gives you the flexibility of wearing on different occasions.

No products found.

Each piece has a strong magnet able to hold the earring's studs firmly without falling off easily.

The set comes in two main styles; round and princess (or square) cut with a four-prong setting structure. The beauty of these faux earrings is that they can blend in just about any occasion. Go with the black for a dinner party or choose the colorless cubic zirconia which glows best during night outs.


  • Affordable price point
  • Unisex design
  • Available in multiple colors/designs


  • Magnets not strong enough for thick earlobes

The size of this set of magnetic stud earrings are big enough to spur attention, yet they don’t overshadow your whole outfit.

They have classy designs and come in a whopping 10 pairs so you have by far the most choice with this set.

No products found.

Furthermore, they are unisex and fit for both men and women. Their non-piercing design makes it a great choice if you want to show your personality without actually having to pierce yourself.


  • Fine 925 sterling silver base
  • High-quality zirconia
  • Beautiful circular shape and zirconia pattern on each stud
  • Hypoallergenic


  • May not fit everyone’s ear size

Having multiple designs, the four pair set is another of my favorites with designs for men or women.

What's more...

They aren’t pricey and have a high quality electroplating which brings out the dark shades of stainless steel.

No products found.

The color itself makes it easy to get noticed or become the center of attention. This set of earrings would work well with white outfits and they'll grab just enough attention.


  • Stainless steel constructions
  • Princess cut stones
  • 6mm stone size


  • May start to hurt after 6 hours of continuous wear

This economical set of magnetic stud earrings from the Jew Dreamer brand are interesting.

Having 9 pairs of earrings, each having either a dangle hoop, round clip, or magnetic stud earring to fit the style you deserve.

No products found.

I liked these because you’ll have more choices with this set than any other earring on this list.

To top it off, the earrings are made of high quality 316L stainless steel that rarely tarnishes.

You should be comfortable wearing these on whenever you go for parties, weddings, or any other important occasion.


  • Designs work for both men and women
  • 316L stainless steel won't rust and is resistant to tarnishing 
  • 365 day money back guarantee


  • All sets look the same, just different colors

What Are Magnetic Earrings?

During the 21st century, fashion-fabled folks realized a new way of rocking earrings without having to pierce themselves.

The strength of a magnet was strong enough to hold the earring's steel (or nickel) between the skins without actually damaging it.

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The fashion pieces have a magnet attached inside and another separate magnet behind the earlobe.

These are perfect for men or women who want to experiment with a certain look or style without actually getting a piercing. 

Are Magnetic Earrings Dangerous? 

Despite being an affordable option, magnetic jewelry have had their fair share of drawbacks.

Beware of Electronics

Magnets have strong effects on electronics like computers. Probably the most disastrous effect is how a magnetic material can affect pacemakers. If you wear a magnetic material too close to a pacemaker, it could mess up with how it controls the heartbeats.

Depending on the magnet’s strength, some electronics get interfered with when placed close to these types of stud earrings. Just to be on the safe side, never store your magnetic earrings close to credit cards, digital watches, or any other small electronic device. 

Beware of Children (Choking Hazard)

Since the earrings are small (especially stud earrings), children could easily choke on them and consume the piece of jewelry. The strength of the magnets, when ingested, can cause pressure to internal organs.

I’d highly recommend a visit to the doctor whenever you suspect ingestion of the magnetic earrings. To avoid this, make sure you store your kid’s or toddler's earrings safely or in unreachable areas.

Beware of Prolong Use

Because the magnet is constant pinching your ear, some people report that after 3-6 hours magnetic earrings start to become painful

What's even worse is that if you wear these things long term, you might get "buddah ear" where the magnet has flattened out part of your ear lobe!

Most people get magnetic earrings to test the waters with certain styles or the very idea of getting a new piercing in the first place, which is fine. The problem starts to arise when you wear them long term. 

magnetic earrings fact

Are Magnetic Earrings Expensive Or Cheap?

Generally speaking, magnetic earrings aren’t expensive at all. Obviously if you were to want a pair with real diamonds, the price is going to go up.

But if you’d go for the more common types, magnetic earrings are actually very affordable. 

What Should You Look For In The Best Magnetic Earrings? 

When choosing your favorite magnetic earrings, a few things should come to play. 

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Magnet Strength: Firstly, the strength of the magnetism will determine if your magnet falls off easily or not. Since online vendors don’t specify the exact magnetism of each earring, you’d have to do a bit of trial and error to get the one that holds well for your ear lobe.

Materials: You can also check the level of craftsmanship done to the metals. Look for things like:

  • Polishing
  • Electroplating
  • Stainless Steal 
  • Nickel free

The top earrings usually have all these features combined.

Where To Buy Magnetic Earrings?

Generally I recommend Amazon to people who ant to buy magnetic earrings. They have a ton of variety at extremely affordable price points.

High-end jewelry shops like James Allen and Blue Nile tend to not carry these types of earrings.

Do Magnet Stud Earrings Fall Off Easily?

It depends.

The rate at which magnetic earrings stick to your ears depends on how strong the magnetism is and the size of your ear lobe.

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Generally, the studs should stick well unless you have pretty thick earlobes.

Assuming you have normal sized ear lobes, they'll stick regardless of what you're doing (i.e., playing sports, running, lifting, etc.).

Should Men Wear Magnetic Earrings? 

The popularity of magnetic earrings actually spurred attention to men more than it did to women. Since it had no form of piercing involved, it was easier for men to experiment with earrings and not actually have to get their ears pierced. 

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So, if you're trying to experiment with a piercing to see how they look and how other people receive you, magnet earrings are perfect.

But don't expect them to be a long term earring because the magnets used by manufacturers tend to be weak.

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