Top 5 Best Earrings For Newly Pierced Ears (2024 Review)

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Looking for a pair of new earrings for your newly pierced ears?


This Learning Jewelry guide will go over all the details you need to know to choose great earrings for freshly-pierced ears, such as:

best earrings for newly pierced ears (1)
  • What kinds of earrings cause allergies?
  • Which types of earrings are good for pierced ears?
  • How to choose earrings without nickel
  • Let’s begin with my all-around favorite pick for earrings for newly-pierced ears.

    Product Details
    1. 14K Yellow Gold Solitaire Earrings

    Made of Swarovski Zirconia

    • Adjustable screw backings
    • 5 Different Size Options
    • For Sensitive Ears
    2. Sterling Silver Tree of Life Dangle Earrings

    Comfortable To Use

    • Hypoallergenic
    • Best Quality Sterling Silver
    • Not Too Long
    • Comes in Gift Box
    3. Gold Plated Sterling Silver Rose Flower Ear Studs

    3D Realistic Flowers

    • Top Level Cubic Zirconia
    • 18K Real Gold Plated
    • 925 Sterling Silver
    • Hypoallergenic
    4. 925 Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Diva Heart-Shape Earrings

    4 Color Selection

    • Threaded Posts
    • Made with 925 Sterling Silver
    • Secure Screw Backings
    • Gift Box Included
    5. GEMSME 18K Rose Gold Plated Opal Stud Earrings for Women

    Synthetic White Opal Stone

    • Multiple Sizes
    • 18K Rose Gold Bases
    • Nickel-Free, Tarnish-Free

    Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

    Updated On June 28, 2024

    Newly-pierced ears are often associated with people new to earrings in general, so these are my top pick because they’re affordable (important in case this style isn’t what you end up liking!) and they come in many different sizes so that you can try them all on and see what fits you best.

    They’re also very nice to look at, so if you like them you’ve also gained a sizable number of stud earrings, which are currently in fashion. These earrings are, of course, hypoallergenic.

    Best Earrings For New Pierced Ears Reviewed

    1. 14k Yellow Gold Solitaire Earrings

    You might be wondering why I'd pick a set for my favorite earrings for newly-pierced ears. 

    Here's why...

    These 14K yellow gold solitaire earrings are perfect for newly pierced ears because they are solid gold, making them perfect for those with sensitive ears.

    The backs are screw backs, which means that they can fit as tightly or a snugly for your comfort. 

    Made with high quality Swarovski cubic zirconia, you can have the look of a real diamond without paying the cost of one! 


    • Choose your size stone
    • screw backings
    • Made of cubic zirconia and yellow gold


    • pricier than others

    2. Sterling Silver Tree of Life Dangle Earrings

    Simple earrings are great for newly-pierced ears, but you might want a pair with a good design, too!

    Check this out! 

    These earrings are hypoallergenic, so they have no chance of irritating ears which have just been pierced for the first time.

    They’re also made from 925 sterling silver, the highest quality of sterling silver on the market. They’re not too long to run the risk of being caught on things, too. Finally, the earrings are very light and come packaged in a nice gift box.


  • Come in gift box
  • Made with best quality sterling silver
  • Not too long
  • Cons

  • Design is fixed and specific, might not fit your fashion
  • 3. Gold Plated Sterling Silver Rose Flower Ear Studs

    Here we’ve got some elegant earrings for those who like roses.

    They’re shaped like the titular flower from 925 sterling silver and 18-karat white or yellow gold, depending on your preference.

    The earrings are entirely hypoallergenic and are crafted with the utmost attention to detail, with amazing quality between each rose’s various petals. These also come with a gift box.


    • Made with 925 sterling silver
    • 18 carat white or yellow gold
    • Excellent rose design


    • A little pricey

    4. 925 Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Diva Heart-Shape Earrings

    These are great for little girls who have gotten their first piercings and want something colorful and fun to go with their outfits.

    These are made with hypoallergenic 925 sterling silver and have no chemical compounds which might cause an allergic reaction. They come in purple, pink, blue, light blue, and clear cubic zirconia. 

    They’re comfortable and have a secure backfit, ensuring that they won’t become lost due to play. They’re also small, perfect for the earlobes of small girls.


    • Small size
    • Allergen-free, made with 925 sterling silver
    • Different color gemstone options


    • For children only

    5. GEMSME 18K Rose Gold Plated Opal Stud Earrings

    For those of you who like a little more flare to your fashion, check these earrings out.

    They’re made with rose gold of 18-karat quality, making them quite valuable.

    Their white opal studs go wonderfully with the colors that glow from the rose gold bases, which are nickel and tarnish free. 

    This not only  ensures they'll remain hypoallergenic but they won’t rust over time either. These earrings come in a few different sizes, too, for different ears and preferences.


  • White opal stone
  • Multiple sizes
  • 18-karat rose gold bases
  • Cons

    • Bases are not super snug

    What are Earrings for Newly-Pierced Ears?

    Earrings for newly-pierced ears have a few qualities. For starters, they will not contain nickel in their metal composition. This is because nickel is a metal that some people are allergic to and that most people will be irritated by when their ears are freshly-pierced. Nickel can cause inflammation and skin irritation around the pierced earlobe.

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    In addition, if it is a child who's had their ears pierced, I'd recommend getting earrings for toddlers without hoops or long pieces which can catch on things in their environment. This is because kids often do not have the same awareness as adults and might cause harm to their earlobe while they're running or playing.

    To recap: earrings for newly-pierced ears are small, without dangling shapes, and without nickel.

    Best Earrings for Newly-Pierced Ears

    How To Pick The Best Earrings for Newly-Pierced Ears?

    To pick some good earrings for newly-pierced ears, all you’ve got to do is look for earrings which fit the above criteria. The shape is easy enough to see. But how can you tell which earrings don’t have nickel?

    Any earring that is made with white gold or sterling silver is a safe bet. These compounds make up the bases or earrings and are replacements for nickel. These are hypoallergenic materials that are great choices for earrings for people with newly-pierced ears or those who are allergic to nickel all the time.

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    How Are Earrings For Newly-Pierced Ears Different From Other Jewelry?

    These types of earrings differ from other jewelry primarily in that they don’t contain nickel and a few other allergenic materials in their construction, and they will usually not be very long or dangling like climber earrings.

    Where To Buy The Earrings For New Pierced Ears?

    These kinds of earrings can be found in virtually any jewelry store, either online or in person. In fact, hypoallergenic earrings are so common nowadays that you shouldn’t have any trouble finding earrings made without nickel no matter where you’re shopping.

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    My Top Pick: 14k Yellow Gold Solitaire Earrings

    If you're not convinced yet, this is my latch ditch effort to get you on board with these 14K yellow gold solitaire earrings. Solid gold is one of the best options for newly pierced ears because they have little to no threat of causing an allergic reaction to a new wearer. 

    Not only that, but the screw backings help new wearers adjust the comfort of having the backs looser or tighter for their comfort without the threat of falling off. 

     Simply put, this is the best option for newly pierced ears because you control the comfort and look great while doing so! 

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