5 Best Earring Backs Reviewed (Top Choices for 2024)

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Looking for the best earring backs?


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best earring backs

In this LearningJewelry.com guide, you’ll learn:

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  • What kinds of earring backs are available?
  • And much more!

Below is a quick list of all my top picks. Keep scrolling to learn more about my best buying tips and tricks.

Product Details
1. uGems Sterling Silver RH Swirl

Great Lift

  • Beautiful Look
  • Durable
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2. Everyday Elegance 14K Solid Gold

Great Bang For Buck

  • Luxurious Look
  • Yellow Or White Gold
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3. DELECOE Sterling Silver Earring Backs


  • Easy To Put On
  • Nice Tight Fit
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4. BlingGuard Earring Supports

Medical Grade

  • Versatile
  • Any Age Appropriate
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5. Sterling Silver Locking Earring Backs

Safe Lock Mech

  • Easy To Wear
  • Durable
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Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

(updated as of 16/5/2020)

uGems Sterling Silver Jumbo Earring Backs RH Swirl

uGems Sterling Silver Jumbo Earring Backs RH Swirl

  • Great lift 
  • Beautiful look 
  • Durable

Out of all of the earring backs jewelry, the uGems Sterling Silver Jumbo Earring Backs RH Swirl was my favorite.


The jumbo back is a perfect choice for any sort of earring as it supports even the larger studs from falling. To maximize the back’s quality, it is finished with rhodium plating on top of a sterling silver metal. 

The silver earring back has a nice fit and ensures your earrings don’t dangle or appear droopy. Plus, it’s relatively affordable considering the craftsmanship and choice of metal. 

Top 5 Best Earring Backs

Best Earring Backs Reviewed

As mentioned earlier, this earring back from uGems has all the great features of an ideal earring back. Lightweight but still holds heavy studs, high-quality rhodium plating, and a perfect lift to your drooping earrings. 

The sterling silver is genuine and won’t affect/discolor your skin after prolonged use. 

These backs are very sturdy and even so, uGems give you 3 pairs from one purchase. That’s enough to fit six pieces of stud earrings, labrets, hoops, you name it… 


  • Lots of 6 pieces
  • Anti-tarnish rhodium plating
  • Comfortable to fit


  • May look cheap/too shiny

This Everyday Elegance 14k solid gold screw back is a perfect match for luxury die-hards.

This particular back is die struck as opposed to the casting during it making.

As the jeweler states in Amazon, during jewelry-making, die struck jewelry produces a product with higher gold content, superior strength, and durability. 

The backs come in yellow gold and white gold variations, each with different sizes. Since they are made from 14k solid gold, these back will match any of your gold jewelry with similar karatage. Its screw calibrations are also highly accurate, hence a tight fit!


  • Durable
  • Luxurious quality
  • Best fit


  • Not the cheapest price

The silver screw back earrings from DELECOE are a nice fit as the size of the back will go with any ear size. Just make sure to check your earring post size to make sure you purchase the compatible back. 

Since this back is plated with a solid `14k gold, it is both durable and hypoallergenic for sensitive skins. 

Some friction posts may be a tight fit while putting on, but the little tightness is what makes your earring lift so straight. 


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Lot of 4 pairs
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • May have fitting issues

Earring stabilizers are your perfect option if you need extra support with less interference.

BlinGuard BlingDots earring stabilizer has an ideal disc to hold just about any kind of earring. They are easy to put on and perfect for all ages and uses. 

The stabilizer is latex-free and won’t irritate your allergic skin. The box contains 90 pieces of earring supports- a great number to juggle with your post earrings for several weeks. 

They stick into the ear so seamlessly, you won’t notice if your earring is backed at all. 


  • Easy to use
  • Great value to money
  • Hypoallergenic and latex-free


  • May not hold as much as metal earring backs

Zowbinbin’s locking earring backs are the most preferred when it comes to holding your earrings firmly.

Along with its safety mechanism, the backs match up with almost all types of earrings. 

Since it is fairly large, the locking back is easier to operate, especially on kids. 

The genuine 925 sterling silver makes this piece non-sensitive to skin and durable. You can use them while sleeping, showering, or even swimming with no signs of discomfort. 


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Safety lock holds earrings well
  • Can withstand daily wear


  • Does not lift earring

What Are Earring Backs?

It is almost impossible to wear earrings without backs. An earring's back is usually a metal post at the end of your earrings that hold it together from falling off.

Earring backs come in different styles and varieties. Though most come as metal posts, there are silicone earring backs, rubber, and ear wire types of earring backs. 

Earrings backs also come in different styles like pushbacks (friction backs), screw backs, french wire, la pousette backs, and many more. 

Are Earring Backs Expensive Or Cheap?

Earring backs are available all over jewelry shops and they come in somewhat affordable price tags. Two things may affect the price of earring backs- a type of earring and material.

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Common types like push backs and french wires are the cheapest and easiest to replace. Expensive types include lever backs or screw backs which tend to be more secure and durable. 

As of metals, stainless steel and common metal platings make the most affordable types of earring backings. Precious metals like sterling silver, platinum, or gold make more expensive types. Usually, the purest forms are the most expensive. 

What Should You Look For In The Best Earring Backs?

Earring backs can be a back and forth thing if you don’t go looking for the right one. They are too tiny to start looking if they fall in the alley somewhere in a busy street.

That being said, there’s a couple of pointers that can help you make a better decision while making a purchase. 


For any type of earring back the lift is important as it makes the earrings sit up and well-displayed. The lift gives the perfect position that earrings need to be in.

If you have a droop-like ear, heavy earrings like gemstone pieces and diamond earrings can magnify this effect. 

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If you’ve ever had a lockless back, then you already understand the importance of locks in earring backs. Locks ensure that earrings don’t shift position and once you have them on there’s no repositioning.

You don’t want your heart-shaped hoop to appear straight in the morning and upside-down later in the day. 


Since earring backs need to match the size of your earrings, a proper fit is essential. Too small and the backs are difficult to apply, or can cause damage to your ear cartilage/earlobes. Too loose and the shifting of your earring may damage or wear down its metal. 

Also, loose earnuts can easily let go of your earring and cost you your diamond stud earrings. Don’t be fooled to bend a loose back to tighten it. This can be tricky if dealing with threaded posts. 

To make sure you get the right size, always check the dimensions of the back and don’t use pictures only. Online sellers have a way of making anything appear larger or smaller. 

How To Clean Earring Backs?

If you wear your earring backs every day, then you risk accumulation of “ear cheese” or dirt. Accumulation itself is not an overnight process and you can barely notice the backs getting dirty. 

You need to clean your earring backs every month or so. Stainless steel and rubber backs are easy to clean. Use a cleaning agent like hydrogen peroxide to remove all the gunk. Remember to use pure hydrogen peroxide so that you get all the murk hidden. 

did you know best earring backs

For gold and sterling silver earring backs, I recommend mild detergents like liquid soap and warm water. These metals are highly reactive with chemicals and they would corrode if you use cleaning agents like ammonia or hydrogen peroxide.

To clean silver jewelry (and gold too), soak the earring back in warm soapy water for about 15 minutes. Brush off dirt using a soft-bristled toothbrush and be extra careful when cleaning soft metals like gold.

If your dirt is hidden in crevices like (e.g butterfly backs), use a toothpick to reach out the gunk.  

Tip: Friction earring backs and earnuts for fish hook earrings are easier to clean and maintain.  

This amazing back from uGems is still our winner. The jumbo design makes sure nothing gets tangled while stabilizing your earrings.  

The sturdy back holds your jewelry well and fits in most earring types

uGems STerling Silver Jumbo EArring BAcks RH Swirl

The uGems earring back has a bright appeal and if you wear your hair back, they look pretty. 

Rhodium plating in these beauties ensures that your skin is not irritated while keeping the metals shine.

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