Top 5 Best Jewelry Box for Earrings (2023 Review)

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Looking for the best jewelry box to hold your earrings and keep things organized?

Perfect, you're in the right place!

In this guide you'll learn:

  • What kind of jewelry boxes are best for earrings?
  • What should you look for in your box?
  • How to clean you box?
  • And what are my top picks for jewelry boxes to hold your earrings?
top best jewelry boxes for earrings review

If you're a big jewelry person, you know that even though diamonds and other gemstones are durable, it doesn't make sense to leave such expensive pieces all over the place. 

Thus, jewelry boxes were invented. Jewelry boxes have evolved over the years and have ranged to fit different kinds of jewelry.  

While most jewelry boxes will work to store earrings I've the the picks I thought were the absolute best.

Let's jump in.

Glenor Co Earring Organizer Holder
  • 50 Compartments
  • 3 Slide out drawers
  • Portable
  • 50 Compartments
  • 3 Slide out drawers
  • Portable
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Longess Jewelry Box Organizer
  • Smaller size for portability
  • Faux leather material
  • Interior is made of quality beaded flannel
  • Smaller size for portability
  • Faux leather material
  • Interior is made of quality beaded flannel
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Kendal Real Wood/Wooden Jewelry Box Case
  • Hand-polished natural real hardwoods
  • 5 slide out drawers
  • 35 compartments
  • Hand-polished natural real hardwoods
  • 5 slide out drawers
  • 35 compartments
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Nicetree Jewelry Cabinet
  • 3 removable transparent cosmetic boxes
  • 142 earring slots
  • Easy assembly
  • 3 removable transparent cosmetic boxes
  • 142 earring slots
  • Easy assembly
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KLOUD City Jewelry Box Organizer
  • Earring and stud cases
  • Classic black velvet inner material
  • Lockable box
  • Earring and stud cases
  • Classic black velvet inner material
  • Lockable box
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My Overall #1 Rated Pick

Updated On September 22, 2023

  • Made for every style of earring
  • 3 Slide out drawers
  • 50 Compartments
  • Portable

My overall pick for the best jewelry box for earrings went to the Glenor Co box.


With 50 compartments, 3 slide out drawers, and it's "grab n' go" portability, it was an easy choice.

Ideally this is box meant for a medium sized earring collection.

Not too many people have a large jewelry collection, so this is a perfect organizer for the small & medium sized collection.

This jewelry storage holder has space for earrings of all different sizes and additional room for earrings on the edges of each compartment.

With beautiful black or PU leather and a modern and edgy enclosure, this is a jewelry box that will remain stylish for years to come. 

Top 5 Best Jewelry Box for Earrings

Short on time? Take a look at my favorite jewelry boxes designed just for earrings!

What Kind of Jewelry Boxes Are Best for Earrings?

If you're a jewelry owner, you need a safe place to keep all your pieces of jewelry protected and kept in their best shape.

The best way to keep your jewelry in secure place is to keep it in a storage space, a jewelry box or a jewelry safe. While many jewelry boxes are made for pendants, earrings, and rings, there are some that are designated to only hold pairs of earrings.

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The best jewelry boxes for earrings should contain features like

LED lights, tarnish-free interior, or other functions that help keep your jewelry in tip-top shape. It should also have various compartments to suit all different earrings that one might have in their collection.

best jewelry boxes for earrings facts

Are the Best Jewelry Boxes for Earrings Expensive Or Cheap?

The price of jewelry organizers can range based on size, number of compartments, and materials it is made out of.


You'll find jewelry cases made out of plastic, faux leather or solid wood. Solid wood jewelry storage boxes can be very expensive, especially if handcrafted. 

Detailing or functions can cause jewelry box prices to rise. For instance, if your jewelry box is hand painted, it'll probably be more expensive than one made out of faux leather.


As far as functions go, some jewelry boxes include LED lights for better sight when trying to put on the perfect pair. Some may come with magnified mirrors to make it easy to put earrings in. 

For a lot of things, inexpensive doesn't mean bad quality. However, when it comes to storing expensive jewelry, you may consider buying one over $20.

What Should You Look For In The Best Jewelry Boxes for Earrings?

The first thing you'll need to look at when buying is to assess your personal style with your earrings.

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Assess Your Style

If you love large hoops or long dangly earrings, a lot of jewelry trays don't offer space big enough for your hoops to sit in safely. 

To Bigger To Avoid Scratches & Tarnishing

In fact, I would say a jewelry tray is not the best option for mixed jewelry, as it causes earrings to rattle around loosely, and scratching other gemstones.

Don't forget, diamonds may be the hardest mineral, but diamonds can scratch diamonds if they're tangling with other diamonds.

Also, storing sterling silver together with other sterling silver stud earrings, they'll tarnish. 

That's why when looking for the best jewelry organizer, you'll want to pick one that allows your earrings to have their own space, like a jewelry tree or a jewelry stand. You also want to make sure the durability is intact.

Consider Durability

For example, some jewelry boxes made of thin particle board have been known to cave. Make sure the jewelry box you're purchasing is practical above all else. Don't search for the prettiest one or the most compartments.

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Look for the jewelry box that is going to fit your personal collection, be it a large or small one. 

Most people prefer some sort of a box to keep their jewelry collection in, at least for small to moderate collections. If you have a large collection, you may consider a storage case, hanging organizer or even a jewelry cabinet. 

How To Clean Your Jewelry Box?

When you take care of your favorite jewelry boxes, you'll want to make sure you're using the right chemicals for the different materials.

Mild soap and water is the safest way to clean most jewelry holders, with the exception of cloth-like materials like velvet.

Where To Buy A Jewelry Box For Earrings?

Generally for small accessories and cheaper jewelry (like a jewelry case for earrings) I like to refer people to

Amazon has a vast array of different jewelry displays, such as travel jewelry cases or stackable cases. Whether you are someone with a small collection of your favorite pieces, or have tons of different jewelry pieces, Amazon has a jewelry box for you.

If you're looking for something handmade or personalized by carving, Etsy would be a good place to look for wooden jewelry boxes. Just keep in mind that items on Etsy are generally more expensive than items on Amazon because they're handmade goods. 

Best Jewelry Boxes for Earrings Reviewed

My favorite pick for best jewelry box for earrings goes to the makers of Glenor Co.

While other jewelry boxes have necklace hooks and ring holders, this jewelry box is specifically made to hold earrings.

The compartments allow for all different kinds of earrings. Best of all, it takes in account the different sizings!

You get two drawers for your larger earrings like diamond hoops or chandelier earrings. The slots on the top can easily fit studs and dangly earrings as well as set another pair in the individual compartments. 

This jewelry box is made out of PU leather as well, so keep an eye out for tearing.

I like this jewelry box because it's the one on Amazon that was designed for the earring mind, not for jewelry in general. The price is affordable, but not cheap. It says you can put rings them, but I don't recommend you let them rattle around in the compartments. 

Additionally, if you don't like the jewelry box for whatever reason, Glenor Co also offers a money back guarantee, which is great for the apprehensive buyer. It also comes in its own gift box and is pack nicely for safe shipping. 


  • Sized for different earrings
  • Holds over 50 earrings
  • Money back guarantee
  • Mirror


  • PU leather can tear
  • Bulky for travel

This little jewelry box from Longess is perfect for the person wanting to hold a small collection of jewelry or earrings.

It is made of faux leather and comes in a variety of colors to include black, navy, red, light blue, pink, and white.

The faux leather is also waterproof and not as prone to sun damage. The compact size of the box makes it perfect as a travel jewelry organizer and can fit snugly in a purse or bag.

The arch of the top also makes it easier to lay flush against things that might be in your purse.  Travel jewelry boxes can be ideal for carrying all your favorite jewelry safely while you are on vacation. 

The middle flap where you store all of your stud earrings allows for quick flipping through the collection and eliminates digging through deep holes trying to find your perfect pair. 

There are necklace hooks on the case, but they're impractical. If this jewelry box is in a purse, it gets shaken around. Necklaces chains can fall off of those hooks and get tangled if they're delicate chains. You don't want to spend hours trying to untangle a bunch of necklaces. 

While this jewelry box holds quite a bit, it doesn't do so comfortably. When you fill it up, your items look a big cramped, making it difficult to grab that pair without knocking another one off. Also, with faux leather, you'll want to keep it away from anything that could damage it or puncture it. Polyurethane leather also gives off a distinct chemical smell.


  • Versatile
  • Great for travel
  • Variety of colors


  • PU leather prone to tearing
  • too small for some

This jewelry organizer made by Kloud City is another good option when looking for a place to store your earrings. It has different sized compartments that can be used for different types of earrings.

 If you want to keep other jewelry in it, there are some great slots to lay your pendants or bracelets. 

You also have the option to choose between the black jewelry organizer, or the light blue one. I do wish it had more options for colors.

The interior is coated in a classic black velvet material while the exterior is medium density fiberboard (a little stronger than plywood) with two layer lint.

And unlike some of the others on our list, this jewelry storage case is lockable. It comes with a little lock and a key to go with it. However, some people have said that the lock doesn't always lock all the way. 

I like that this jewelry case has a removable tray, allowing you to use the large space beneath for some of your larger earrings. You can even keep some bangle bracelets in there as well. It has a pretty good amount of storage space for a medium sized jewelry collection.

Unfortunately, it doesn't have a lot of individual space for earrings. You'll have to pile pairs together, so make sure none of your sterling silver jewelry gets grouped together or it may tarnish. If it does tarnish, you'll just have to polish it again.


  • Higher durability within price range
  • Lockable
  • Removable tray


  • Not enough compartments
  • Lock can be difficult

If you own a ton of jewelry, you should probably look into an armoire or jewelry cabinet. 

This jewelry armoire doubles as a full length mirror. The mirror is lockable and opens up to reveal tons of storage for a larger jewelry collection. It comes pre-assembled, so all you need to do on your end is to snap on the legs. 

This cabinet 24 necklace hooks, 78 ring grooves, 108 stud earring holes, 36 earring slots, 4 shelves, 2 bracelet rod, 3 makeup tool cups and 2 deep bottom drawers.

This jewelry cabinet is made of premium density fiberboard and velvet interior. The lock also has two keys that come with it, just in case you lose one, or to keep one on you.

There are many different jewelry cabinets, but I love that this one doubles as home decor in the form of a mirror and it's mountable to either the door or the wall. It comes with all the equipment in order to mount, but not the batteries that power the LED lights. 

The best part is that it blends in with the environment. You get better security of your priceless pieces because it simply looks like a mirror. But while it's a great product, it's not made for everyone. Not everyone has a jewelry collection this large or wants to.

If you have a few staple pieces in your earring arsenal, you aren't going to want a jewelry armoire like this. You're going to want something compact, like the Longess Jewelry Box Organizer.


  • Doubles as functional mirror
  • Inconspicuous
  • Lockable


  • Expensive
  • Not for small jewelry collections

This jewelry tray is made specifically for earrings only. It is a compact jewelry organizer that allows you to store 55 pairs of earrings.

However, it is not made for larger earrings. Dangly earrings can still fit, so long as they're not too long. 

The price is inexpensive, but the usage is limited to earrings and rings. Some people choose to place chains in the small compartments, but I don't recommend that.

You face a much higher chance of your delicate chains tangling and creating impossible knots.

The clear top is actually glass, which is different from most jewelry boxes in this price range. The whole case is made of soft velvet fabric and comes in gray. I wish it came in more colors, but the gray is a nice color.

The case is also lockable The top view also allows you to see your whole collection at once, making it easier and more efficient to find what you're looking for when you need it. No need to search through drawers. 

As far as the product itself, shipping seems to be an issue. The glass is fragile and can break in during shipping. Additionally, some have said the product has a bad smell as well. The slots for the earrings also doesn't hold all earrings in place and end up shaking around.


  • Earrings only
  • Bargain Price
  • Lockable


  • Fragile
  • Slots don't hold all earrings
  • No options for colors

My Top Pick: Glenor Co Earring Organizer 

While all of the jewelry boxes and organizers would be a suitable choice to hold your favorite earrings, whether it be for large, small or even earrings for short hair, there is one that stands above the rest and it is the Glenor Co Earring Organizer Holder. But why is this jewelry case the best? Well, let's recap all of its awesome features:

  • 50 compartments for large earring collections
  • Different sized compartments for every earring style
  • Portable 
  • Designed for earrings
  • Inside Mirror
  • Easy pull out drawers
  • Neutral Colors

There are many great details about this and only a few drawback I could find that make it my #1 pick for best jewelry box for earrings out on the market today. 

Questions, comments, thoughts? Leave a comment down below!

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