Top 5 Best Jewelry Pliers Reviewed (2024 Edition)

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top 5 best jewelry pliers reviews

Below is a quick list of all my top picks. Keep scrolling to learn more about my best buying tips and tricks.

Product Details
1. Flying K Jewelry Pliers

Kit For Design Detailing

  • Multicolored Pouch
  • Handy Jewelry Set
  • Comes with Crimps
  • 7 Types of Pliers and Cutters
2. The Beadsmith Fashion Color Plier Set

Compact Beading Kit

  • Heavy-Duty Jewelry Pliers Set
  • Comfortable Handle Design
  • Great Value for Money
  • 8-Pieces Pliers and Tweezers Set
3. Cousin Craft & Jewelry Making Tool Kit

Easy To Use

  • Minimalist Starter Kit
  • Compact Pliers
  • Affordable Pack
4. 1-Step Looper Pliers

Wire-Shaping Kit

  • Sturdy Jewelry Accessory
  • Creates Consistent Loops
  • Time Saver
5. NEWACALOX Multi Pliers Set

Made From Carbon Steel

  • Sharp and Durable
  • Excellent Grip
  • Versatile Applications

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Updated On April 26, 2024

No products found.

  • Multi-colored pouch
  • Handy jewelry set
  • Comes with crimps 

Out of all of the best pliers for jewelry, Flying K Jewelry Pliers was my favorite.


First off, this set is packed with variety. There are 7 types of pliers and cutters necessary for making your jewelry. The set includes flat-nose pliers, crimping pliers, flush-cutters, chain-nose pliers, beading awl, and tweezers. Each piece is neatly organized in a stylish jewelry kit bag that comes in different colors and patterns. 

My highlight of this set from Flying K would be the informative instruction page that comes with the set. For beginners, it would be an incredible place to start as it explains the function of each tool. 

Top 5 Best Jewelry Pliers

What Are Jewelry Pliers?

The jewelry-making process needs a lot of special equipment and a set of pliers is on that list. Jewelry pliers have been in use since the discovery of jewelry themselves and they are basically special types of pliers with specific functions to jewelry making or repair.

As one of the vital jewelry making supplies, pliers will help in bead weaving, stringing, wire cutting, bending, creating loops, among others. Jewelry pliers come in several types such as: 

  • Chain Nose Pliers. Doubles up as looping pliers. Used for bending, turning, and holding the wire. Also useful in crimping, and opening and closing of jump rings.  
  • Round Nose Pliers. They have rounded jaws used to hold, bend, and shape jewelry wire. They are best for creating curves, loops, circles, and coils. It is an important tool in earring-making, headpins, beading wires, and adding beads to a bracelet. 
  • Flat Nose Pliers. They have a flat front and can be used for straightening bends or kinks found out of the wire. 
  • Side Cutter. Side cutters have quite sharp jaws and are used to cut soft wires into a variety of shapes. They’ll leave the cut tip smooth and even.  
  • Crimping Pliers. They are widely used to crush metal onto a wire to clasp the bead in place. 
  • Rosary Pliers. These types of round nose pliers are a mix of side cutters and sound nose pliers and they are used for making loops and curves while the round nose part is used in cutting cords or wires. 
  • Bent Nose Pliers. They are meant to reach areas in the jewelry with awkward angles and harder to reach. They have the same function as round nose pliers just that with these you have a better view with no distractions. 

Other types include needle nose pliers, nylon jaw pliers, etc. 

Are Jewelry Pliers Expensive Or Cheap?

Jewelry pliers are neither cheap nor expensive. 


Jewelry pliers may seem expensive due to the various types manufactured to cater to different functions. That’s understandable if you add the cost of craftsmanship as compared to normal pliers.

But there are still cheap ones which I guarantee won’t last a generation. If you’re comfortable with temporary applications, then it is possible to use the cheaper ones. Look for jewelry pliers set if you want to save whilst maintaining quality. 

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What Should You Look For In The Best Jewelry Pliers? 

For convenience purposes, jewelry pliers come in various types, and beginners or someone new to jewelry making may find it difficult to navigate. Using the right pliers will cut down on the time taken to make a single piece and it is crucial to look for the right things when choosing your preferred jewelry pliers. When buying jewelry pliers always check the following:

Plier’s Construction

Most pliers come in either box-joint construction or lap joints. Lap joint pliers are easier to construct and therefore cheaper in online stores. Box joint pliers have a sturdy construction and will outlast lap joint pliers, particularly for jewelry making purposes.

Box joint pliers ensure precise alignment and do not show looseness due to their joint construction. On the other hand, lap joints ten to become loose over time and wobbly too. 


All pliers are either made of hardened or tempered carbon steel or stainless steel. The good thing with stainless steel is its anti-rust nature and probably that’s why they are so common. However, hardened steel is more durable and extremely tough, though they need oiling every now and then. 


Jewelry pliers come in different sizes from tiny pieces to heavyweight ones. Smaller sizes are great for travel use but will not hold up for long. Heavyweight pliers may not be suitable for all jewelry making uses, except a few like working with memory wire and other jewelry findings. Otherwise, lighter pliers are more efficient in jewelry use. 


The kind of grip or handle is important if you’re planning to work on your jewelry for long hours. PVC grips, for instance, are not ergonomically made and can easily get uncomfortable over a long period of use. Foam grips are softer and comfortable for longer use. They will be a little costly but definitely worth your bucks. 

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How To Clean Jewelry Pliers?

To get the best out of your jewelry pliers every time you use them, it is important to make sure that you keep them clean. It is easy to clean pliers and depending on the materials, you won’t need to use special cleaners.

You can use a simple cleaner with a cloth rag. Just spray a small amount of the multi-purpose cleaner to the pliers and rub off gently. To prevent rust from forming in older pliers or hardened carbon steel, apply some oil after cleaning.  

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Best Jewelry Pliers Reviewed

This piece came at the top of my list as it had everything in one set. It is easy to carry around and access from anywhere. You don’t have to worry about your jewelry piece falling while heading to your favorite occasion.

The crimper does a great job at attaching beads and it is one of the few types of pliers included in this set.

No products found.

Other pieces are flat nose pliers, flush cutters, chain nose pliers, round nose pliers, and beading awl & shovel.  


  • Multiple pliers included
  • Convenient carry pouch
  • Comes with an instruction page


  • Flush wire cutters are not sharp enough 

The Beadsmith Fashion Plier Set is not just a flashy set. It has all essential jewelry making pliers and would be a perfect starter kit for both beginners and professional beaders.

The jewelry is small enough to work around delicate jewelry with ease. The set is good-looking and can make a Christmas, or birthday gift. 

No products found.

Multiple pliers mean you can make absolutely any type of jewelry from split rings, beads, bangles, to necklaces- the choice is yours! 


  • Compact packaging
  • Diverse tools for any project
  • Great value to money


  • Pliers handle is cheaply built 

The three-piece set from Cousin Craft comes with essential tools for jewelry making. They include Needle Nosed Pliers,. Side cutters, and Round Nose Pliers.

While the functions may not cover the entire jewelry-making spectrum, they are perfect for gauge wire wrapping, cutting, curving, and a couple of other everyday DIY crafts. 

No products found.

Plus, the handles come curved to allow for a better grip and fit perfectly in hands. This piece should definitely go into any jewelry maker's wish list. 


  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Very affordable


  • Pliers may be too small

The 1-step looper pliers from Beadsmith is a great tool for jewelry DIYs. It has hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon from beginners to pro jewelers due to its sturdy and efficient build.

The looper pliers work with several types of mandrels and are excellently made to produce consistent loops. 

No products found.

The 5-inch long looper eases chain making and saves a lot of time. You can now craft eye pins and bend metals without putting in too much effort. 


  • Sturdy grip
  • Works with most wire work types
  • Consistent loop sizes


  • Loop may be too strong for some wires
  • Grips are too wide apart for smaller hands

The 8-piece set concludes our list of best jewelry pliers. They are made from carbon steel which guarantees longevity and would definitely last longer.

It includes linesman pliers, cutting pliers, round, flat, long, bend, needle, and curve nose pliers. The set’s small size is inconvenient for miniature jewelry applications and also easier to carry around. 

No products found.

Each piece is held in a wooden holder which makes it easy to access the pliers and declutter your working station. While this set of pliers has a wide range of applications, it is a perfect set for jewelry repair and DIY crafts. The non-slip handle gives it a firm grip and the extra spring-loaded gives an easy use for a time-conscious application. 

Newacalox has made an excellent design, coating the pliers which makes it less susceptible to scratching delicate jewelry. It is a decent addition, especially for plated or filled jewelry. The polishing treatment also prevents rust from forming which increases the pliers’ lifespan.


  • Anti-skid handle design
  • Polished pliers prevent rusting


  • Pallet handle quite exposed
  • Quality issues esp. In jewelry crafts 

Our Top Pick: Best Jewelry Pliers

After thoroughly checking all the jewelry pliers in this list, I’m still stuck with Flying K Jewelry Pliers as my favorite pick. It is small enough to travel with and has all the required tools for jewelry repair and even comes with a shovel and tweezers.

The pouch comes in various colors and the set of pliers also have two distinct shades. I would recommend this set for anyone looking to start jewelry making or enthusiasts who prefer on-the-go jewelry tools. 

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