Should You Buy a Tantalum Ring? (Pros & Cons)

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Should You Buy a Tantalum Ring
  • What are the pros and cons of buying a tantalum ring?
  • What should you look for when buying tantalum rings online?
  • Is tantalum good for an engagement ring?
  • Are tantalum rings expensive or cheap?
  • Why you should get a tantalum ring

Where to Buy Tantalum Rings Online?

Here are some of our favorite online retailers that sell tantalum rings on the web. Each retailer has our stamp of approval. 

  1. Blue Nile
  2. James Allen
  3. Helzberg
  4. Zales

What Is Tantalum ?

Tantalum is a rarity among alternative metals. The word tantalum actually comes from the Greek mythical character known as Tantalus. He was one of Zeus' kids who chose to rebel and steal from him. He stole for his people to turn them into gods and even sacrificed his own son by feeding him to them. 

The gods punished him by banishment and cemented him to stand in a pool of water underneath a tree forever. A fruit dangled above his head, but when he'd reach for it, it'd move. Likewise, when he tried to get water, it receded every time. 

In the scientific world, tantalum hails from regions of Australia and South America. It's mined alongside radioactive elements uranium and thorium. Because of this, tantalum has to be sifted and sorted from these dangerous elements. 

Outside of tantalum jewelry, the metal is used in electronics like capacitors as a source for metal parts. However, don't expect this metal to be around too much longer. Tantalum is such a rarity because the sources are depleting with no new mines unearthed.

In fact, scientists estimate that in around 50 years, there won't be any more tantalum to mine. Unless, a miracle happens and we discover a new resource. 

Pros and Cons of Buying a Tantalum Ring


There are many positives to choosing a tantalum ring for your men's wedding band. Let's check them out.


Tantalum wedding bands can vary in style, making them perfect for every occasion. Tantalum rings are dark gray in color and usually come in either a matte or brushed finish. Tantalum rings can have inlays of other contemporary metals, or it can be an inlay itself.

Check out this yellow gold two tone tantalum wedding ring from Blue Nile

Two-Tone Tantalum Inlay Wedding Ring

Blue Nile Two-Tone Tantalum Inlay Wedding Ring


The main reason why people choose alternative metals instead of precious metals is durability. Majority of people seeking out alternative metals are men looking for something safe to wear at a hard labor job. 

It's highly scratch-resistant, not scratch proof just so we're clear. It's approved for daily use and any scratches can be polished out by a jeweler.

In an emergency, they can be cut off without risking blood circulation problems. 

Like the others, tantalum rings are resistant to corrosion and rust. They don't tarnish either like sterling silver wedding rings. Because of their resistance to scratching and breakage, tantalum rings are a great choice for those with active lifestyles. 


Since it's rare, tantalum is hard to find. They're out there, but it you'll have a difficult time trying to find different options. Most jewelers only carry a handful of that. 

The uniqueness and natural luster of a tantalum ring will be eye-catching to those who've never seen one. Having a tantalum ring expresses your individuality and your taste for high-quality, biocompatible, industrial metals. 


As with any product in the jewelry world, there are going to be downsides to purchasing tantalum. Here are the cons of tantalum rings. 

Conflict Metal 

You might be familiar with the term conflict-free, but it's usually when we're talking about conflict-free diamonds. However, metal can also be labeled as "conflict." Most jewelry stores don't advertise this, but tantalum is listed as a conflict metal. 

Conflict gemstones and metals mean that they are used in war in other countries. People are usually killed or abused over them. That's where the term blood diamonds comes from. Blood is shed over these things. For tantalum, the conflict is in Congo. Tantalum mining has become a source of war there. 

Fortunately, only about 1% of all tantalum is mined and distributed from these areas as more effort is being put into responsible sourcing. Still, this is a major drawback for environmentalists and activists alike. 

Only Men's Bands

While you can get a zillion different finishes, inlays, and colors of tantalum rings, finding a tantalum engagement ring will be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Tantalum has variations, but limited designs for feminine options. Tantalum ring designs remain wide and masculine.

James Allen Tantalum 7.5mm Channel Set Diamond Satin Finished Comfort Fit Ring

Tantalum 7.5mm Channel Set Diamond Satin Finished Comfort Fit Ring

Are Tantalum Rings Expensive or Cheap?

Depending on which metals you're comparing, tantalum can be considered expensive or cheap. For instance, if you're comparing tantalum to a gold or platinum wedding ring, it's going to be very cheap in comparison. But if you're comparing it to a stainless steel wedding band, the price will be hundreds of dollars. 

Tantalum rings prices are among the top tier tungsten wedding bands, like anything made by the brand Triton. The best tungsten wedding rings from Triton cost between $200-$500 on average, usually depending on width.

Tantalum rings can exceed these prices when mixed gold or platinum in two toned wedding bands. 

Tantalum and 14K White Gold

Tantalum and White Gold Ring

On Amazon, you can find many cheaper tungsten rings than Triton.

However, if you are looking for tantalum rings, you'll see that every one is at least $150. You'll also notice that there are very few tantalum rings on Amazon as well.

Most of your results end up being tungsten or titanium anyway. 

Why You Should Get a Tantalum Ring?

If you're still not sure about if you should buy a tantalum ring, here's 3 more reasons that might help sway your decision. 

1. Resizing

You might have heard that alternative metals can't be resized.

Correction: some alternative metals can't be sized.

Instead, buyers of these metals have to either exchange or buy a whole new ring in order to get a new size. 

Can Tantalum Rings be Resized?

Yes, tantalum rings are malleable and can be cut and resized. 

However, don't expect tantalum rings to come with a warranty when bought from a retailer. While some industrial metals can be sized, most retailers don't offer resizing anyway. A local jeweler should be able to resize your tantalum ring. 

2. Hypoallergenic

Some metals give wearers allergic reactions. Have you ever heard of a ring turning someone's finger green? Maybe it's happened to you. A lot of people think this means the metal is fake. But the real reason is because an element within that ring is causing an allergic reaction on the person who's wearing it. 

Metal allergies can be mild, or they can be quite severe. Severe metal allergies are especially painful when dealing with earrings. The most common metals that give people allergic reactions are nickel, cobalt, and chromium. On average, 10-15% of people are allergic to one or more of those three metals. 

If you already know you have skin sensitivities, you should wear a hypoallergenic metal. Hypoallergenic metals mean that they have no elements in them that should cause any allergic reaction. Tantalum rings are hypoallergenic, so they're perfect for sensitive skin.

3. Low Maintenance

Like most contemporary metals, tantalum rings doesn't require special care when cleaning. You can easily clean all tantalum rings with warm water and a mild soap.

For ring designs that have grooves and two toned, you might find it better to use a soft bristled brush to clean away the dirt. Remember, tantalum rings are corrosion and rust-proof, so they are also waterproof. 

However, we always advise against wearing jewelry in the shower or while swimming. Make sure to keep your tantalum ring away from any harsh chemicals, including house cleaners. 

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