Top 5 Best Places to Buy Men’s Wedding Bands Online in 2023

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Looking for the best men's wedding ring?

Perfect, you're in the right place! In this guide, you'll learn:

  • What is a "men's wedding ring"?
  • Are they expensive or cheap?
  • What to look for when buying a wedding ring for a man?
  • How to clean a man's wedding ring?
  • Where should you buy a wedding band for a guy?

And much more!

top best wedding rings for men review
Product Details
1. Brushed and Polished Comfort Fit Ring

Active Lifestyle

  • Scratch Resistant
  • Tungsten
  • Very Durable
  • Classic Style
  • Lightweight
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2. Titanium Comfort-Fit Stepped Edge Ring


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Titanium
  • 30-Day Size Change
  • High Quality
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3. 7mm Magnus Wedding Ring

Trendy Design

  • Contains Nickel
  • Meteorite Tungsten
  • 60-Day Free Resize
  • Free Appraisal
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4. Men's Black & White Cobalt Striped Ring

Popular Choice

  • Free Engraving
  • Striped Cobalt
  • 30-Day Size Change
  • Alternative Style
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5. Marteau Men's Diamond Band

Hammered Diamond

  • Lab Grown
  • White Gold
  • 100-Day Free Resize
  • Various Gold Colors
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Top 5 Best Wedding Rings for Men

If you need the list quick, below is a list of my Top 5 Best Wedding Rings for Men. 

My Overall #1 Rated Pick

Updated On January 27, 2023

Brushed and Polished Comfort Fit Wedding Ring

Brushed and Polished Comfort Fit Wedding Ring

  • Highest Durability
  • Classic Low Profile Style
  • Scratch Resistant Tungsten 

If you're looking for a sophisticated looking, yet durable wedding ring, you've come to the right place. Blue Nile brings you a satin-brushed men's wedding ring with high polished beveled edges.

The material is tungsten carbide, a rock-solid alternative metal that happens to be the most popular in men's wedding bands today. This tungsten ring is available in black, gray, and white tungsten and comes in a variety of sizes.

You'll love how elegant this wedding band will look in your wedding photos, and the wife will too. No more arguing over wearing a wedding band, because now you have sturdy and durable as well as classy and fashionable.

Here's the thing:

Men argue against wearing wedding bands because of the nature of their activities and work. But with the rise of alternative wedding bands, there is no argument now.

For some men, the biggest fear they have about their marriage, is wearing their wedding ring day in and day out...


Most men aren't accustomed to wearing a ring on a regular basis until they are married.

The wedding band has always been an argument between husbands and wives. Wives want men to wear a wedding band to represent their marriage.

So fellas, without further ado, here are the top 5 options to put on your finger to keep your woman happy (you won't regret it):

Best Men's Wedding Rings Reviewed

While similar to my value pick, this high polished and brushed finish band from Blue Nile is a tungsten ring.

Tungsten carbide is a hard as nails alternative metal.

Brushed and Polished Comfort Fit Wedding Ring

It is the most durable of metals. It has 2x the amount of hardness as titanium rings and unlike titanium, it is scratch-resistant without any extra care.

Tungsten carbide rings are great for guys who lead an active lifestyle or do manual labor.

These wedding bands don't bend but can break, which is suitable for those worried about damaging their fingers.

However, it is not sizable and can still shatter if it is dropped on the right spot. It also has a great weight to it, so not for those looking for a lightweight like titanium.

This ring will maintain both its brushed and polished appearance, so no need for maintenance. Blue Nile also offers you a choice in colors between black, gray, or white tungsten.


  • Highest durability
  • Choice of color
  • Classic style
  • Scratch resistant


  • Can shatter
  • Heavier not for everyone

So let's be honest, there's a lot of cheap wedding rings out there for men. 

But many of them aren't high end or high quality.  

Titanium Step Edge Ring by James Allen

This titanium wedding ring is perfect for the person who doesn't want gold, but still wants to keep it classy.

James Allen is one of the most popular online retailers for engagement rings, but their wedding band collection for men is definitely worth taking a look at. 

If you're not a fan of the heavy and clunky tungsten bands, titanium might be a better option. It's lightweight, hypoallergenic and it is high polished for easy on and off. Just remember that titanium scratches fairly easily. 

All of their diamond jewelry gets a free maintenance warranty, but not the wedding bands. You have 30 days to exchange for a new size if needed. 


  • Good retailer reputation
  • Inexpensive high quality
  • 30 day size exchange


  • Can scratch
  • Not sizable

3. Meteorite & Tungsten Magnus Wedding Band by Brilliant Earth (Best High End)

One of the increasing popular wedding band designs is the meteorite wedding rings. 

Like other metals, you can find really cheap versions of this, but I can't tell you about their quality. 

Meteorite & Tungsten Magnus Wedding Band by Brilliant Earth

The base of this meteorite ring from Brilliant Earth is black tungsten carbide, so remember that it'll have some weight to it.

It's a 7mm wedding band, so decently wide. The usual width for the widest wedding rings in stores is 8mm. Meteorite is strong and durable because of its high iron and nickel content. This ring is NOT safe for those with nickel allergies.

I really like the distressed look of the band. It's edgy and classy at the same time. It'll work for both active lifestyles and special events. I'm just not quite sure if it's worth that high price. I also wish they offered it in bigger sizes, not just 5, 7, and 8. 

This ring can't be resized either but they have a 30 day return policy or free resizing sizing within 60 days. You also get an appraisal with your purchase. 


  • Free appraisal
  • Good for active lifestyles
  • Eco friendly wooden jewelry box
  • Trendy meteor design


  • Limited sizes
  • Not good for nickel allergies

Black has been a very popular choice by people for an alternative wedding band. 

Problem is, not everybody's partner likes black. Here's a perfect compromise for you and your honey. 

Black & White Striped Cobalt Wedding Ring by Ritani

This wedding ring from comes from Ritani, who also happens to be our choice for best designer engagement ring settings.

Ritani's been around since 1999, so they're a pretty reputable brand- just more so for engagement rings. But they also have the largest collection of men's wedding bands out of all our picks today, with over 600 different styles to choose from. 

This band is made from cobalt, a more unique metal. Most people are familiar with tungsten, titanium, and stainless steel. Cobalt, palladium, and tantalum rings are lesser known. Cobalt is durable and hypoallergenic.

The price on this ring is mid-range for high quality bands. Ritani also gives you the option of adding a free engraving, up to 12 characters. You can create a message or use symbols. You just need to call them to let them know. It can't be resized, so you'll have 30 days to exchange for a different size. 


  • 600 wedding bands to choose from
  • Cobalt looks like white gold or platinum
  • Free engraving


  • Might be plain for some
  • Can't be resized

I couldn't finish off this wedding band role call without a gorgeous diamond wedding men for all you fancy schmancy dudes out there. 

This one's a beauty. This white gold hammered diamond band comes from our friends at Clean Origin. It features 1/4 carat lab grown diamonds with color grades of F/G and SI1 clarity

Marteau Men's Diamond Band by Clean Origin

The cool thing about Clean Origin is that they are one of the few retailers that have lab grown diamond men's wedding rings. All of the diamond jewelry at Clean Origin is lab-created, including their engagement rings too. 

You have the option of getting this ring in a variety of gold colors including white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold. You can even get it in platinum.

While these metals can be sized, the hammered design can't be messed with. The good news is that Clean Origin has 100 day returns, so you could easily exchange for a different size if needed. 


  • 1/4 carat lab grown diamonds
  • Choice of metal
  • 100 day returns for size


  • Expensive
  • Design can't be sized
  • Can be bent

What Are Men's Wedding Rings?

The idea of men wearing wedding rings didn't really come to light until about the 20th century. Any rings worn by men were usually royalty and used as a fashion statement.

Soldiers from the war started wearing wedding bands while they were away from their wives and families. It wasn't until around the mid-1950s that men's wedding bands really started having marital value, rather than just a token of remembrance.

After that, matching wedding bands for him and her became a tradition. However, most men's wedding rings were made of gold back then.

Because gold is a soft metal, especially when you increase the karat weight, wedding rings kept getting beat up. Men that work in hard labor didn't want to damage their rings.

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Within the last 15 years, alternative metals such as tungsten carbide, titanium, and stainless steel wedding bands have come out as a more durable option than the traditional gold wedding ring. Today, these alternative metal wedding rings continue to be even more popular than the classic.

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Are Men's Wedding Rings Expensive Or Cheap?

Like all jewelry, the cost of men's rings is going to depend on a few factors, mainly what it's made of and the brand or retailer it comes from. 

Men's bands made of precious metals like sterling silver, platinum, yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold are going to be on the pricier end.

Gold plated rings aren't usually high in price, but if you're looking for solid gold, 18K gold is going to be more expensive than 14K gold rings. The same goes for any plated precious metals.

Alternative metals like tungsten, titanium, stainless steel, palladium, or cobalt are usually cheaper than rings of precious metals. The cheapest you'll find is going to be silicone ring usually.

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If the ring contains natural or synthetic gemstones, diamonds, or cubic zirconia, price may be adjusted based on rarity.

And lastly, if the brand is a high-end brand, you're going to pay more. You can find tungsten carbide rings for $150 or less, but popular tungsten industry giant Triton, can price their rings between $200-$500. 

What Should You Look For In The Best Men's Wedding Ring?

Your personal lifestyle is going to be the biggest factor in determining what type of ring you're needing. If you lead a very active lifestyle outdoors, you're going to want a durable and scratch-resistant wedding ring.

Tungsten would be a great option. But if you're a runner, something more lightweight like titanium might be better for you.

Best Wedding Rings for Men Facts

But if you're looking for a flashier ring, you might consider one with diamonds. If you like diamonds but want something stronger than white gold, you might look into a platinum wedding band with a row of natural diamonds or maybe cheaper lab diamonds.

The durability and strength of your ring should most importantly match your lifestyle, and secondly, your style. While there are a few key metals in which most men's bands come from, there are a bunch of variations such as spinner rings, carbon fiber inlay, puzzle, and tension set men's bands.

How To Clean Men's Wedding Rings?

The best way to clean all men's wedding rings is going to be with a mild soap and water. Brush away any dirt in grooves or on stones. Dry with a soft paper towel.

There are commercial cleaners for gold and sterling silver rings.

Sterling silver cleaner is very potent, so it'll strip the polish off of the ring. Simply re-polish with a polishing cloth and it will be restored. 

You should always store your wedding ring in a jewelry box when you're not wearing it. Don't expose any of the metals to harsh chemicals, as they can alter the appearance of metals causing discolorations. 

Where To Buy Men's Wedding Rings?

Most in-store jewelers don't carry a lot of variation in their men's wedding rings. You will find more of the high-end pricing with gold bands and diamonds.

More places are carrying alternative metals, but they are very plain and expensive.

If you're looking for a unique band or something to fit your individual style for an inexpensive price, Amazon is going to be the best online retailer for you. Amazon carries multitudes of men's bands of all different metals and designs.

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Blue Nile is another great retailer to go to if you're looking for a wedding ring that is top of the line quality, whether it be a gold, platinum, or tungsten ring.

They're more expensive than Amazon, but when you buy from Blue Nile and their reputation, you can know with confidence that you are buying a reputable ring from a reputable brand.

My Top Pick: Brushed and Polished Comfort Fit Wedding Ring

Any of the men's wedding rings on this list would be a perfect choice for a husband to be, or if you're just browsing around for an upgrade or replacement.

My favorite ring out of this list has to be the Brushed and Polished Comfort Fit Wedding Ring from Blue Nile. Let's recap why this ring deserves your money:

  • Comfort-fit
  • Black, gray, or white
  • Brushed and high polish finish
  • Durable Tungsten Carbide
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Mid-priced for high end

There are many different metals that can be used in men's wedding rings, but high quality tungsten carbide bands seem to be a favorite because of their durability and high resistance to scratching.

But if you're not a fan of heavier rings, you might opt for titanium as a close second to tungsten. Whichever ring your choose, make sure to choose what fits your purpose, and your budget!

Sale Alert: James Allen, our #1 ranked online diamond retailer, is currently offering 25% OFF sitewide. Click Here to shop the sale and save big today.

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