Top 6 Best Rings for Men (2023 Review)

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In this guide, you'll learn:

  • What Are Men's Rings?
  • Are Men's Rings Generally Expensive Or Cheap?
  • What Should You Look For In The Best Men's Ring?
  • How To Clean Men's Rings?

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Men's rings are usually designed for cosmetic purposes and range from simple and classic, to very stylized and unique. There are so many different designs for men and each man is particular to his own taste.

For that reason alone, shopping for men's rings can be a long and grueling process searching for the perfect ring.

Luckily, you have me and my guides. In this buying guide, I'll show you the most popular and best rings for men that aren't wedding bands. Let's get into it!

Product Details
1. King Will Basic Men's Tungsten Carbide

Ideal Wedding Band

  • Scratch Resistant Tungsten
  • Low Profile Design
  • 8mm Width & 2.4mm Thickness
2. WensLTD Men's Titanium Steel Chain Rotation Ring

Bargain Price

  • Lightweight Titanium
  • Wood Inlay Option
  • Color Selection
3. U7 Stainless Steel Link Chain Ring

Cuban Link Band

  • Durable Stainless Steel
  • Unique Design
  • Casual or Classy
4. King Will Dragon Tungsten Carbide Ring

Oriental Dragon Carbon Fiber Inlay

  • More Lightweight Than Regular Tungsten
  • Comes With Jewelry Box
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Variety of Sizes (4-14)
5. EEJART 316L Stainless Steel Skull Ring

Smooth to Wear

  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Detailed Craftsmanship
  • Different Colors
6. Vintage Biker Signet & Band Ring Set

Antique Appearance

  • 2-Pieces Celtic Thumb Rings
  • Medical Grade Stainless Steel
  • 365 Day Guarantee

My Overall #1 Rated Pick

Updated On April 26, 2024

No products found.

  • 8mm matte/brushed center
  • Scratch resistant tungsten carbide material
  • Comfort fit design
  • Perfect for everyday wear

Out of all the rings I reviewed, I really like this tungsten ring made by the King Will brand.


Its sleek low profile design is perfect for a guy who wants to wear a ring without looking too flashy.

It's made out of tungsten carbine, which is a durable scratch resistant metal alloy material unlike gold, which is soft and scratch prone.

Although this guide is about men's rings for a general setting, this ring could serve as an affordable wedding band for a guy.

Continue reading for my other picks!

Top 6 Best Rings for Men

Men's jewelry is a nice little tucked away corner in the jewelry world.

This is simply because men's rings are often ignored and pushed aside to make way for the men's wedding band.

Men's wedding rings dominate men's jewelry and other items such as bracelets, pendants, and men's fashion rings are pushed aside.

But no more.

What Are Men's Rings?

Usually, when we talk about men's rings in the jewelry world, the idea of a wedding band comes to mind. While it's true that men's wedding rings didn't come about until after the Korean War, some men wore rings out of fashion.

These ring wearers were usually very wealthy and/or royalty. So, it's safe to say that the first men's rings made were men's fashion rings, not men's wedding bands. 

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Back then, all men's rings were made of precious metals like sterling silver and gold. Platinum later joined the ranks of precious metals around 1780.

They were often adorned with diamonds and gemstones of high quality. Unfortunately, the common man couldn't afford such lavish and high karat gold bling, even if they wanted to wear men's jewelry.

Are Men's Rings Expensive Or Cheap?

Like with all the jewelry, the price of men's rings can vary, usually based on how valuable the materials are.

For instance, we already know that the original wedding bands made to match engagement rings were usually made out of expensive precious metals like platinum, gold, and sterling silver. Platinum is the most expensive, so much so that it used to be called the "Metal for Kings". 

If the ring is solid 24K gold, it'll be more expensive. If it's plated gold, you can get it pretty cheap. And if you want something REALLY cheap, you might be interested in silicone wedding rings

If you're looking for a long-lasting gold men's ring, you should stick to solid materials (like gold or tungsten) instead of plated.

Best Rings for Men Facts

But if you just want a ring to wear, plated is a great option, and great for the wallet. If you do get plated, you should find gold plated of sterling silver, that way you can still size it, unlike with alternative metals. 

Alternative metals on the other hand, are pretty affordable. Whether you get stainless steel or surgical stainless steel ring doesn't really matter with the price.

You can get titanium and tungsten pretty cheap unless you're finding it in a fine jewelry store like Jared. The big stores carry name brands like Triton who makes high-quality tungsten rings. But these bands are more traditional, like for weddings. 

The most inexpensive men's rings you'll find on the market will be silicone rings. They come in a few different designs but are mostly worn as wedding bands on hard labor jobs. 

The last factor that might have an impact on price is if it contains any stones. If it contains cubic zirconia or other imitation gemstones, the ring is liable to be pretty cheap.

But if it contains semi-precious or precious stones like diamonds, the price can skyrocket. It is usually based on quality and carat weight.

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What Should You Look For In The Best Men's Ring?

First of all, the best men's ring isn't going to necessarily be for every man. The best men's ring is assessed by quality, durability, price, and personal need from the wearer.

For instance, one guy might find a shiny black titanium ring and name it the best ring because he thinks so. But that might not be another man's style.

So while everyone has their own reasons why they choose a specific men's ring, there are a couple key points you should base all of your men's ring purchases off of. 

Solid Metals

While plated metals are undoubtedly cheaper than solid metal, they cause more harm than good. A ring or any jewelry is only as good as its base metal.

You can have  sterling silver plating over a stainless steel ring, but eventually, that plating is going to wear off. The shine between sterling silver and stainless is different.

Sterling silver is a precious metal, whereas stainless steel is not. Not to mention that sterling silver plating will still tarnish, which is an added annoyance. A stainless steel ring won't tarnish at all. Solid metals are just easier to maintain and are genuine. 

Men's Ring Metals

Most men's rings are made of alternative metals, which are not precious metals. The most popular precious metals are sterling silver, gold of various karat weights and colors, and platinum.

Less common precious metals are cobalt, palladium, ruthenium, iridium, osmium, and rhodium. These less common metals are part of the platinum family. You're likely to be more familiar with the rhodium. 

Rhodium plating is done to all white gold and some sterling silver. It can even be plated over alternative metals.

Rhodium is a thin layer of white metal that basically is painted over other metals. It gives white gold its "white" color and does wear off over time, due to the natural oils in your skin. 

White gold jewelry has to be plated every so often to maintain its appearance. In other metals, rhodium can whiten metals, but also serves as a barrier for metals that could cause an allergic reaction.

A lot of ring sellers will claim their ring is hypoallergenic, because it has rhodium. But once that rhodium is worn off over time, a reactive base metal will cause a reaction, so you need to keep up with rhodium.

Resizing Men's Rings

Precious metals can be sized, whereas alternative metals like stainless steel, tungsten, and titanium cannot. If there is rhodium over it, it still can't be sized.

The ability for a ring to be sized by a jeweler is dependent on how pliable the metal is. Platinum, gold, and sterling silver can be sized, as long as they are not eternity bands or stylized like a braided ring. 

The less common metals under platinum are usually used as a metal alloy, rather than a solid metal for jewelry. For example, you'll find palladium and cobalt rings in the jewelry market.

Cobalt rings are more known in men's rings and are usually associated with ceramic rings. But you won't see a ring mainly made out of osmium.

Osmium alone is actually a toxic metal, but in tiny amounts as an alloy, it's not. 

Palladium and cobalt rings can also be sized, but it may be more expensive. These metals take more finesse, which causes them to cost more sometimes.

Under no circumstances should a jeweler ever tell you they're going to cut your cobalt ring. Simply cutting and re-soldering the cobalt will create a cut mark, diminishing the overall appearance, even if it's inside the shank. If a jeweler suggests something like this, they are not equipped to handle resizing that palladium ring. 

And lastly, ceramic and silicone rings can't be resized either. Most metals that aren't bendy can't be resized.

How To Clean Men's Rings?

Most men's rings can be cleaned with a mild soap and water. Mix some together and let your ring soak in it for 15-20 minutes.

Keep in mind that not all gemstones can be submerged such as doublet or triplet opals and pearls. In their cases, you'd just want to rinse under the water. Take a soft-bristled brush or clean toothbrush to scrub away any dirt in channels, grooves, and clean stones if applicable. 

For silicone rings, you can let it sit in a mixture of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide for about 30-45 minutes minimum. It's not abrasive, so it can even sit in it overnight if you wish. 

There are gold jewelry cleaners you can buy for yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold rings. You can either let your gold bands sit in it for 15-20 mins, or you can swish it around in the little basket.

Scrub with the soft brush, rinse in clean water, and pat dry with a towel. 

Lastly, for sterling silver rings, they do have a commercial-grade silver cleaner, but it's really potent. Meaning, the chemicals are very strong that they will remove any tarnish almost instantaneously after being swished around in the basket.

Which, is great, but it will also strip off any high polish finish. Some colored rhodium may come off in silver cleaner as well. Kay Jewelers had a big problem with the blue rhodium coming off in silver cleaner of their blue diamond collection.

But, if the polish is stripped, all you'll need is a silver polishing cloth and you can buff it right back to new and shiny. 


In addition to cleaning your ring, you need to store it properly. The best way to store jewelry is going to be a jewelry box or jewelry cabinet.

You might even check out our buying guide for jewelry boxes. As a man, maybe you only need the box it came with, but a man with a collection of men's jewelry will appreciate it.

If not him, he might have a special lady that might be very happy with a jewelry box as a gift. But if you're not keen on buying a jewelry box, all of the rings on our list come with either a jewelry box or a soft jewelry pouch. 

Lastly, if you have more than one piece of jewelry, you shouldn't store them together, with the exception of a jewelry box that contains multiple spaces and compartments.

In that case, you shouldn't store it in the same compartment. This especially should be followed with sterling silver rings. 

Sterling silver oxidizes or tarnishes, with both moisture and other silver. It'll have black marks all over and look very dull. You can restore it with a polishing cloth. 

The other reason you won't want to store rings together is that they can scratch each other if they come loose, causing damage to either the metal or any gemstones the ring may contain.

Where To Buy Men's Rings?

Finding men's rings is easy. Finding the right kind of men's rings we're talking about, that's another story.

Most of the market of men's rings in fine jewelry stores are going to be used as wedding rings. These rings are usually a simple men's band.

But if you're looking for men's rings outside of marriage, such as fashion rings, it may be hard to find.

Men's rings have so many different variations, shapes, inlays, stones, and designs. Because of this, most jewelry stores don't keep them in stock.

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If they do, you'll see the best sellers. But if you're looking for a specific color or style, it can be hard to find.

Thankfully, we have wonderful places like who lets you scour both popular and unique men's rings. They have options for carbon fibers, wood inlays, handmade rings, and many others made with quality craftsmanship.

Amazon is probably the place to find sellers creating rings just for men.

Top Rings for Men Reviewed

For my top pick in this writeup, I really wanted it to be something not so flashy where most guys would feel comfortable wearing, which is why I opted to make the tungsten carbide ring from King Will my #1 pick.

With its 8mm band and beveled edges and brushed finish, it has a subtle charm to it.

It's made out of tungsten carbide, which is a scratch resistant metal alloy combining tungsten and carbon.

No products found.

This type of ring is perfect for guys who work with their hands and need a ring that won't get scuffed up.

Personally, I had a white gold ring that got REALLY scuffed up, and switched to tungsten and it made a huge difference.


  • Ultra durable due to tungsten
  • Low profile design
  • Scratch and scuff resistant


  • Can't be resized
  • Low/no resale value

This men's ring is not your average ring, but it's not over the top flashy either.

The band resembles a chain-link fence to go around the finger with modern style and design.

It is made of strong and durable stainless steel, which is probably the most popular alternative metal you'll find men's fashion rings in.

No products found.

Stainless steel is not completely hypoallergenic, but only if you have severe skin sensitivity.

It could even make a nice wedding ring while still keeping that edgy look. I love that this ring is differently shaped than your average run-of-the-mill men's band, but it's very subtle at the same time. It can be sophisticated and casual. 

They are unisex ring size and are said to run a little small, so you might consider the next size up.

A great tip to consider when thinking about ring size is the bigger the width, the tighter it'll fit. A 4 mm band is going to fit much looser than an 8 mm band.


  • Durable stainless steel
  • Unique design
  • Casual or classy


  • Runs small
  • Not sizable

This cool chain link ring is made of titanium steel, throughout its entirety. Titanium is a very popular and durable choice for both men's wedding bands and men's rings.

Wearers love the lightweight quality of titanium as well as its durability. It is also a popular style of men's ring called a spinner ring. 

No products found.

A spinner ring consists of two rings. One of which is the main band of the ring and one that is made to become the inlay of another ring.

The chain moves independently of the main band. A lot of guys like to fidget with their hands and this ring is excellent to do that with.

Plus it allows an edgy sense of style while still looking classy, making it perfect for both casual and formal occasions alike. 

This main band of this spinner ring is high polished titanium and is offered in a variety of sizes and options for colors. This ring is silver throughout, but you are offered rings with the chain being blue, black, or yellow gold look.

In the same link, you can opt for a ring with a wood inlay instead of a spinning chain, so there are options for everyone.


  • Lightweight titanium
  • Bargain Price
  • Different colors


  • Not scratch-proof
  • Dirt gets stuck in chain

This tungsten carbide men's ring features an oriental dragon carbon fiber inlay. Carbon fiber inlays are the most common type of inlay rings you can find.

Fine jewelry stores will have at least one carbon fiber inlay ring as they are best sellers.

I like that you can choose between the width of the band if you prefer 6 mm or 8 mm. This is nice because it also offers you the opportunity for his and her matching bands if you wanted.

No products found.

This tungsten band is comfort-fit and stylish. Guys will love the contrast between the candy apple red inlay and the sharp, black tungsten design within.

Tungsten carbide is the most durable of all the alternative metals, but some may not be crazy about it because of how heavy it is. But because of how light carbon fiber is, the band doesn't seem as heavy as other tungsten bands. It's still not sizable, but you'll find most alternative metals can't be sized.

King Will is one of the top men's rings purchased on Amazon. They have a phenomenal reputation for men's rings and are the choice pick in affordable brands that are both unique and stylish.

This ring is offered in a variety of sizes, from 4 to 14. It comes with a King Will classic jewelry box.


  • More lightweight than regular tungsten
  • Comes with jewelry box
  • Scratch resistant


  • Carbon fiber is more vulnerable to damage
  • Can't be sized

While most traditional looking men's rings can also be used to be a wedding band, you may not want to do that with this one.

This ring has been purchased by many guys and most of them are extremely pleased with it.

The aggress templar skull ring is perfect for the edgy biker, or the guy who can't get enough of medieval times.

No products found.

Biker rings like this tend to be more aggressive like this angry skull. You can't deny the craftsmanship of the ring, even if you're not a fan of the design.

The ring is very detailed from the helmet horns to the tiny rows of teeth in the mouth. Skull rings like this are popular, but only a certain type of man will like them.

It is much heavier too, in comparison to a titanium ring. And it sticks out, which makes it susceptible to damage during daily wear.

This ring is made of medical-grade stainless steel, also known as 316L. Medical grade stainless steel is hypoallergenic and the best kind of stainless steel you can get.

It is non-corrosive and will not rust. You can wear them in and out of the water as well. This fierce skull ring comes in different colors, changing the appearance slightly. You have a choice of silver, gold, or black stainless steel.


  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Detailed craftsmanship


  • Sticks out
  • Very Heavy

This signet ring is different than the other choices on our list because of its style and the fact that is is a value pack.

Signet rings are very popular among clubs and organizations. They signify a right of passage and a status.

This signet ring features what you think is a shiny cabochon cushion cut black stone, but it is not.

No products found.

Apparently it is an enamel painted surface rather than a stone. It looks like it could be an onyx, but it isn't a stone at all.

So if you're looking for a signet ring with a genuine stone, this won't be it. Still, this ring is crafted really well, especially since it looks like a stone.

Guys love the quality and style, but most of all they love the price. Most men don't want to spend a bunch of money on jewelry, but this set will undoubtedly be worth it.

Keep in mind that these are very wide bands so it may fit tighter than what ring size you'd pick if it had a 4mm width. Remember, the wider the band, the tighter the fit.

Sizing seems to be the main complaint about this ring. But the signet ring is about 17mm and the matching band is 14.5mm, which is much wider than the average 8mm wedding bands.  

Not to mention, this ring will undoubtedly be heavy due to both it's width and the fact that it is made of medical-grade stainless steel. 316L stainless steel doesn't corrode, but you still shouldn't wear them or any jewelry in the water for that matter.

If you look at the band, there is dark detailing that gives it it's antique appearance. Cleaning chemicals and pool chemicals will undoubtedly alter the appearance, so make sure you're not wearing it in those situations.


  • Medical grade stainless steel
  • Value set
  • 365 day guarantee


  • Very wide and heavy
  • Particular style

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