Top 5 Best Ruby Rings For Men (2021 Review)

Looking for a gemstone ring that is both unique and masculine?

Check out this stunning selection of the ruby rings for men.

I'll cover what you need to know about men's ruby rings including questions like:

  • What Are Rubies?
  • Are Ruby Rings For Men Expensive?
  • What Metal Setting Should You Choose?
  • How Do You Clean My Ruby Ring?
  • Where Can You Find A Decent Ruby Ring For a Guy?
top best men's ruby ring review

Below are my top picks. From affordable simulated stones, to high-end natural rubies, below are my top picks for ruby rings made for men! Continue reading to learn more about each.

JewelryPalace Simulated Ruby Smoky Quartz Ring
  • Solid Sterling Silver 925 Band
  • Tarnish-free, Nickel-free, Lead-free, and Cadmium-free
  • Genuine Smoky Quartz Gemstone
  • Solid Sterling Silver 925 Band
  • Tarnish-free, Nickel-free, Lead-free, and Cadmium-free
  • Genuine Smoky Quartz Gemstone
View on Amazon
Jewelry Avalanche Ruby & Diamond 3-Stone Tungsten Ring
  • Durable Tungsten
  • Customizable Stones
  • Custom Engraving
  • Durable Tungsten
  • Customizable Stones
  • Custom Engraving
View on Amazon
Oval Cut Red Ruby & Black Diamond Sterling Silver Men's Ring
  • Solid Sterling Silver
  • Natural Rubies
  • Better Stone Protection
  • Solid Sterling Silver
  • Natural Rubies
  • Better Stone Protection
View on Amazon
14kt Gold Lab Ruby and Diamond Emerald Cut Men's Ring
  • Solid 14K Gold
  • Yellow or Rose Gold Options
  • Sizeable
  • Solid 14K Gold
  • Yellow or Rose Gold Options
  • Sizeable
View on Amazon
Diamondere Natural and Certified Princess Cut Gemstone Wedding Band Ring in 14k White Gold
  • Solid White Gold
  • Protective Bezel Setting
  • 180 Day Warranty
  • Solid White Gold
  • Protective Bezel Setting
  • 180 Day Warranty
View on Amazon
Diamondere Natural and Certified Gemstone Solitaire Wedding Band
  • Solid White Gold
  • Natural Ruby
  • Certified
  • Solid White Gold
  • Natural Ruby
  • Certified
View on Amazon

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Updated On January 15, 2021

  • For any occasion
  • Rhodium plating
  • Made from 92.5% pure silver
  • 2.3 carat simulated ruby stone
  • Genuine smoky quartz gemstone

My top pick of men's ruby rings is this gorgeous, yet masculine simulated ruby ring. This ring features one emerald cut stone in a rhodium plated 925 silver band and invisible setting.

Ruby is the birthstone for July, so this ring could be used for any occasion whether it be wedding, birthstone ring, or just typical gemstone jewelry. 

Because the stone is a simulated ruby (i.e., what cubic zirconia is to diamond), it is extremely affordable for people who want a ruby ring but don't have large budgets.

If you're looking for something more on the higher-end, I'd recommend this tungsten ruby ring or this oval cut.

Both are great options if you have a little more budget for an authentic diamond stone.

Top 5 Best Men's Ruby Rings

These are, without a doubt, my favorite ruby rings for men. I like them each for specific reasons.

What are Rubies?

Rubies are a highly sought-after gemstone made out of the mineral called corundum.

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Corundum comes in many colors, but the red color is known as a ruby. (The other colors - including colorless - are called sapphires.)

When the corundum is developing, metal atoms can mix with it to form different colors. This is how we get different sapphire colors and the brilliantly red ruby. 

On it's own, corundum is clear and is what we know as white sapphire. 

Corundum has a bunch of oxygen and aluminum atoms. When the corundum grows near chromium (a metal atom), it gains the red color of rubies.

Rubies cannot develop if there are silica and iron around, which makes them rare because those elements are very common.

men's ruby rings

Are Men's Ruby Rings Expensive Or Cheap?

Like many pieces of jewelry, men's ruby rings can vary in cost based on a number of factors. The first factor will be about the ruby itself.

A natural ruby is going to cost more than a lab-created one. Secondly, a larger carat weight will also increase the price. 

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Another factor that makes up the price of ruby rings is the metal in which it is set.

I've noticed that on Amazon, there are a lot of yellow-gold ruby men's rings. In fact, most ruby wedding rings seem to be set in yellow-gold. Yellow gold isn't  necessarily bad but just be aware of the karat (i.e., 10k, 14k or 18k). The lower you go the less actual gold is in the setting.

There are a ton of cheap options on Amazon, but many of them have drawbacks, so keep an eye out.

You should be able to find a nice ruby ring in the mid to high hundred dollar range. 

What Should You Look For In The Best Ruby Men's Ring?

When looking for the a good ruby ring for a guy, there are a couple things you need to make sure of before starting your search. 

With places that offer a bunch of different sellers within a marketplace such as Amazon or Ebay, you have to pay attention to the details and descriptions. When you search for rubies, anything remotely "ruby-like" comes up. 

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Some sellers are presenting a "ruby" ring that is actually red cubic zirconia.

So what out for that!

When doing my research, I was brought to a ring that carefully never mentioned the word ruby, but called it was a colored stone.

There's a ring on Amazon I found that reads Stone Color: Star Ruby. A genuine star-ruby is rare and would be WAY more expensive. This is literally telling us it's just a red stone, nothing to do with ruby, so again, watch out.

Check out this video from the GIA comparing a Burmese treated ruby and a star ruby. 

Listings like this are usually very cheap, so keep an eye out especially if you're budget shopping. Many of the cheaper listings also include the gold-plated or sterling silver plated option, so watch for that too.

I'll explain later on my reasons why plated jewelry is not a great idea. 

Also keep in mind that treated rubies and synthetic rubies are different. It is extremely rare to have an untreated natural ruby.

Most natural rubies are heat-treated, but they are still natural. A lot of people think color treated rubies means they are fake, but that is what synthetic rubies are. 

How To Clean Men's Ruby Rings?

Even though rubies have an excellent durability (a 9 on the Moh mineral hardness scale) similar to diamond, the stone still needs to be cleaned and taken care of.

A ruby can be cracked or chipped at a hard impact in just the right spot. This is also more likely to happen in a ring or a bracelet, so keep that in mind. 

A ruby can be cleaned with mild soap and water. Just use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean away impurities. It should be cleaned regularly, as dirt will cloud the stone, especially in everyday use.

Make sure you don't wear it when doing household chores or any activity that it might get damaged. 

If you opt for jewelry cleaner, make sure you are purchasing a cleaner that is right for the metal in your ring. Sterling silver cleaner will strip the polish off, so it'll need to be polished with a cloth afterward.

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You shouldn't have to worry about stripping the polish off gold. And if you choose an ultrasonic cleaner, rubies are safe to go in there too. 

Where To Buy Ruby Rings For Men?

When it comes to buying a quality ruby ring for men, I like Amazon, for more affordable options.

You'll find ruby rings in a bunch of different settings such as class rings, signet rings, ruby diamond rings and metals such as yellow-gold, rose-gold, white-gold, and sterling silver. 

Amazon has a variety of different gemstone rings with rubies already set in them, but if you're looking to custom-make your men's ruby ring, you'll want to pick out your rubies. And to find the best rubies, choose none other than our friends at James Allen

They are great prices because they are a direct to consumer retailer of gems like rubies.

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Both of these online jewelry stores have a wide library of natural and created loose ruby stones with excellent cuts and a variety of different shapes and carat weights.

They allow a 360 view of each of their loose stones, so you know exactly what you're ordering, right down to the tiniest inclusion.

Also, if you're looking for a ruby engagement ring to match your ruby wedding band, both James Allen and Blue Nile have gorgeous options for matching women's rings. 

Basically, James Allen and Blue Nile are my "go to" sites for gemstones.

Best Ruby Men's Rings Reviewed

For guys looking for a ruby ring that won't break the bank, this is a great option.

With a sterling silver 925 band and its emerald cut ruby stone, this ring puts off a casual yet sophisticated vibe.

The cost is lower due to the use of the simulated ruby stone (colored quartz gemstone) as opposed to an actual ruby, but no one can really tell the difference unless they're up close.


  • 925 sterling silver band
  • Quality simulated ruby
  • Low profile design
  • Affordable price


  • Sterling silver requires more upkeep
  • Ring will tarnish over time

Typically, bezel settings are more expensive than prong or channel settings due to the complicated nature of the metal craftsmanship. 

But with this ring, you get an expensive and good setting for much less. 

One of the main factors that cause this band to be a good deal is that it is crafted in sterling silver. 

A sterling silver ring will almost always be less expensive than a platinum or gold ring. While sterling silver is not the best metal to put stones in due to the durability, I'm glad that it's at least solid sterling silver, not plated.

Plated jewelry is really just tacky and difficult for jewelers to mess with (like if they need to change the ring size). 

Many silver-plated jewelry is plated over a metal like stainless steel or nickel, and neither of these can be sized. Solid sterling silver can. 

While it may not be the cheapest ruby ring on Amazon, this ring is definitely the best quality ruby ring on Amazon at a great deal.


  • Solid sterling silver
  • better stone protection
  • Masculine look with black diamonds
  • Natural rubies and black diamonds


  • Sterling silver requires more upkeep
  • Ring will tarnish over time

There are so many positives to this ruby and diamond tungsten ring, which is why I've dubbed it the best men's ruby ring.

I love the representation of the three stones on this ring. Much like a three stone anniversary ring, this three stone men's band represent the past, present, and future.  

You can select other gemstones such as garnet for January, amethyst for February, aquamarine for March, or diamond for April. Unfortunately, with an April birthstone, it doesn't really stand out.

The rest of the birthstones offered include emerald, alexandrite in place of pearl, peridot , sapphire, tourmaline in place of opal , citrine and blue topaz.

While obviously we want the ruby one, regardless of it being a birthstone, having a customizable gemstone in the middle is great for purchasing matching bands. 

Perhaps the wife works a manual labor job in which she needs the safety of a tungsten ring. She can customize it to a ruby just like you, or perhaps a stone she associates with you. You really get to interpret your own meaning. 

Lastly, they offer a FREE 15 character engraving on the ring, but if you get it engraved, it's non-refundable so keep that in mind.

Also, if you don't like it, you have 7 days to return and are charged a 35% restocking fee, which is a bit of a bummer.


  • Durable and Safe Tungsten
  • Sentimental meaning
  • Free engraving
  • Bezel set


  • Short Return Period
  • Not sizable
  • 35% restocking fee

This large emerald cut ruby men's ring looks great against the pink tone of the rose gold. Not only can you get this striking pieces in rose gold, but it also comes in yellow gold, which is the most popular in men's ruby rings. 

Unfortunately, the ruby in this ring is lab-created, or synthetic, instead of being natural or only heat-treated. 

Having a synthetic ruby as the star of the ring, you'd think the price would be a little less, rather than being one of the most expensive ones on this list.

Still, much of the price comes from the wide band of gold and the natural diamonds. This ring is made of 14K solid gold, which means it is resizable and a durable amount of gold is suitable for everyday wear.

The diamonds in this piece are of an I1 clarity, which is not the greatest because you're able to see visible inclusions with the naked eye. 

Thankfully, the diamonds are around .09 carat points in total, so you really shouldn't notice them unless you're looking for them

I really like the craftsmanship of the ring and the way the ruby is set. If you look at the picture, you can see how the gold juts out a little bit, hugging the ruby on both the top and the bottom.

Also, I like that ruby itself actually sticks out above the ring, rather than being set into the gold like all of our other picks on the list.


  • Solid 14K Gold
  • Rose gold or yellow gold option
  • Setting secures stone
  • Sizable


  • Synthetic ruby 
  • Lower clarity diamonds
  • Expensive

This ruby ring gives us a different look into a style of men's ruby ring. Celtic designs are very common in jewelry and this Celtic knot ring is no exception.

I can't help but admire the intricate craftsmanship of this ring. 

However, this ring will need more upkeep than most pieces of gold jewelry due to all the grooves. 

Dirt will build up in those pockets very quickly, so you'll need to clean it more.

Many similar rings are crafted out of sterling silver or stainless steel, and the fact that this is solid white gold that braids together is altogether breathtaking. It features six different natural princess-cut rubies in protective bezel setting.  

The ring comes with a 180 day warranty, which is a lot more than most of the men's ruby rings on our list. They also give you a 30 day return and exchange policy.

Additionally, Diamondere presents its customers with a complete certification of its diamonds and gemstones, ensuring that you will receive the exact specifications of your stones.


  • Protective Bezel Setting
  • 6 Natural Rubies
  • 180 day Warranty
  • Solid white gold
  • Certification


  • Needs to be clean more often
  • Can't be sized

Finally bringing up the rear with our #5 pick in men's ruby rings, I present you the very unique round ruby placed in a tension setting of a white gold wedding band.

The tension setting makes the stone appear as if it is floating. The gold around the edges of the ruby secure the stone as if it were prongs. 

Strangely enough, tension settings are actually more secure than prong settings, because the whole side of the metal secures that stone with the strongest metal of the ring. With a prong setting, they are very tiny and less durable. 

This ring features a natural ruby "floating" in the midst of solid 14kt white gold. As mentioned before, solid gold or sterling silver is desirable over anything that is labeled as plated.

Plated jewelry isn't usually sizable. This natural ruby also comes with a certification with all the exact specifications of the stone. 

Keep in mind that this setting is still susceptible to chipping as the girdle of the stone is exposed on top and bottom. Also, those open grooves in the back of the ring shank will capture dirt, so make sure you're cleaning it regularly. 


  • Tension setting is secure
  • Natural ruby
  • Certified
  • Solid White Gold


  • Expensive
  • Prone to Chip
  • Clean more often

My Top Pick:  Ruby & Diamond 3-Stone Tungsten Ring

Lastly, I'd like to remind you once again of my top pick for the best ruby ring for men. I've already explained many different reasons why you should pick this men's ruby band over all the others. So let's recap. 

  • Tungsten is the most durable for men
  • Ruby is customizable for matching sets or different representations
  • Bezel setting secures the stones
  • Natural rubies
  • Natural diamonds
  • Comfort-fit
  • Sentimental three-stone meaning
  • Free 15 Character Engraving (non-returnable if engraved)

Now, for the downsides:

  • Tungsten isn't sizable
  • Heavy metal is not for everyone
  • Stones are not replaceable if fallen out
  • 7 day return window with 35% restocking fee

As you can see, the positives of this gorgeous, yet manly ruby and diamond tungsten carbide ring clearly outweigh the negatives.

For a modest price with a bunch of great features to this ring, I can say with confidence that this is the best men's ruby ring. 

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