Top 5 Best Ruby Rings for Men (2023 Review for Guys)

Last Updated on May 2, 2023 by Juli "Jewels" Church

Looking for a gemstone ring that is both unique and masculine?

Check out this stunning selection of the ruby rings for men.

I'll cover what you need to know about men's ruby rings including questions like:

  • What Are Rubies?
  • Are Ruby Rings For Men Expensive?
  • What Metal Setting Should You Choose?
  • How Do You Clean My Ruby Ring?
  • Where Can You Find A Decent Ruby Ring For a Guy?
top best men's ruby ring review

Below are my top picks. From affordable simulated stones, to high-end natural rubies, below are my top picks for ruby rings made for men! Continue reading to learn more about each.

Product Details    
PMTIER Men's Stainless Steel Gold Plated Ring


  • 18K real gold plating
  • Tarnish-free, nickel-free, lead-free, and cadmium-free
  • Scratch and fade resistant
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MASOP Retro Gothic Cool Male Ring - Best Value


  • Hypoallergenic surgical steel
  • High polish finish
  • Comfort fit
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Cherry Tree Created Ruby Silver Ring


  • Lab-created ruby
  • Blingy
  • 925 sterling silver
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Ruby Color Luxury Handmade Turkish Men's Ring


  • Bronze inlay
  • Turkish handmade
  • Large stone
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Palm Beach Jewelry Simulated Ruby Ring


  • 18K gold plating
  • Protective bezel setting
  • Real diamonds
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Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Updated On April 26, 2024

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  • 18K yellow gold plated
  • Popular signet ring style
  • Scratch and fade resistant
  • Rhodium plated
  • Stainless steel

My top pick of men's ruby rings is this gorgeous 18K gold plated signet style ring from PMTIER. 

Ruby is the birthstone for July, so this ring could be used for any occasion whether it be wedding, birthstone ring, or just typical gemstone jewelry. However, it should be noted that this is a simulated ruby, which means it's not real. The red stone is glass, but that's also why it's so affordable.

Unless you're a jeweler, most people won't be able to tell that it's not a real ruby. It's real plated gold over hypoallergenic stainless steel at an affordable price. And who knows, maybe you'll love it so much you'll want a real ruby ring to wear next! 

Top 5 Best Men's Ruby Rings

These are, without a doubt, my favorite ruby rings for men. I like them each for specific reasons.

What are Rubies?

Rubies are a highly sought-after gemstone made out of the mineral called corundum.

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Corundum comes in many colors, but the red color is known as a ruby. (The other colors - including colorless - are called sapphires.)

When the corundum is developing, metal atoms can mix with it to form different colors. This is how we get different sapphire colors and the brilliantly red ruby. 

On it's own, corundum is clear and is what we know as white sapphire. 

Corundum has a bunch of oxygen and aluminum atoms. When the corundum grows near chromium (a metal atom), it gains the red color of rubies.

Rubies cannot develop if there are silica and iron around, which makes them rare because those elements are very common.

men's ruby rings

Are Men's Ruby Rings Expensive Or Cheap?

Like many pieces of jewelry, men's ruby rings can vary in cost based on a number of factors. The first factor will be about the ruby itself.

A natural ruby is going to cost more than a lab-created one. Secondly, a larger carat weight will also increase the price. Most cheap "ruby" rings are simulated ruby, like red cubic zirconia or red glass. 

Another factor that makes up the price of buying ruby jewelry is the metal in which it is set.

I've noticed that on Amazon, there are a lot of yellow-gold ruby men's rings. In fact, most ruby wedding rings seem to be set in yellow-gold. Yellow gold isn't necessarily bad but just be aware of the karat (i.e., 10k, 14k or 18k). The lower you go the less actual gold is in the setting.

No products found.

There are a ton of cheap options on Amazon, but many of them have drawbacks, so keep an eye out.

You should be able to find a nice ruby ring in the mid to high hundred dollar range. 

What Should You Look For In The Best Ruby Men's Ring?

When looking for the a good ruby ring for a guy, there are a couple things you need to make sure of before starting your search. 

With places that offer a bunch of different sellers within a marketplace such as Amazon or Ebay, you have to pay attention to the details and descriptions. When you search for rubies, anything remotely "ruby-like" comes up. 

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Some sellers are presenting a "ruby" ring that is actually red cubic zirconia.

So what out for that!

When doing my research, I was brought to a ring that carefully never mentioned the word ruby, but called it was a colored stone.

There's a ring on Amazon I found that reads Stone Color: Star Ruby. A genuine star-ruby is rare and would be WAY more expensive. This is literally telling us it's just a red stone, nothing to do with ruby, so again, watch out.

Check out this video from the GIA comparing a Burmese treated ruby and a star ruby. 

Listings like this are usually very cheap, so keep an eye out especially if you're budget shopping. Many of the cheaper listings also include the gold-plated or sterling silver plated option, so watch for that too.

I'll explain later on my reasons why plated jewelry is not a great idea. 

Also keep in mind that treated rubies and synthetic rubies are different. It is extremely rare to have an untreated natural ruby.

Most natural rubies are heat-treated, but they are still natural. A lot of people think color treated rubies means they are fake, but that is what synthetic rubies are. 

How To Clean Men's Ruby Rings?

Even though rubies have an excellent durability (a 9 on the Moh mineral hardness scale) similar to diamond, the stone still needs to be cleaned and taken care of.

A ruby can be cracked or chipped at a hard impact in just the right spot. This is also more likely to happen in a ring or a bracelet, so keep that in mind. 

A ruby can be cleaned with mild soap and water. Just use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean away impurities. It should be cleaned regularly, as dirt will cloud the stone, especially in everyday use.

Make sure you don't wear it when doing household chores or any activity that it might get damaged. 

If you opt for jewelry cleaner, make sure you are purchasing a cleaner that is right for the metal in your ring. Sterling silver cleaner will strip the polish off, so it'll need to be polished with a cloth afterward.

You shouldn't have to worry about stripping the polish off gold. And if you choose an ultrasonic cleaner, rubies are safe to go in there too. 

Where To Buy Ruby Rings For Men?

When it comes to buying a quality ruby ring for men, I like Amazon, for more affordable options.

You'll find ruby rings in a bunch of different settings such as class rings, signet rings, ruby diamond rings and metals such as yellow-gold, rose-gold, white-gold, and sterling silver. 

Amazon has a variety of different gemstone rings with rubies already set in them, but if you're looking to custom-make your men's ruby ring, you'll want to pick out your rubies. And to find the best rubies, choose none other than our friends at James Allen

They are great prices because they are a direct to consumer retailer of gems like rubies.

Both of these online jewelry stores have a wide library of natural and created loose ruby stones with excellent cuts and a variety of different shapes and carat weights.

They allow a 360 view of each of their loose stones, so you know exactly what you're ordering, right down to the tiniest inclusion.

Also, if you're looking for a ruby engagement ring to match your ruby wedding band, both James Allen and Blue Nile have gorgeous options for matching women's rings. 

Basically, James Allen and Blue Nile are my "go to" sites for gemstones.

14K Rose Gold Wavy Ruby And Diamond Ring

Best Ruby Men's Rings Reviewed

Typically, bezel settings are more expensive than prong or channel settings due to the complicated nature of the metal craftsmanship. 

But with this ring, you get an expensive and good setting for much less. 

I like that this bezel setting still allows the center stone to protrude out the center, giving it more depth.

No products found.

Even though the ring is a simulated ruby, the darker shade of red is just perfect for giving it that rich color, rather than a pinkie red like so many rubies are. Usually when a guy is looking for a red stone ring, they want something along the lines of blood red. 

It's made of 316L stainless surgical steel which is safe for sensitive skin. That extra layer of 18K yellow gold plating also reinforces the hypoallergenic qualities and makes it look luxurious.

The company also offers a two month money back guarantee just in case you aren't thrilled and it comes in a nice jewelry pouch upon arrival. 


  • Hypoallergenic
  • better stone protection
  • Masculine look with signet style
  • 18K real gold plating


  • Simulated ruby can crack
  • Gold plating eventually fades

This is my budget pick for men's ruby rings. Similar to our top pick, this ring is crafted in hypoallergenic surgical stainless steel. 

The gemstone is a simulated ruby, with a red cubic zirconia. Cubic zirconia is a fairly hard stone, so it will have pretty good scratch resistance. 

No products found.

The ring is comfort-fit, so it shouldn't be a problem if you're wearing it every day. You'll love the way the light hits the high polish finish as well as the antiqued look in the medieval detailing. 

It's nice that it's not plated since plating eventually fades. Plus, come on, the price point? This ring has an excellent look for cheap which makes it the best valued ruby ring on our list. 


  • Large stone
  • Antiquing detail
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Red cubic zirconia


  • Short Return Period
  • Not sizable
  • Might be too gaudy for some

For guys looking for a ruby ring that won't break the bank, this is a great option.

With a sterling silver 925 band and its many simulated ruby stone, this ring puts off a casual yet sophisticated vibe.

This gorgeous cherry tree sterling silver ring  might not scream masculinity, but it has one thing that many guys like and that's bling. 

No products found.

The Japanese cherry blossom tree has been a staple in Japanese culture as well as trendy and high fashion styles. 


  • 925 sterling silver band
  • Quality synthetic ruby
  • Blingy
  • Affordable price


  • Sterling silver requires more upkeep
  • Not so masculine

This ruby ring gives us a different look into a style of men's ruby ring. 

I can't help but admire the intricate craftsmanship of this handmade Turkish ring. 

However, this ring will need more upkeep than most pieces of gold jewelry due to all the grooves. 

Dirt will build up in those pockets very quickly, so you'll need to clean it more.

No products found.

It's more expensive than others on our list, but what can you really expect from handmade quality? The stone is massive and masculine, but not too overbearing or tacky looking. You'll feel strong and confident while looking the part with this ring. 


  • Protective Bezel Setting
  • Large simulated ruby
  • Red cubic zirconia
  • Turkish handmade
  • 925 Sterling silver


  • Needs to be clean more often
  • More expensive

This gorgeous men's ring features a large custom-cut simulated ruby stone with two dazzling diamond accent stones on either side. 

Custom cut shapes are cool because people are less likely to have a ring that looks the same as yours. 

No products found.

 I really like the look of this ring, but I can't say I like the price. It has two small natural diamonds in it, but they're not the best quality. 

The diamonds in this piece are of an I3 clarity, which is not the greatest because you're able to see visible inclusions with the naked eye, but they're also small enough to where these inclusions wouldn't be visible anyway.  

I really like the craftsmanship of the ring and the way the ruby is set. If you look at the picture, you can see how the gold juts out a little bit, hugging the ruby on both the top and the bottom. 

But if you're sensitive to metals, I'd be wary of this one because it doesn't state what the base metal is, so it's safe to assume its not hypoallergenic once the gold plating wears off. 


  • Custom cut shape
  • 18K yellow gold plated
  • Setting secures stone


  • non hypoallergenic
  • Lower clarity diamonds
  • Expensive

My Top Pick:  PMTIER Men's Stainless Steel Gold Plated Ring

Lastly, I'd like to remind you once again of my top pick for the best ruby ring for men. I've already explained many different reasons why you should pick this men's ruby band over all the others. So let's recap.

  • 18K real gold plating
  • Hypoallergenic
  • better stone protection
  • Masculine look with signet style

Now, for the downsides:

  • Simulated ruby can crack
  • Gold plating eventually fades
  • For a modest price with a bunch of great features to this ring, I can say with confidence that this is the best men's ruby ring. 

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