Top 5 Best Friend Bracelets For 4: Matched For Each Of You

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While there's not many four-part best friendships in real life, they have been played on various movies and television such as Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and Pretty Little Liars.


It's only fitting that they should create friendship bracelets for 4. Your odds of finding a nice set of friendship bracelets for 4 may be a little slim pickings.

Most people opt to buy just one individual bracelet 4 times. But these can add up costs pretty quickly.

Best Friend Bracelets For 4 Review

In this guide, you will learn the following;

  • What Are Best Friend Bracelets?
  • Are Best Friend Bracelets for 4 Expensive Or Cheap?
  • What Should You Look For In Best Friend Bracelets for 4?
  • How To Clean Best Friend Bracelets?
  • Where To Buy Best Friend Bracelets for 4?
  • And much more!

Thankfully, I've found what I think is the best friendship bracelets for 4. Below is a quick list of all my top products. Keep scrolling to learn more about how to choose and use best friend bracelets for 4 people.

Product Details
1. VNOX Customize Friendship Jewelry-Set

Medical Grade

  • Adjustable
  • Free Engraving
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2. Pinky Promise Bracelets

Wish Ritual

  • Individual Cards
  • Unisex
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3. YOYONY Braided Leather Bracelets

Genuine Leather

  • Alternative Style
  • Inspiring Messages
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4. BBTO Howlite Black Matte Agate Bracelet

Healing Energy

  • 2 Different Styles
  • Versatile
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5. BALIBALI Mini Gemstone Bracelets


  • Healing Energy
  • Handmade
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My Overall #1 Rated Pick

(updated as of 4/8/2020)

VNOX Customize Friendship Bridesmaid Jewelry-Set
  • Free engraving
  • Surgical stainless steel
  • Adjustable

You'll love this gorgeous VNOX rose gold plated bracelet set, perfect for 4 best friends. These bracelets are excellent for all occasions, casual or formal.

They have a thin metal plate which is great for engraving a message, name, or object to signify your friendship.

They are also all made of medical grade stainless steel, which will work well in water and greatly decreases the likelihood of having a metallic allergic reaction. Additionally, each bracelet is adjustable, so it can fit a good range of wrist sizes for all 4 of you.

Best of all, all of these added attractions, and it's not going to run up your credit card. These bracelets are both high quality and affordable, making them the best friend bracelets for 4 on the market today.

Top 5 Best Friend Bracelets for 4

Best Friend Bracelets For 4 Reviewed

I'm impressed by these bracelets, hands down.


Well, remember how I said that best friend bracelets sets are harder to find as they increase in the amount of friends.

Not only does VNOX have a set for 4 best friends forever, but 5 as well. 

The base metal is medical grade stainless steel, so you can be sure it's okay for sensitive skin.

These bracelets are great for friends because you can personalize them. You can get a phrase put on the bar, or the bestie's name. Adding small images such as a heart or star is doable as well.

The sophistication of these bracelets makes them fit into any style, casual or formal. These bracelets are gold plated in rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold.

They are even offered in black. These bracelets are also adjustable, which is great for different wrist size.

Simply unclasp the lobster clasp and hook it to the smaller or larger link. They can't be adjusted any tighter than the last link, so they aren't suitable for children.


  • Choice of color
  • Surgical stainless steel
  • Adjustable
  • Free engraving


  • Not small enough for children

These best friends bracelets from Pipitree feature 4 different colors: 1 black bracelet, 1 blue, and 2 red bracelets.

I'm not sure why the exact color arrangement, but I wish it had been 4 different colors. The string is made out of wax cotton cord and is very adjustable.

I'm actually pretty impressed with the adjustability as it is suitable for 5 in up to 11 inches.

These bracelets are lightly beaded, feature two small silver beads at either end of the adjusters and one right smack in the center. There is a little tree of life on the center flat bead. The tree represents hope.

I like that each one of these comes with their own gift card. So many multi friendship bracelets just arrive as a pack with only one card. 

Not only do they make the perfect gift for you BFFs, these bracelets are also called wish bracelets. You close your eyes and make wish, tying it to either wrist.

It is said by the time it wears out, the wish will have com true. This is a fun little tidbit to tell your friends. 

Lastly, I like that this set is unisex. While men aren't generally known for their sensitivity, there are still friendship bracelet sets guys need to be able to wear. This is one of those sets.


  • Wish ritual
  • Individual cards
  • Unisex


  • Color scheme

I mentioned about the difficulty to find best friend bracelets for men before. This is a choice that'd be suitable for men's style.

This YOYONY leather bracelet set is unisex and works well for the person who loves doing outdoor activities. Each of these has a different inspirational quote on them.

One says "A true friendship is a journey without an end." This is perfect for a bestie who can only be a bestie long distance.

Another says, Side by side or miles apart, friends are always close at heart." This is another for a long distance friend if applicable.

The third says, "A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you."

And the last one, "A true friend is the greatest of all blessings."

I really wish they all were the same. The idea of trying to decide which friend gets what can be a headache.

If they were all the same, it'd be much easier to gift them out so everyone felt the same. But no matter which bracelet they get, each on them embodies the meaning of being a true friend. 

The bracelets are made of high-quality genuine leather. You can't submerge it in water to clean, so it's best to use a damp cloth to wipe away the dirt.

Each bracelet has two snaps for enclosure and it does not adjust a whole lot because of this. You can use either the first metal snap or the second. The metal plate isn't disclosed, so it may be some sort of metal alloy. 

But these bracelets are unlike any other on the list, because of the way it is designed and crafted. These bracelets are great for the partners in crime who don't want anything traditional or dainty. Great for outdoor and artist types alike.


  • Genuine leather
  • Alternative Style
  • Inspirational 
  • Come with velvet pouch


  • Harder to clean
  • Adjusts little

This BBTO Howlite bracelet set contains two popular beads in bracelets, howlite and black agate.

These stones are natural and said to have their own healing properties for the practice of crystal healing.

I love the way howlite has a marble effect on its beads, making them suitable if you're trying to class it up.

The contrast of the white howlite and the black is very eye-catching.

Two of the bracelets are inverted colors, like mainly black agate with one howlite bead in the center. The other 2 pieces are all white howlite with one black agate bead.

While I'm a firm believer that a good BFF bracelet or other jewelry gift idea should be the same among friends, I think this is a suitable way of offering choice. 

Similarly, one set of the two are held together by an elastic string while the other is made of cotton rope. I'm not sure why they do it this way; they should all be the same.

Plus, elastic string can pull on any arm hairs if you're not careful. They are also not adjustable, so if one of you has a large wrist, it could be too tight on the skin. 

Howlite's healing energy is said to help encourage relief with anxiety and stress. 

It assists in broadening the horizons of the mind, opening up new opportunities and allowing yourself to be receptive to wisdom.

We could all be a little wiser don't you think? Black agate is a protection stone. It's said to protect your from negative energies, especially ones that involve a family household. It is a peace-keeping stone.


  • Healing energy
  • 2 different styles
  • Match with anything


  • Not adjustable
  • Elastic can hurt

The BALIBALI bracelet set features small natural stones of varying color. Each of the 4 pieces are a different stone.

Each stone has its own meaning and healing properties. There are two options to choose from a set of four.

The one pictured here contains a bracelet made of snowflake obsidian, black agate, green aventurine, and golden obsidian.

We've already talked about black agate and its healing properties. It's a protective stone to keep you from negativity, especially ones cause by household issues.

Obsidian snowflake also clears negative energy, but it also deals with your own emotions by bringing them to the surface and exposing unhealthy thoughts. Aventurine brings prosperity, and golden obsidian protects your from controlling personalities and uncover hidden talents within you. 

Unlike other beaded bracelets on my list, these beads are much smaller than the average 8 mm you see around. This size is great for the group who doesn't want anything too bulky.

And because they aren't bulky, they are stackable both with each other or with other bracelets. They aren't adjustable at all, but say they fit most. It has been assumed the size is from 6.5 to 7 with a little bit a stretch room

The beads are held together by a stretchy elastic band, which can be quite a nuisance, especially as the wrist size gets tighter.

Thankfully, the beads in these bracelets are set side by side, so the elastic has a less likely chance of pulling up arm hairs.


  • Stackable
  • Healing energy
  • Handmade


  • Elastic
  • No real choice on color combos

What Are Best Friend Bracelets?

Friendship bracelets originated deep from the blood of Central American people. They conceptualized the idea of friendship bracelets today.

I find it interesting that the old fashioned way of using woven string bracelets is still quite popular in the current era. Rope bracelets are perfect for friends who enjoy bohemian, tribal, or earthy bracelets. 

Over the years, friendship bracelets have evolved from different materials. Some are made of volcanic rock, allowing you to put essential oils in it as a diffuser.

Other bracelets are metallic bangles, such as mega-famous stackable bracelet industry giant, Alex and Ani. Their bracelets are sold individually, but they have friendship bracelets as well.

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Other bracelets have been known to be made of wax cord, elastic, chain, leather, stainless steel and other materials. We've come a long way since the beginning of friendship bracelets back in 1970.

Best Friend Bracelets For 4 Facts

Are Best Friend Bracelets Expensive Or Cheap?

Like most pieces of jewelry, there is not a blanket price that is going to cover the cost of friendship bracelets. Increases and decreases in price are going to be based on the materials.

Although, sometimes you'll find stronger materials cheaper than weaker ones. If you come across this, it may be because of natural stones, if they're handmade, or have additional features. 

But for the most part, it's about the material. High quality medical grade stainless steel might be more expensive than elastic.

Still, the most expensive friendship bracelets are going to be made of solid gold or solid sterling silver. Platinum friendship bracelets will be the most expensive.

Still, it's not likely you'll find designated solid gold friendship bracelets online. If you're wanting that, you may be better off going to a professional jeweler to get your solid gold bracelet.

Just be prepared to pay solid gold prices. Functionality may also have an impact when it comes to the cost of buying all types of bracelets.

Adjustable bracelets may cost more because you can easily alter them to fit your size. Where as bracelets made of elastic or simple cord doesn't. 

Charm bracelets are another expensive type of friendship bracelets. Generally the charm bracelet itself isn't all that pricey.

However, many name brands like Alex and Ani or Pandora definitely cost more than some similar brands that don't have a reputation. 

Outside of the brand name, charm bracelets can be expensive because of the charms itself. Charms with precious metals or natural diamonds or birthstones.

Thankfully, charm bracelets are supposed to build over time, not all at once. 

Some friendship bracelets have stones in them. They can use Swarovski crystals, birthstones, cubic zirconia, or even diamonds.

The more precious the stone, the more expensive it'll be.

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What Should You Look For In Best Friend Bracelets?

The first thing you need to look for when searching matching bracelets for you and your three best friends, is to know what your besties like or do. It's important to make every person in your squad feel as if they're not getting left out.

Some may have different tastes or styles. Compromise where you can.

Pick a bracelet set that should look great on anyone and durable enough for your friends to work with. By durable to work with, I mean something suited for their job.

For instance, if you work at a quiet indoor office as a secretary, constantly answering phones and filing papers, you may not want the loud, clanky metal cuff bracelet or even a charm bracelet that makes notice every time you move your wrist. While you may not be able work with everyone, this is still a good criteria to look for. 

Lastly, look for a friendship bracelet that means the most to you and represents your friendship. It's easy to be distracted by practicality, functionality, and appearance.

But the best friendship bracelet doesn't necessarily need to be made of solid gold. It's important that your bracelets means something sentimental to your friendship.

How To Clean Best Friend Bracelets?

The best way to clean best friend bracelets is to use a mild soap with water. If you have stones or grooves, you should use a soft bristled toothbrush to scrub away excess dirt.

You should pat them dry with a towel or paper towel. This works for every type of best friend bracelets, with the exception of genuine pearls. Pearls should never be dipped in liquid. To clean a natural pearl, you should use a damp cloth and spot clean. 

If your friendship bracelets are made of a precious metal such as sterling silver or rose gold, they have different commercial grade cleaners for that. Gold jewelry cleaner can clean any type of gold.

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You'll also use the soft bristled toothbrush to clean off the extra dirt. You can dip it into the cleaner or clean it with the toothbrush. Rinse with water and pat dry.

Sterling silver cleaner is a little different in its chemicals. They are strong, so any polish suddenly becomes stripped and dull-looking.

Because of the acidity, it's not recommended to leave sterling silver sitting in its cleaner. Dip in, dip out, and rinse. Pat dry as well.

Where To Buy Best Friend Bracelets?

I've noticed that best friend bracelets become increasingly difficult to find locally. Not only are they difficult to find for adult best friends, but as the number of friends increase, so does the difficulty. 

I suppose this is because best friend jewelry has always been for kids. But it doesn't have to be.

Thankfully, you've got places like to go to.

Amazon will have the biggest collection for best friend gifts for 4. They carry a bunch of different styles such as charm bracelets, bangle bracelets, and the traditional rope bracelet.

If you're looking for a more bohemian or earthy style, you might have better luck on A word of caution, most things on Etsy will be more expensive as they are usually handmade in detail.

Another place to find bargain friendship bracelets would be But Ebay can get a little confusing for users that have not used it, so the best place to find them is still going to be

While any of these friendship bracelets for 4 would be a great choice to put on your wishlist, there is still one set that just has it all. For me, it's the VNOX Customize Friendship Bridesmaid Jewelry-Set.

There are so many great benefits to this set and a miniscule amount of negativity.

VNOX Friendship Jewelry-Set

Let's recap on why this set is the best friend bracelet for 4 that you should get:

  • Medical grade stainless steel
  • Adjustable
  • Engravable
  • Dainty
  • Gold plated
  • All the same
  • If these bracelets aren't suited for your or your posse, maybe one of the other sets might be better suited to fit your needs. No matter where you are these friendship bracelets can unite you long distance or short distance.

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