Top 5 Best Friend Bracelets for 3 (2023 Review)

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Looking for the best 3-way best friend bracelet?

Perfect, you're in the right place! In this guide you'll learn:

  • What Are Best Friend Bracelets Anyway?
  • Are Best Friend Bracelets Expensive Or Cheap?
  • What Should You Look For In Best Friend Bracelets?
  • How To Clean Best Friend Bracelets If They Get Dirty?
  • Where To Buy?

And much more!

Best Friend Bracelets For 3 Review

Below is my quick list of products incase you're in a hurry. These are my recommend picks for 3-way best friend bracelets. If you want to learn how and why I picked these products, continue reading!

Best Friend Bracelet for 3
  • Adjustable
  • Matching necklaces
  • Free Engraving
  • Adjustable
  • Matching necklaces
  • Free Engraving
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Hamoery Lava Rock Chakra Bracelet Set
  • Diffuser
  • Natural stones
  • Adjustable
  • Diffuser
  • Natural stones
  • Adjustable
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KELITCH Shell Pearl Seed Beads Bracelets
  • Many choices of colors
  • Adjustable
  • Money goes to charity
  • Many choices of colors
  • Adjustable
  • Money goes to charity
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SmartWallStation 3 Sets Adjustable Bracelet
  • Great price
  • Current Trend
  • Stackable
  • Great price
  • Current Trend
  • Stackable
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Tarsus Handmade Evil Eyes Bracelet
  • Symbolic
  • Made trendy by Kim Kardashian
  • Different color for each
  • Symbolic
  • Made trendy by Kim Kardashian
  • Different color for each
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My Overall #1 Rated Pick

Updated On May 26, 2023

This dainty heart bracelet set makes the perfect best friend gift for 3 friends.

The chain bracelet is set in stainless steel and comes in three different colors: Rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold.

The box chain is connected to the triple heart charm in the center. These matching bracelets look and feel expensive, but actually they're not.

You won't believe how inexpensive these bracelets are because they look like genuine luxurious accessories. They go with every outfit, be it casual or formal and match with any other jewelry you might want to wear.

And if you want another gift idea, they have matching pendant necklaces for 3 as well. Why wouldn't you get the whole collection?

Don't want to wear them as bracelets? They're suitable as anklets as well.  

The possibilities are endless with these 3 friendship bracelets and these will make the ideal jewelry gift for your partners in crime.

Top 5 Best Friend Bracelets for 3

Short on time? Check out my list on top 5 options for friend bracelets for 3 people! Keep reading to learn more about each!

  1. Hamoery Lava Rock Chakra Bracelet Set (Best of the Best)
  2. KELITCH Shell Pearl Seed Beads Friendship Bracelets
  3. SmartWallStation 3 Sets Adjustable Bracelet
  4. JETEHO Best Friends Forever Bracelets for 3

What Are Best Friend Bracelets?

Sometime in the 1970s, somebody in the Central America came up with the concept of friendship bracelets.

They started making them out of woven rope and stringing them with beads. You will find many of these styles of BFF bracelets on the market today. 

From what started as a simple rope and beads joined together by friendship, these friendship bracelet began to evolve.

First came the friendship bracelet kits for children. These were also used to make beaded key-chains for your friends too. Slowly, new beads came around, such as ones with cubic zirconia or zircon in it.

Soon, a multitude of different styles of friendship bracelets were available in the market. They've graduated from rope and can be made in precious metals like gold, platinum, or sterling silver.

Often times, you'll find them in stainless steel. Some are even medical grade stainless steel for those who need to wear hypoallergenic materials. 

With friendship bracelets, there's a bunch of different styles to choose from. All you have to do is to choose the friendship bracelet set that gives you and your other two besties, meaning to your bond.

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Are Best Friend Bracelets Expensive Or Cheap?

The cost of your friendship bracelets are going to vary based on materials, mainly. This isn't always the occasion, but if your bracelet is 14K white gold, it'll be expensive.

Stainless steel, rope, or elastic are inexpensive, which is why'll you'll notice a lot of friendship bracelets don't exceed $50 bucks. The brand is going to have an impact on cost as well.

Famous brands such as Alex and Ani, Kate Spade, and Pandora charge more for their brand name than the cost of the bracelets. Charm bracelets that allow you to add on charms may be inexpensive to purchase the base bracelet, but the charms might be more expensive. 

Some friendship bracelets have stones in them.

They can use Swarovski crystals, birthstones, cubic zirconia, or even diamonds. The more precious the stone, the more expensive it'll be.

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What Should You Look For In Best Friend Bracelets ?

If you're looking to buy best friends bracelets for 3, you'll want to assess your besties to decide what might work for everyone.

Consider your jobs, hobbies, and wrist sizes. If one of you has a larger wrist than the standard size 7, it's not going to work for you.

You can either find a bracelet that stretches, ties, or is adjustable.

Bracelets that are just one size are less likely to fit everyone. Most women that come to jewelry stores wear bracelets under the standard size at 6 inches. 

When you consider the hobbies and jobs that you all have, it lets you know what kind of durability you should get.

Yes, you can take the BFF bracelet off if needed, but if you're taking it off majority of the day, what's the point in really having it? 

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Of course, some situations can't be helped. Like, you wouldn't give someone who washes dishes at a restaurant, a bracelet made of rope. It'd be soaked all the time.

In this case, you'd want something waterproof and not bulky.

Medical grade stainless steel would be a great metal. But, you'd have to leave the chunky bangles where they are. A simple chain bracelet with an it with a little heart charm would be perfect. 

Outside the practicality of your friendship bracelets, the last thing you should consider when buying for all three of you is what it means to your friendship on a personal level. Choose the bracelet set that is both great quality and reflects your friendship.

If you guys all went to a concert, get a bracelet that has a music note dangling from it. 

As long as you pick a bracelet set that is going to be durable, practical, and personal for you and your friends, it will be the perfect gift.

Best Friend Bracelets For 3 Facts

How To Clean Best Friend Bracelets?

The way you clean a friendship bracelet is based on what kind of materials it's made of.

If it's waterproof, or water resistant, soap and water are easy and cheap options. In fact, soap and water is the best way to clean most jewelry, with the exception of a few. 

If your bracelets are made of a precious metal like gold, sterling silver, or platinum, they have commercial grade jewelry cleaners.

Sterling silver jewelry cleaning is strong and may strip polish from it. You just need to use a silver jewelry polishing cloth to restore it. Remember, this is for genuine sterling silver bracelets, not silver colored bracelets.

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Where To Buy a 3-Way Best Friend Braclet?

Friendship bracelets are hard to find locally.

Scratch that.

They're almost impossible to find locally. So, you'll have to browse the pages of Google to find your perfect set. 

Instead of googling yourself silly, let me direct you to Amazon. Amazon is going to be the best choice for this type of jewelry.

While you can buy 3 individual singular bracelets from anywhere, Amazon has sellers that specialize in this unique style of jewelry.

If you're looking for a more authentic and higher quality set of friendship bracelets, I'd recommend Etsy.

Keep in mind that Amazon's prices are going to be cheaper for handmade bracelets than Etsy. Don't be surprised to see some expensive sets on Etsy.

Best Friend Bracelets for 3 Friends Reviewed

This bracelet set is really fantastic for a birthday gift, valentine's present, or a just-because present for you and your two BFFs.

One of my favorite aspects of this set is that it can transition through age groups without being too childish.

For instance, say you and your besties loved your pink unicorn charm bangle when you were 10. Now that you're 16, unicorns may not be so cool anymore.

With a heart bracelet, it's perfect for growing up.

The base metal is stainless steel with a colored coating imitating white gold, rose gold or yellow gold. However, unlike real gold, stainless steel can't be soldered in a way that lapidaries (bench jewelers) do traditionally.

So, if this bracelet breaks for a reason, you won't be able to fix it. Thankfully, the company offers a 60 day money-back guarantee.

Should anyone dislike it? But how could they?

They offer you a free initial engraving on the solid heart, allowing you to personalize it even more and making a treasured keepsake.

While not necessarily hypoallergenic, these bracelets also have been good for those who have sensitive skin. Additionally, while most plated or colored metal fades, this bracelet does not.

It is also adjustable, allowing you to use the lobster class to hook into the links. It can fit a small child to an adult.

The bracelet set is not fit for people with larger wrists than the standard 7 inches. Lastly, if you want even more friendship jewelry, they have options for that same personalized heart pendant.


  • Choice of color
  • Adjustable
  • Affordable
  • Matching necklaces 
  • Free Engraving


  • Not for large wrists
  • Thin chain

These bracelets are definitely a set to put on your wishlist as they are both pretty and functional at a fabulous price.

While most bracelets just sit there and look good, each individual bracelet contains natural lava rock, which is a porous stone.

This allows you to use essential oils so the rock absorbs them.

The pretty rainbow rocks in the bracelet stands for the 7 Chakras. They each support a chakra and are a different stone.

The colors are as follows: red agate for the Root Chakra, amber for the Sacral Chakra, tiger's eye, for the Solar Plexus, green king stone for the Heart Chakra, turquoise for the throat, lapis lazuli for the Third Eye Chakra, and amethyst for the Crown chakra

The beads are strung on an elastic band, which is 9.4 inches at its max. The bracelet can adjust down to 6.5 inches.

 7 inches is  considered  average. Problem is, not all people fit the average size. In fact, most people have a smaller wrist than 7 inches.

It's great that it's adjustable, but it should go down smaller instead of so much larger. 


  • Diffuser
  • Natural stones
  • Adjustable
  • Can be men's too


  • Elastic
  • 6.5 minimum length

This is a cute option for matching bracelets for those who love the coastal side of things, or have a bohemian style look to it.

This three piece friendship bracelet comes in a multitude of different color options and combinations, allowing you to have a better chance of picking the color suited for each friend. 

It's worth noting the bead in the center is not a natural pearl, as the title of the item may suggest.

It's actually a Japanese seed bead, which is very commonly used in children's beading projects.

For being the most expensive bracelet set on my list, I just expected a little more in comparison to some of my other options. These bracelets are cute, but I wonder if it's really worth the price.

Get yourself some elastic and some seed beads and it's a DIY project. But, for what it's worth, these bracelets are praised for their durability and quality.

They are handmade and the rope is hand-knotted on each seed bead for quality craftsmanship. The rope also adjusts from 6-9.5 inches, which is a pretty good size range and will fit most. 

Some of them come individually wrapped, while other selections don't. There's no way to tell which do and don't.

However, the ones that do, do not have the gift card pictured. That's a downside because you lose the sentimentality of the set.

But on the bright side, you can give your besties an individually wrapped bracelet as a gift at the same time. When you give someone the set, it kind of feels like you got them a gift for you too. 

Lastly, the purchases of these bracelets go towards charity to support female artists and creators, so you can give a great gift to a struggling artist as well. 


  • Many choices of colors
  • Adjustable
  • Money goes to charity


  • Gift card with only some
  • Not genuine pearl
  • Expensive for simplicity

This bracelet set is very similar to the bracelets of mega-famous bracelet brand, Alex & Ani.

However, Alex and Ani bracelets are twice as expensive as these almost-identical looking charm bangles.

The company also offers different sets of the same charm bangles as well as other bead sets and a love knot bangle collection.

While these bracelets are expandable, they are not adjustable, contrary to their title. In other words, they can stretch to get bigger, but they don't get any smaller than the size they arrive in.

You aren't able to add charms to these bracelets, unless you do some jewelry modification with the proper tools. They're actually meant to be stackable, so they can be worn with other charm bangles or any kind of bracelet really.

These bracelets are definitely closer to the price range that they should be, considering that the metal of the bracelet isn't special.

It is made out of metal alloy, which is a combination of mixed metals. Gold is combined with alloy to create a harder material.

But because it is of mixed metals and it doesn't say explicitly, we're going to say this is not hypoallergenic. It doesn't say nickel-free, but only free of toxic metals. 

Each individual bracelet comes with a round disc charm that has a different friendship quote. I wish they were all the same, just because trying to determine who gets which phrase might be an issue, but let's hope that's just in the case of an adolescent.

Similarly, two of the three bracelets have the same dangly charms: the anchor, the jeweled bar, and the heart charm with a jewel. Then of course, the disc.

But on the last bracelet, only two charms are there. I just don't get why they aren't the same, because now one person is getting one less charm. 

So, while overall a great value for a trendy style, some of the design decisions don't make a whole lot of sense. 


  • Great price
  • Current Trend
  • Stackable


  • Design flaws
  • Not hypoallergenic

Let's start off by explaining what the "Evil Eye" is before you go all crazy on me. There are two types of evil eye symbols, the eye that brings evil and the eye that wards off evil.  

It is said that these bracelets will ward of negativity, evil, give protection, and promote positivity. Sound like everything you'd want for your two best friends. 

The bracelets are simple, but the stylish knotting gives it that extra flair, not to mention you all get different colors too. 


  • Promotes positivity
  • Different colors
  • Trendy design


  • Symbolism not for everyone

Now that you've seen all of my picks for Best Friends Bracelets for 3, I hope you are as clear of the winner as I was. But if not, let's do a recap of why the Best Friend Bracelet for 3 is the #1 overall rated pick: 

  • Choice between colors
  • Adjustable
  • Formal and Casual
  • Matching necklaces
  • Water resistant
  • Stainless steel durability
  • Free initial engraving

These bracelets are perfect for a friendship of 3. There is so much to gain, and so very little drawback. Any of these bracelets sets would be a great option, just make sure to choose the choice that fits your friendship and what it means to you!

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