6 Best Silver Jewelry Cleaners (in 2024)

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    Product Details
    1. Weiman Jewelry Cleaner Liquid

    Strong Solution

    • Easy To Use
    • 2 Extra Brushes
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    2. Brilliant 8 Oz Silver Jewelry Cleaner

    Cleans Most Types

    • Fast Acting
    • In-Built Basket
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    3. Wright’s Silver Cream


    • Cleans Gently
    • With Cleaning Cloth
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    4. Magnasonic Jewelry Cleaner

    Ultrasonic Tech

    • Digital Display
    • 20 Ounces
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    5. Connoisseurs Silver Polishing Cloth

    Travel Friendly

    • Dry Application
    • Extra Soft Cloth
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    6. Simple Shine Silver Cleaning Kit

    Complete Kit

    • Odorless
    • Made In USA
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    Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

    (updated as of 10/28/2020)

    Weiman Jewelry Cleaner Liquid
    • Strong cleaning solution 
    • Easy to use 
    • 2 extra brushes

    Out of all of the Best Silver Jewelry Cleaners, Weiman Jewelry Cleaner Liquid was my favorite.


    Nothing beats a silver solution that cleans both efficiently and faster. Weiman has come up with an awesome solution and props up to the solution’s formula. It really works! And with thousands of positive reviews on Amazon, I’d say the jewelry cleaner is worth giving a try.

    From tarnish to gunk, or even grime, Weiman silver cleaner will sort out all your jewelry worries. Just take your piece, dip in the solution, let it sit for a couple of minutes, and voila! 

    As you clean your silver, make sure you rinse with warm water and gently wipe with a silver cleaning cloth, paper towels, or a microfiber cloth if you can get one. I’ve read so many reviews recommending the seller. You can also use the brush that comes with it to reach crevices and tiny groves in engraved silver necklaces or engagement rings.  

    Top 6 Best Best Silver Jewelry Cleaner

    Best Jewelry Cleaner Reviewed

    Wieman’s liquid jewelry cleaner is by far the most effective and simple to use the product for your jewelry.

    It uses a mix of both ammonia, chelating agents, and surfactants to bring out a clean look and amazing brilliance.

    We know ammonia has been used in cleaning diamonds for quite some time now and it is no brainer that Weiman added it to their reagents. 

    Though the cleaner is great for silver, it also cleans other precious metals like gold and platinum. It can as well be used in gemstones but porous gems like pearls are not recommended. 

    It is incredibly easy to use and you only need to soak your piece for a few minutes. Once you remove the jewelry, you can brush off debris with the one given in this purchase. Rinse and dry your piece for a sparkling piece. 


    • Effective ammonia formula
    • Comes with an extra brush
    • Versatile applications in antique silver, gold, and other precious metals


    • Pungent ammonia fumes 

    If you have silver jewelry with tough debris and grime build-ups, I’d recommend using Brilliant silver jewelry cleaner.

    It is perfectly made for silver and silver-plated jewelry with effective solutions to untarnish your piece.

    If you have slightly tarnished pieces of silver ring or necklace, just dip in the solution for a few moments and it will do the trick.  

    Once you’ve removed the piece, use a soft toothbrush to clean the jewelry, and then rinse off with warm water. Heavily tarnished jewelry may need to stay in the cleaning solution for longer periods.

    This product is definitely helpful for your jewelry solutions and that’s why over 1000 customers on Amazon have given it a five-star rating. 


    • Works fast
    • Can untarnish silver-plated jewelry
    • Comes with an inside container for holding jewelry


    • Not suitable on pearls 

    Wright’s Family has a solid reputation of selling amazing cleaning products from cooktop cleaners, to copper creams, and now silver cream cleaners.

    With a non-scratch formula, the cleaner removes tarnishing and polishes silver in no time.

    The cream also leaves a top silver tarnish coating that delays tarnish and keeps the silver jewelry shining for longer. 

    For those with a sensitive sense of smell, you’d be pleased to know this cream has an ammonia-free combination that’s safe for all types of silver. The cream is gentle on silver and does not overpolish the pieces.

    Just use a soft cloth to wipe the cream across all surfaces on the jewelry you want to polish.


    • Ammonia-free cream
    • Easy to apply the cream
    • Also works for gems but with a lot of care


    • Takes a long time to polish 

    A simple and fast way to remove tarnish from your jewelry is by using an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner.

    It is an effective method as you only need water to do the trick.

    The Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner produces 42,000 Hz of sound waves that are enough to agitate the water. 

    The vibrations help remove grime, soap, and all the dirt from your jewelry. The ultrasonic cleaner is techy and has amazing features such as multiple cleaning modes and a 90-second to the 8-minute cleaning cycle.

    Though the ultrasonic cleaner is great for silver, it can as well be applied to other jewelry types. You can even add dish soap for a deeper clean. 


    • Produces 42,000 Hz of sound waves
    • Easy to use
    • LCD Display
    • Cleans using only water


    • Not suitable for gems and porous stones

    Leave alone all the cleaning solutions and chemicals that you’re not even sure will react to your jewelry. There’s an easier way to clean your jewelry with minimal effort- The Connoisseur Silver Polishing Cloth Cleaner.

    It is simple to use cloth and can be used solely without adding any liquids, soap, or cleaning solutions. 

    This convenient cleaning system can be used on the go and saves you the time when you need a quick buffing rather than a deep clean. The wipes use an anti-wet formula that makes cleaning completely dry.

    You don’t have to soak the cloth or deal with soggy wipes as with normal wet wipes. It’s a great little feature as it makes dealing with jewelry with precious stones easier and no liquid spreads to unwanted parts.


    • Polish makes an anti-tarnish barrier
    • Simple 2-step process
    • Used dry


    • Cloth is not reusable 

    Finally, we have the Simple Shine Silver Jewelry Cleaning Kit. The set contains an amazing cleaning solution and a travel-sized polishing cloth for quicker buffing.

    First off, the solution has an effective cleaning formula which has a lasting effect. 

    It’s also able to remove oxidized silver jewelry and restore the shiny luster of 925 sterling silver jewelry.

    With an all-organic formula free from harmful substances, the cleaner solution adds value to a green environment. There’s an extra cleaning brush to clean up those places that are hard to reach. 

    It is also good to note that Simple Shine’s cleaning solution is not as corrosive and can be used to clean delicate stones like opal, pearls, emerald, and onyx. It washes away dirt and the extra cloth makes sure you don’t leave any residue inside. 


    • All-inclusive cleaning kit
    • No additives or toxins
    • Does not corrode delicate gems pieces


    • The gentle solution makes removing tough dirt time-consuming 

    What Are Silver Jewelry Cleaners?

    A silver jewelry cleaner is what keeps your silver looking fresh and shiny. Silver, like most jewelry, may lose their initial sparkling once you start wearing them.

    They become dull, cloudy, and sometimes tarnished as a result of contact with corrosive liquids and everyday products like hair products, lotion, and oils from the skin. 

    A silver jewelry cleaner removes all these dirt and helps restore your silver jewelry, leaving a shiny-looking piece. These products deliver the same quality and save you the hassle of visiting a professional jewelry cleaner. 

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    Are Silver Jewelry Cleaners Expensive Or Cheap?

    Silver cleaners are barely expensive and come in small packs containers usually under 10 oz. If you have a few pieces in your pure silver collection, one container should be enough to maintain your silver jewelry.

    However, advanced jewelry cleaners can be pricey. Ultrasonic silver removers, for instance, are not cheap and can easily reach three figures in some instances. 

    But generally, the prices of silver jewelry cleaners are within reach. Just make sure you chose the best to avoid the hassle of trial and error, which can turn costly. 

    What Should You Look For In The Best Silver Jewelry Cleaner?

    As you go shopping for jewelry cleaners, you should make sure you know as much as possible about your piece of jewelry. Consider the following questions as a guide. 

    • Is your jewelry antique or heirloom? 

    • How often do you wear the piece? 

    • Is it sterling silver or plated jewelry?

    • Any gems or precious stones in the silver jewelry? 

    Knowing everything about your jewelry gives you an edge for what you’re looking for as it saves both time and money. As per the silver jewelry cleaner, the following should be considered.

    Mode of Cleaning

    Jewelry cleaners use different techniques to clean silver. Most are ultrasonic, which means they use sonic vibrations in water to agitate your piece and slowly remove grime and grit. Steam is also an effective method used in some jewelry cleaners. It is efficient and produces results faster. 

    Other silver cleaners will use different combinations of liquids that react with dirty solids except for the silver itself. The silver dips are very effective and you can untarnish several pieces of jewelry in minutes.

    However, you should be wary of a few drawbacks with silver dips. For instance, if you have silver plated jewelry, the chemicals can remove the coating Since the silver dip works uniformly, it can be counter-effective for antique jewelry with aged texture and patina. 

    There are manual cleaners that require a combination of your effort to remove dirt from the silver. For instance, silver polishes and wipes are convenient for pieces requiring specific areas of cleaning or those with soft gems like topaz.

    But just like cleaning solutions, you need to keep an eye on your jewelry. Silver wipes and polishes should never be used on soft gems and in case your stone gets exposed, rinse immediately.

    Please note that most cleaning methods are highly corrosive and will not be ideal for silver-plated jewelry.

    did you know best silver jewelry cleaner fact

    Size of Cleaning Tank 

    Knowing the size of your cleaning tank is important because it determines the amount of jewelry you can clean at a go. If you have a wide collection, then you should opt for larger tank capacity.

    The size is important because it will accommodate most pieces in your jewelry box without having to go several rounds if you own a lot of silver pieces. 

    Cleaning Solution 

    Some silver jewelry requires a cleaning solution that’s not too harsh or vice versa. Jewelry cleaners come in different cleaning solutions and it is best to choose the kind of solutions based on your jewelry type.

    A 925 sterling silver piece with engravings might need stronger cleaning solutions to reach the groves or hidden pieces. But if you want to clean your silver with a solution that’s not too harsh, then go for all-natural cleaning solutions. 

    If you don’t find the right cleaning solution, perhaps it’s time to go to a DIY method- homemade silver cleaner. Home jewelry cleaners are great and I don’t have anything against them but you need to know the best combinations to make a cleaning solution.

    The most common ingredients to use are ammonia, toothpaste (yeah, it works!) white vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda in aluminum foil, etc. You can also use hot water in some instances but it will all depend on your jewelry. You can’t just dip a silver-plated piece in a mix of ammonia and boiling water and expect no chemical reaction of some sort. 

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    You need to know who’s on top of their game in terms of silver cleaning. With the outburst of online jewelers, there’s a growing number of fake and subpar sellers.

    The best way to separate this group is to look for brands that have shown prowess in the jewelry cleaning niche. To be on the safe side, here are the most sought after brands: 

    These brands have formulated cleaning products that are not only great for silver, but also other precious metals such as platinum, white gold jewelry, and sometimes stainless steel. Some even have liquid solutions for delicate gems like opals. They are driven by traditional values focusing on customer satisfaction and quick delivery. 

    Best Silver Jewelry Cleaner Reviewed

    Our Top Pick: Best Silver Jewelry Cleaner

    After all the hassle and intensive review of the best silver jewelry cleaners, I’ll still stick to the Weiman Jewelry Cleaner Liquid.

    The cleaner is great on hard-to-remove tarnish and an excellent pick if you want to revitalize that antique silver heirloom.

    Weiman Jewelry Cleaner Liquid

    Its quick formula will ensure your piece looks good as new in a matter of minutes.

    Wondering what the quick formula is?

    Simple! A mix of ammonia, ch-elating agents, and surfactants that are specifically made to remove grime and dirt from a jewelry. 

    Sealed in a decent container, Weiman Jewelry Cleaner is easy to use and the in-built tray makes cleaning silver jewelry a breeze. Despite being a bit harsh on softer gems, it’s still a favorite pick as we’re mainly focused on cleaners that will work on silver jewelry.

    Of course, it would be nice if the cleaning solution would be gentle on gemstones, but then Weiman would have to compromise on the strength of the cleaning silver solution. Overall, this is a silver cleaner I’d definitely recommend to anyone having a problem restoring your silver’s crisp look. 

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