Best Wedding Rings for Nurses: Top 5 Picks in 2023

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Even though it's been a crazy couple years for the medical field, we all can agree that medical professionals are one of the most important professions in our world.

Hats off! 

They work long, hard grueling hours and put themselves in the risk of disease in order to help people. 

best place to buy wedding rings for nurses

But a smaller sacrifice nurses make is the inability to wear traditional engagement rings or wedding bands. Many have thrown out metal bands and resorted to wearing medical grade silicone wedding bands in fear of losing diamonds.

In this guide, you'll find the best wedding bands for nurses that allow you to sparkle and continue saving lives. 

Product Details    
1. Channel Set Princess Cut Diamond Ring

Flush Profile

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Platinum Metal
  • Bezel Setting
  • Perfect For Gloves
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2. MauliJewels Womens Wedding Ring

Set in 10K Gold

  • 2 Diamond Stones
  • Marquise Setting
  • Not Hypoallergenic
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3. PANDORA Timeless Elegance Ring

14K Gold Plated

  • Resizable
  • Low Setting
  • Mixed Metals
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4. 14K White Gold Flush Fit Pave Wedding Ring

14K White Gold

  • High Grade Diamonds
  • 23 Stones
  • Pricey
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5. Channel-Set Princess Cut Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Classic Design

  • Natural Sapphire
  • 18K Gold
  • Secure Channel
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Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

(updated as of 3/6/2022)

Channel Set Princess Cut Diamond Ring
  • Strong platinum metal
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Diamonds set down into channel
  • Flush profile for gloves

As a nurse, you'll love the protective bezel setting in this beautiful platinum diamond wedding band. Nothing sticks out in this channel set band, making it perfect in and out of all latex gloves in and out of the office or hospital.

The band is made of platinum, which is a stronger metal than gold or sterling silver. The princess cut diamonds are both natural and genuine set into the channel, giving it some extra protect. 

This ring will look fantastic by itself or with another without looking thin or incomplete. You'll love that this ring is a lower setting and you don't have to worry about a snag in your line of work. 

5 Best Wedding Rings for Nurses

Reviews of the Best Wedding Rings for Nurses

This gorgeous wedding band is channel-set with princess cut diamonds from Blue Nile

Channel-set princess cut diamonds are a much better setting than channel set round diamonds for the purposes of keeping tight and secure.

Spaces leave room for diamonds to knock loose, which is a reason a lot of channel set round cut diamonds become loose. 

The diamonds are set in platinum, which is the strongest and most durable of precious metals. It can be sized and altered, but it can be pricey. Platinum jewelry is high quality, but also the most expensive of the precious metals.

The total diamond weight of this beautiful wedding band is a 1/2 carat, but you do have the option to purchase a full 1 carat tdw for a higher price. 


  • Protective channel set stones
  • Strong Platinum
  • 1/2 carat or 1 carat option


  • Expensive to buy and have work done

For my the best of the best, we have a fairly inexpensive ring. But inexpensive doesn't necessarily mean bad quality.

This wedding ring would be excellent for nurses who want to wear gold, but are worried about the softness of the metal.

It is set in 10K yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold. 

10K gold contains more metal alloy than gold, making it strong and less costly.

But in order to keep cost down, instead of a diamond filling up the entire marquise shape of the setting, there are two diamonds that fill the space.

If you have a traditional diamond engagement ring you can't wear to work, this band will look great both on its own or accompanying your engagement ring. The main thing about 10K jewelry is that it may cause a reaction from the amount of alloy in it. 


  • 10K is stronger

  • Choice of gold


  • Not hypoallergenic

This wedding ring is perfect for the nurse who really loves the idea of an engagement ring and doesn't want a band.

Very popular brand Pandora offers this low-profile 14kt rose gold plated engagement ring. The rose gold is plated over a mixture of copper and sterling silver.

The center diamond of this ring is made of cubic zirconia. Cubic zirconia is not a diamond or lab-created diamond, but known as a diamond simulant.

Because it's rose gold plated silver, it is still sizable. 

Many plated rings are a precious metal over something like brass, titanium, or stainless steel, which makes jewelers unable to size these types of diamond rings.

The low setting of this ring makes it easy to move around the hospital without knocking a center stone loose. And with the center stone surrounded by a cushion halo, you can be assured that your ring is safe and secure as you move about your office. 


  • Low setting
  • 14K rose gold plated silver
  • Reputable brand


  • Not real diamonds
  • No warranty

Here we have a very versatile diamond band from our friends at

The is a French pave diamond band set in 14K white gold. It features 23 round natural diamonds.

The diamond color grade is G-H and the clarity is S1I-VS2. Most jewelry stores have I1-I3 pave diamonds, but will charge you the same price.

Some might think this wedding band too plain, but it can be used in many different ways. The flush fit shape of this ring makes it perfect for "hugging" another seamlessly.

Pave diamonds are also good because they are so small, they shouldn't catch too much dirt. However, the tiny prongs might make those diamonds easier to knock out. 


  • Pairs well with other rings
  • Keep debris out
  • High quality diamond grade


  • Expensive
  • Pave diamonds more likely to fall out

This princess cut channel set diamond and blue sapphire band is great for the nurse who appreciates something different, but classic.

As a nurse, you can be sure that your diamonds and sapphires shouldn't be knocked loose easily as they are fit so tightly.

Sapphire is a mineral called corundum and is a 9 on the Moh scale of hardness. 

This scale determines the durability of all gems and minerals. 

The diamond is the hardest material on earth at a 10, so you can be sure these sapphires are durable. They have been heat-treated to give better color. Blue Nile offers this color-popping wedding band in a wide range of sizes and is also available in 18K, but it might be too soft for work.


  • Secure channel
  • Natural Sapphire gemstones
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Cons

  • Expensive
  • Different shades of blue than picture
  • What is the Best Ring for Nurses?

    Wedding rings suitable for nurses are not a category when going ring shopping online or at a brick-and-mortar store like Gordon Jewelers or Huntington Jewelers. Nurses should look at the style of the wedding ring because there are only specific styles that can work for the hard work nurses do for our world. 

    Sure, you could pick any style and just wear it when you're off work, but let's get real. The hours on the job are long, hard, and take up most of your free time, I'm betting. After spending a good amount of money on an wedding ring, you should at least be able to wear it majority of the day, even if it is behind latex gloves.

    buying gold jewelry online facts

    Are Wedding Rings for Nurses Expensive or Cheap?

    The price of a wedding ring suitable for a nurse is going to vary based on a number of factors. The first factor will most likely be the metal of your wedding band. 

    Platinum will be the most expensive material for a wedding ring for a nurse. After platinum, gold will be the next expensive one. The higher karat weight of gold, the more expensive it will be. Sterling silver would be the least expensive of the standard precious metals. 

    Alternative metals such as titanium, tungsten, and stainless steel are generally cheaper than any of the precious metals, unless they are a popular brand such as Triton. Silicone rings are the cheapest wedding rings for a nurse. 

    What Should You Look For in the Best Wedding Bands for Nurses?

    The best wedding bands for a nurse is going to be one of practicality.   The high cathedral set solitaire engagement rings wouldn't be that choice. You might consider a wedding band instead. It's a common misconception that you have to only wear a silicone or plain metal band.

    That's taking it a little too far. 

    But no, you can still wear a ring with diamonds or gemstones in it, just make sure handwashing is okay with that gemstone. 

    The setting of a piece of jewelry is a big factor in making it suitable for someone in the medical field. Bezel set rings are the most protective setting for diamonds and gemstones, although the metal work costs more than the average setting. And despite their popularity, eternity bands are not a great choice for everyday wear.

    They can't be sized and the bottom diamonds are likely to fall out from being knocked around all day. This is why most wedding bands have diamonds that go down 1/2-3/4 down the band.

    Read our Wedding Band Settings Guide here.

    How to Clean Wedding Rings

    Most wedding rings can be cleaned with a mild dish soap and water. There are some gemstones, like a doublet or triplet opal, that can't be submerged in water.

    With those gems, you would just dip a soft bristled toothbrush into a mixture of soap and water and gently brush away the dirt. Rinse it, and pat dry with a soft cloth or paper towel. 

    When it comes to cleaning silver jewelry, your ring should not be submerged either, but can be cleaned the same way as the doublet opal. Moisture is what causes sterling silver to tarnish, so it needs to be dried immediately after rinsing. 

    Where to Buy Wedding Rings for Nurses

    If you are looking for high quality bands with a lifetime warranty from a name you can trust, our good friends James Allen and Blue Nile are going to be your premiere source in online diamonds.

    Shopping at one of our trusted engagement ring retailers online allows you to get bigger bang for your buck than you would walking to the Jared store in your neighborhood. 

    But if you are look for good quality with an inexpensive price, we recommend Amazon. While many other jewelry stores have a limited selection, Amazon almost has too much to show you. The possibilities are endless and Amazon and generally the most affordable too.

    My Top Pick: Blue Nile

    At the end of the day, I still think this channel set princess cut diamond ring from Blue Nile is the best choice wedding ring for a nurse. 


    Channel Set Princess Cut Diamond Ring

    The channel set diamonds are set into a grove protecting it from surface issues. The band metal is thick enough that it's less likely to become damaged like a dainty setting. 

    For enforced durability, the wedding ring is made out of platinum, the strongest of the popular jewelry metals. Lastly, the low profile of this wedding ring will make it ideal for nurses using their hands throughout the day. 

    Click to shop this or Blue Nile's other wedding rings suitable for nurses.

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