Top 5 Best Aquamarine Engagement Rings (2023 Review)

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Searching for the best aquamarine engagement ring, but don’t know where to start?  

Need guidance on how to balance beauty and money value without compromising on quality? 

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This Learning Jewelry guide covers everything you need to know when shopping for aquamarine engagement rings, including:

aquamarine engagement ring review
  • What are aquamarine rings?
  • What to look for in the best aquamarine rings?
  • How much do aquamarine engagement rings cost?
  • How to care for your aquamarine ring
  • Plus our top 5 best aquamarine engagement rings reviewed!

Whether you’re looking for product recommendations or just want to know a bit more about aquamarine rings, we've got you covered!  

Top 5 Best Aquamarine Engagement Rings

Short on time? Here's the quick list of our top 5 picks for aquamarine engagement rings. Check them out now, or keep reading for a more detailed review!

Product Details
1. FJC Oval Cut Aquamarine & White Topaz

Value For Moneyf

  • Oval Center Stone
  • 8X6mm Aquamarine
  • 6 Pave Side Stones
  • 10K White Gold
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2. Aquamarine & Diamond Floating Halo Ring

Unique Design

  • .95 Carat Aquamarine
  • Diamond Studded
  • Floating Dia. Halo
  • 14K White Gold
  • Emerald Cut
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3. Pear Cut Aquamarine - Set In Rose Gold

Solitaire Style

  • 7x5mm Aquamarine
  • Round Side Stones
  • Pave & Halo Dia.
  • 10K Rose Gold
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4. Cushion Cut Aquamarine & White Topaz

Simply Sparkling

  • Cushion Cut
  • White Topaz Sides
  • .8 Carat Aquamarine
  • 10K White Gold
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5. Marquise Cut Aquamarine & White Topaz

Show Stopper

  • Natural Aquamarine
  • White Topaz Studded
  • Slender Band
  • 10K Rose Gold
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Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

(updated as of 3/27/2020)

FJC Oval Cut Aquamarine and White Topaz Engagement Ring in 10K White Gold
  • Oval cut aquamarine center stone
  • 6 white topaz side stones
  • 10K white gold craftsmanship
  • Ships in a navy blue ring box

Our top pick for the best aquamarine engagement ring went to this gorgeous design in 10K white gold.   

The ring is adorned with an oval cut, pale blue aquamarine center stone framed by 6 white topaz stones.

Crafted from 10K white gold, the band has elegantly tapered shoulders and a high-luster finish that looks beautiful on the finger.  

Best Aquamarine Engagement Rings Reviewed

The first pick on our list is this stunning aquamarine gemstone ring in 10K white gold.

At 8mm x 6mm, the oval cut aquamarine center stone offers decent table surface area and a lovely, pure blue color.

While pale, the color depth of this stone is intensified by the cut, so you’re still getting excellent value for your money. 

The design is accentuated with 6 white topaz stones set on the 10K white gold band. The delicate profile features tapered shoulders that emphasize the size of the center stone, adding an interesting touch to the design.


  • 8mm x 6mm oval cut aquamarine center stone
  • 6 white topaz pave set side stones
  • 10K white gold craftsmanship


  • Synthetically produced aquamarine

If you’re looking for the best of the best pick, this aquamarine ring won’t disappoint.

The unique floating halo design features an emerald cut .95-carat aquamarine gemstone surrounded by diamonds.

The 14K white gold band is also studded with diamonds for extra sparkle.

The quality of the gold craftsmanship is better for this ring compared to our best value pick. At 14K white gold, the band is ideal if any allergies are present and is more durable that 10K gold. 

This ring is more on the pricey side, but the glamour and craftsmanship is sure to impress her.  


  • .95-carat emerald cut aquamarine stone
  • Floating diamond halo design
  • Diamond studded pave band 
  • 14K white gold


  • Not the cheapest option 

This aquamarine engagement ring and wedding band set offers excellent value for the price. 

The intricate ring features a sparkling 7mm x 5mm pear cut aquamarine gem in a three-prong solitaire setting.

The small round cut diamonds on the thin band are an exquisite addition to the elegant design.

The matching wedding band is decorated with pave-set diamonds with I-J color and I2-I3 clarity. While the diamond quality might not be the best you can get, the small size of the stones means that any defects aren’t visible to the naked eye.   

We love the simple yet intricate design of this engagement ring and band set, which offers excellent value without compromising on beauty. 


  • 7mm x 5mm pear cut aquamarine center stone
  • Round cut diamond side stones set pave (I-J color, I2-I3 clarity)
  • Solid 10K rose gold craftsmanship


  • The bluish shade of the aquamarine is the result of heat treatment
  • Not the best diamond quality

This aquamarine ring features an aquamarine and white topaz design that instantly catches the eye.

We especially love the pairing of the cushion cut .8-carat aquamarine center stone paired with 4 cushion cut white topaz stones.

The overall effect is simple, yet full of sparkle and a hint of that lovely blue color. 

Crafted from 10K white gold, it has all the right qualities to make your proposal unforgettable. 


  • Cushion aquamarine center stone
  • 4 cushion cut white topaz side stones
  • Crafted from 10K white gold
  • Affordable price


  • 10K white gold is not as high quality
  • White topaz and aquamarine are heat-treated

A truly romantic design, this aquamarine and white topaz ring is sculpted from 10K rose gold and set with a natural, non-heat-treated marquise cut aquamarine.

The white topaz stones surround the aquamarine for even more sparkle. 

The slender rose gold band contrasts well with the blue of the center stone, making this ring a real showstopper. An ideal choice for an engagement ring, promise ring, or anniversary gift. 


  • Marquise cut aquamarine gemstone
  • White topaz stones encircle the aquamarine center stone
  • Natural aquamarine
  • 10K rose gold band creates an interesting contrast with the blue hue of the aquamarine


  • 10K rose gold contains less gold than 14K or 18K

What Are Aquamarine Engagement Rings?

Aquamarine engagement rings are birthstone rings set with one or more aquamarine gemstones.

Many rings feature a four-prong solitaire setting.


You will also find aquamarine rings embellished with additional gems, such as diamonds. 

Like morganite, aquamarine is a variety of the beryl mineral. It's also the March birthstone. Generally, aquamarine gemstones are a green-blue color. Some specimens are enhanced through heat treatment to diminish the greenish hue. 

james allen birthstone ring

Aquamarine carries rich cultural meanings and an even richer history.

In addition to being the March birthstone, it was thought to protect sailors from dangers at sea and enhance happiness in love and marriage.

Are Aquamarine Engagement Rings Expensive?

You can expect to pay much less for an aquamarine engagement ring compared to diamond rings or even other gemstone jewelry like emerald, ruby, or sapphire engagement rings.  

The cost of an aquamarine ring depends on three important factors: the value of the aquamarine center stone, the presence of additional gemstones in the design, and the craftsmanship quality of the ring.  

Let’s start with the aquamarine value...

While the quality of the stone is evaluated based on a combination of the 4 Cs, only 2 of them make a significant difference to its value: clarity and color.   

First, the clarity of the gemstone. Like most beryl varieties, aquamarine can have long, hollow tubes with transparent and metallic inclusions. Some specimens have irregularly shaped liquid droplets known as “snow-stars”. Most cut gems are eye-clean and large specimens typically have no inclusions or blemishes visible to the naked eye.

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Second, the color of the gemstone — specifically, the depth and purity of the color. Because natural aquamarine is usually greenish-blue in color, many jewelers choose to heat-treat specimens to diminish green tints. 

Top Best Aquamarine Rings Review

Stones with a naturally bluish color are more prized and will increase the cost of the ring, sometimes quite significantly. 

As mentioned before, the cut does not affect the value as much as the clarity or color. You can find aquamarine engagement rings in emerald cut, princess cut, oval, marquise, and many more. 

Let’s move on to additional gemstones in the ring design. As discussed before, you can find many aquamarine engagement rings with pave-set side stones. You can also opt for a halo ring where the side stones surround the center gemstone.

These can be diamonds or other less valuable gems, such as opal, white topaz and cubic zirconia.  

It goes without saying that the higher the value of the side stones, the more expensive the aquamarine ring. For example, a ring with 10 cubic zirconia side stones will likely be considerably cheaper compared to a ring with 1-2 diamond side stones.  

Finally, let’s discuss the craftsmanship quality of the ring. You will find designs crafted from white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold including 10K, 14K and even 18K, as well as .925 sterling silver.

Because of the relatively lower value of aquamarine, it’s unlikely to find platinum engagement rings featuring this stone.

What Should You Look for In The Best Aquamarine Engagement Rings?

Now that you know a bit more about aquamarine gemstone engagement rings, it’s time to discuss the best qualities you should be looking for in one.  

Before you start thinking about whether you’d like a solitaire, pave, or halo engagement ring, you should carefully consider the center stone and specifically the amethyst quality.

As we’ve already mentioned, not all aquamarines are equal. The most important characteristic of an aquamarine gem is the depth and purity of its color.

A pale greenish-blue color usually indicates a lower quality specimen, but because of their availability, they tend to be quite popular among jewelers. 

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Similarly, because of their scarcity, specimens with particularly strong greenish hues are generally heat-treated to achieve a more desirable color. This offers a bargain opportunity as well, because heat-treated aquamarines are cheaper compared to natural specimens with a similar color.  

If you can afford a ring with a blue natural aquamarine center stone, that’s great. If not, pick a heat-treated one instead, or choose a gem with a paler color as it will be significantly cheaper.

Another important aspect to consider is the size of the center stone. 

Unlike diamond jewelry, aquamarines are readily available in larger sizes, so you can pick a ring with a stone larger than 1-2 carats at a decent price.

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We recommend an aquamarine center stone that weighs a minimum of 1 carat. This will give you a reasonable table surface area at a relatively low price point.  

Next on the list is the craftsmanship quality of your aquamarine engagement ring. Gold craftsmanship offers the best balance between style and value. However, you should look for rings made from 14K rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold, as they contain 58% pure gold and offer excellent durability.

If a 14K gold ring is a bit out of your budget, you can always go for a lower gold percentage, such as 10K (41.7% pure gold).  

Another good metal option is sterling silver, which is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. It’s a good idea to look for aquamarine sterling silver rings with a rhodium plating, as this will enhance the durability of the silver.  

If you’re looking for a ring with side stones, you have a few different options. Diamond side stones are the most desirable, but you can have white topaz and opal side stones, too.

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The type of side stones you choose will depend on your budget. Aquamarine accented with diamond rings will cost more, so they might not be the best choice if your budget is tight.

How To Clean Your Aquamarine Engagement Ring?

Caring for your aquamarine engagement ring is an important responsibility you shouldn’t overlook. You obviously want to keep your ring in the best possible shape, and cleaning it regularly will help ensure both the stone and band will stay nice and shiny.  

Warm soapy water is a safe cleaning method for aquamarines and most metals as well (including yellow gold, white gold, and sterling silver). It is especially recommended for fracture-filled specimens or those with liquid inclusions.  

To clean your ring, mix a few drops of mild dish soap with warm water and soak your ring in this mixture for about 10-15 minutes. Don’t let it soak for too long or you might damage the craftsmanship of the ring, especially if it has any plating.  

After 10-15 minutes, take a soft toothbrush and gently brush away any dirt or grime accumulated on the stone or ring. Pay special attention to the areas around and under the center stone.

If the aquamarine is still cloudy or you notice any grime left on the band or setting, repeat the process until the ring is clean.  

At the end, shake it to remove the excess water and dry it using a blow-dryer on the lowest heat setting. Don’t let the ring air-dry, as this can cause the excess water to dry in patches, leaving visible marks on the stone and band.  

Generally, we recommend cleaning your ring at least once every 2-3 months. 

You can clean it more often if needed, but remember that excessive cleaning can cause damage to the aquamarine stone and band in the long term.

Where To Buy Aquamarine Engagement Rings?

OK, so you’re ready to start shopping for the best aquamarine engagement ring. Now what?  

Truth be told, the retailer you choose to shop with can make or break your experience. If you’re looking for the finest aquamarine rings at decent price points, we recommend shopping with James Allen.

They offer not only an extensive range of rings to choose from, but also 20+ years of experience in the jewelry industry and all the advantages of shopping with a reputable jeweler.  

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If you’re trying to get the best value for your money, then Amazon might be a better place to shop. With hundreds of aquamarine engagement rings available at all prices, you’re spoiled for choice.

You’re also more likely to find special offers on many products, so you can get the ring of your choice at an even better price.

Our Top Pick

Whether you’re looking for an engagement or promise ring, this aquamarine design is our top pick. The center stone offers a relatively deep and intense blue color and decent table surface area.

Paired with the tapered 10K white gold band, it makes a gorgeous gift she’ll cherish forever. 

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