5 Best Amethyst Engagement Rings Plus Pros & Cons (2023)

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Looking for amethyst engagement rings, but don’t know where to start?

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This Learning Jewelry guide is your number-one resource for FAQs about buying amethyst rings.  

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amethyst engagement ring review
  • What are amethyst rings?
  • How do you clean your amethyst engagement ring? 
  • What do you look for when shopping for amethyst engagement rings?
  • Who are the best amethyst ring jewelers?
  • What are our top 5 amethyst engagement rings?
  • And more!

Amethyst engagement rings hold a very special place in the wedding jewelry world. In addition to their breathtaking color, amethysts carry a wealth of meaning, which makes them a great option for engagement rings.  

Unfortunately, they can be difficult to buy if you don’t know what you’re looking for. 

Luckily, we’re here to help you.  

Let’s get started!  

Top 5 Best Amethyst Engagement Rings

Short on time? No problem — here are our top 5 recommended amethyst engagement rings:

  1. Oval Cut Amethyst and White Topaz Engagement Ring in 10K White Gold   
  2. Amethyst and Diamond Birthstone Engagement Ring in 18K Gold   
  3. Cushion Cut Amethyst White Topaz Engagement Ring in 10K White Gold   
  4. 2.25ct Emerald Cut Amethyst Engagement Ring in .925 Sterling Silver   
  5. 3-Stone Amethyst and Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring in .925 Sterling Silver   

Product Details
1. Oval Cut Amethyst & White Topaz

Excellent Sparkle

  • Oval Amethyst
  • Deep Purple
  • White Topaz Sides
  • 10K Gold
  • W/ Navy Blue Box
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2. Amethyst & Diamond Birthstone 18K Gold

Diamond Accent

  • Oval Amethyst
  • East-West Setting
  • 0.08 Carat Dia.
  • 18K Yellow Gold
View On James Allen
3. Cushion Cut Amethyst White Topaz

Nice Design

  • Cushion Cut
  • 6x6mm Amethyst
  • White Topaz Sides
  • 10K White Gold
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4. Emerald Cut Amethyst 925 Sterling Silver

Solitaire Type

  • 2.25ct. Amethyst
  • Split Shank Band
  • 4 Prong Setting
  • 925 Sterling Silver
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5. Amethyst/Cubic Zirconia 925 Sterling Silver

Opulent Design

  • Oval Amethyst
  • Emerald & Oval Cut
  • Lasting Impression
  • 925 Sterling Silver
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Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

(updated as of 3/23/2020)

Oval Cut Amethyst and White Topaz Engagement Ring in 10K White Gold
  • Deep purple oval cut amethyst center stone
  • White topaz side stones
  • Solid 10K white gold craftsmanship (with rhodium plating)
  • Gently tapered ring band

Our overall #1 rated pick is this stunning amethyst engagement ring from Amazon. The exquisite design is crowned with a deep purple oval cut amethyst gemstone framed by 6 white topaz side stones.

The rhodium-plated 10K white gold band features gently tapered shoulders and a high-shine polish.

With its striking character and stunning purple color, this amethyst engagement ring is sure to impress.

Best Amethyst Engagement Rings Reviewed

1. Oval Cut Amethyst & White Topaz Engagement Ring In 10K White Gold

Our top recommended pick is this oval cut amethyst engagement ring.

The beautiful design is set with an oval cut amethyst center stone framed by 6 white topaz side stones, which intensify its breathtaking sparkle.   

The ring band has elegantly tapered shoulders and high-shine polish that highlights the center stone. Made from solid 10K white gold, the band is plated with rhodium to enhance the luster and durability of the craftsmanship.   

Another pleasant surprise is the lovely navy blue ring box that is included with the amethyst ring, perfect for popping the question.


  • Oval cut deep purple amethyst center stone
  • 6 white topaz side stones enhance the brilliance of the design
  • Made from solid 10K white gold
  • Includes a navy blue ring box


  • Lower white gold quality (10K)

This James Allen ring features an oval cut amethest mounted in a unique east-west setting. 

Made from solid 18K yellow gold, the delicate band is studded with 16 petite diamonds.

The higher price of this ring comes not just from the quality of the amethyst, but also from the presence of the diamonds totaling 0.08 carats. The diamond accents and the beautiful stone makes this amethyst ring an especially attractive option at a reasonable price point.

The east-west orientation is also good for stacking with other rings.


  • Quality amethyst center stone
  • 16 diamonds in band
  • Solid 18K yellow gold
  • East-west center stone is perfect on it's own or stacked with other rings


  • Not the cheapest ring

Next on our list is this lovely amethyst and white topaz ring.

The cushion cut amethyst center stone measures 6mm x 6mm, offering a slightly larger table surface area than most 1-carat diamonds.

Two beautiful princess cut white topaz stones are set on each side of the amethyst gem, adding an extra touch of sparkle to the design.

It’s a shame that the white gold quality is only 10K, but even so you can expect excellent durability and luster with proper care and maintenance.  


  • Cushion cut purple amethyst center stone (6mm x 6mm)
  • 4 princess cut white topaz side stones (0.22 total carat weight)
  • Solid 10K white gold craftsmanship


  • The white topaz side stones are heat-treated.

4. Emerald Cut 2.25ct Amethyst Engagement Ring In .925 Sterling Silver   

A decided step-up from the previous picks, this amethyst solitaire engagement ring offers a unique look she’s sure to love.

The 2.25-carat amethyst center stone showcases a beautiful emerald cut that enhances its light properties. 

The center stone is set in a four-prong setting with a split shank that gives the impression of a larger ring. The band is sculpted from .925 sterling silver, a material that is well known for its excellent luster and loft.

It also offers a bargain opportunity if your budget is tighter but you’d rather not compromise on the amethyst quality.   


  • 2.25-carat emerald cut amethyst center stone
  • Setting with split shank gives the impression of a larger ring
  • .925 sterling silver band


  • Paler amethyst color might not be desirable

If you’re looking for a ring that offers maximum sparkle, you’ll love the last pick on our list.

This engagement ring has three amethysts — a larger oval cut stone and two smaller round cut gems.

Multiple round cut cubic zirconia stones set pave adorn the band of the ring, adding a nice contrast to the opulent design.   

The ring features .925 sterling silver craftsmanship once again, which means you’re getting excellent value for your money without compromising on quality.

This ring is the perfect option if you want to make a lasting impression. 


  • 3 amethyst center stones
  • 8 round cut cubic zirconia stones set pave
  • .925 sterling silver craftsmanship


  • Not the best quality craftsmanship
  • Intricate pattern on the band might not appeal to everybody

What Are Amethyst Engagement Rings?

Amethyst engagement rings are simply rings set with one or more amethyst stones.

Amethyst is a popular choice for engagement rings, wedding rings, and promise rings because of its inherent beauty and rich history. Once a highly-regarded gem among ancient Egyptians and Romans, amethyst is thought to have healing and protective powers.

February birthstone ring

Together with gems like garnet, peridot, ruby, sapphire and topaz, it adorns the world-renowned British Crown Jewels.   

Nowadays, amethyst is an affordable and extremely versatile gemstone available in a wide variety of cuts, shapes and sizes. Our picks today are engagement rings, but amethyst stones also make a nice choice for men's jewelry, wedding bands, or other amethyst jewelry like earrings.

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Amethyst gemstone rings are beautiful as solitaire rings or set with other side stones, such as diamonds, opals, or white sapphires. You can even opt for a halo engagement ring where the side stones surrounding the center stone.  

What Is Amethyst? A Quick Overview

As the most prized quartz variety, amethyst was as expensive as ruby until Brazil’s large amethyst deposits were discovered in the 19th century.   

Amethyst gemstones are purple in color, with hues ranging from light lilac to deep royal purple. Some specimens can even be a reddish purple (known as “raspberry”) or a brownish color.   

There is something called a "green amethyst", but that refers to a certain type of heat-treated amethyst.

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Amethysts also display “color zoning”, which describes angular zones inside the gemstone with darker or lighter color.   

The 4 Cs are generally used to assess the quality and value of amethyst gemstones:

  • Color: The most valuable amethyst specimens are a strong reddish purple that have no color zoning visible to the naked eye.   
  • Clarity: Generally, amethyst stones don’t have any inclusions that are obvious to the eye without magnification. Thus, specimens with visible inclusions or blemishes are considered lower quality.  
  • Cut: Like other gemstones, amethysts are cut into a variety of shapes, including round cut, princess cut, emerald cut, oval cut, cushion cut, and marquise cut. 
  • Carat weight: Amethysts are available in a wide range of sizes, from 1/2 carat to 1, 2 and even 3 carats. Unlike diamond engagement rings, where the setting is adjusted to fit a specific diamond, amethyst engagement rings will have amethyst stones cut to fit existing settings.   

Amethyst is also the birthstone for February and the gem for the 6th and 17th wedding anniversaries.   

Are Amethyst Engagement Rings Expensive or Cheap?

Amethyst gemstone engagement rings are relatively affordable and significantly cheaper than diamond engagement rings.   

Generally, the cost of an amethyst engagement ring depends on three main factors: the amethyst value, the craftsmanship, and the side stones (if any).   

Let’s take the amethyst value first. As we’ve already discussed, the quality of the gemstone is influenced by the 4 Cs. However, as in the case of morganites, the value of the gemstone is almost entirely dependent on its color.

Specimens with a reddish purple (“raspberry”) hue are rarer and they cost more than paler, less saturated gems.   

james allen amethyst ring

The value of amethyst gems is mainly influenced by its color.

In addition to the amethyst value, the craftsmanship of the ring can impact the price you’ll pay. For example, gold rings like yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold will be more expensive than sterling silver ones. Similarly, platinum rings will almost always cost more than gold ones.

amethyst engagement ring

The amount of precious metal that goes into creating the ring can also increase or decrease its price. For example, 14K rose gold will cost less compared to 18K or 24K rose gold because the percentage of pure gold is lower. 14K gold contains only 58% gold, 18K gold contains 75% gold, and 24K gold is 100% pure gold.  

Lastly, the presence of any side stones or halo stones in the ring design will definitely increase the cost. Many amethyst engagement rings also have side stones such as diamonds, white topazes, opal and white sapphires. 

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It goes without saying that the more expensive the side stones, the more expensive the ring.     

What Should You Look For In The Best Amethyst Engagement Rings?

When shopping for the best amethyst engagement rings, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. We’ll explore each of them in more detail below.   

First, it’s important to remember that the quality of the amethyst center stone will have the biggest impact on the price of the ring. The best amethysts are a deep, rich purple color and they have little or no “color zoning”. 

However, don’t pick a stone that is too dark as this might impact its light performance.  

Learning Jewelry recommends: Stay away from engagement rings with pale amethyst stones. These low-quality amethysts are usually marketed as “Rose de France”, but don’t let yourself be fooled by their fancy name!   

If you’re looking for a ring that offers good value for your money, choose one with a reasonably saturated amethyst that is neither too pale nor too rich. This will allow you to choose a slightly larger gem without spending too much on the ring.   

Remember that, unlike diamond rings, amethyst rings aren’t necessarily priced based on carat weight. This means you’ll be able to pick an engagement ring with a larger center stone without worrying too much about the price per carat. 

The cut and shape of the amethyst won’t make much of a difference to the cost of the ring. As mentioned before, amethysts come in a wide range of cuts, shapes and styles you can choose from.  

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When it comes to the craftsmanship of the ring, we recommend picking an amethyst engagement ring made from a precious metal such as rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold.

If you’re on a budget and can’t afford to spend a lot of money on the ring, you can get reasonable value by choosing a .925 sterling silver ring. With proper care and maintenance, sterling silver can preserve its beautiful shine for a long time.   

How To Clean Your Amethyst Engagement Ring?

There’s a simple cleaning method we’ve recommended time and again for all amethyst jewelry 

Namely, soaking your amethyst ring in a mixture of warm water and a few drops of mild dish soap for 10-15 minutes. This will help dissolve the oils and grime accumulated on the surface of the stone, which can then be removed by gently brushing the ring with a soft toothbrush.   

Don’t apply too much pressure when cleaning your ring to avoid damaging it!   

If your amethyst engagement ring isn’t completely clean after brushing it, you can repeat the process a few more times until all grime has been removed.   

At the end, shake it to remove excess water and use a blow-dryer on the lowest heat setting until completely dry. This step is extremely important as it will ensure the water doesn’t dry up in patches, leaving visible marks on the stone and band.   

To maintain the beautiful color and luster of the ring, you should clean it every 2-3 months following the steps we’ve outlined above.   

Where To Buy Amethyst Engagement Rings?

While you can find amethyst engagement rings pretty much in every jewelry store online and on the high street, choosing a reputable jeweler makes the experience less stressful.   

If you’re on a budget and looking to explore different options at different price points, then you may want to consider Amazon. They offer an extensive range of products from solitaire rings to halo settings or amethyst center stones with side stones.

The prices are also affordable and you can also find a number of amethyst ring sets on special offer, which means you can score a discount on your purchase.

However, if you’re looking to invest a bit more in your amethyst engagement ring, then James Allen is the best place to shop.

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In addition to their extensive engagement rings selection, James Allen is also a reputable jewelry retailer that brings together over 18 years of experience and expertise.   

If you’re looking for a ring that merges beauty and value, then look no further than this amethyst and white topaz engagement ring. While the white gold quality isn’t as great as that of the James Allen ring, it still offers better value for the money compared to the other options on the list.   

You’ll also like the white topaz side stones, which add an extra dose of sparkle to the design. It's a beautiful way to mark your engagement and it will certainly be cherished by your loved one forever. 

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