James Allen’s Return Policy & Warranty (Detailed Findings)

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james allen return policy and warranty review

What Is James Allen’s Return Policy?

James Allen has a generous return policy that allows you to return any purchase within 30 days of shipment for a full refund or exchange.

James Allen pays for the return fee so that it doesn’t cost you extra if you are unsatisfied with your purchase. 

However, this return policy is only extended to US or Canadian customers in each customer can only return up to three items for free. Any further returns will incur a shipping cost on the customer.

What Are You Allowed To Return?

You are allowed to return most items that you are unsatisfied with to James Allen without any questions asked. However, any merchandise has to be undamaged and in a new and unused condition. If your jewelry shows obvious signs of wear and tear or is been altered or engraved in any way it will be rejected. Any alterations made on a piece of jewelry by a jeweler other than James Allen will also not be accepted.

However, any special orders placed with James Allen cannot be returned. These are orders that are custom-made for a particular purpose or which are not listed on the website or in stores. This is because the point of the return policy is to allow jewelry to be resold to a new customer so long as the jewelry is in good condition. Custom pieces cannot be listed on the site and thus cannot be returned.

If you want to return a loose diamond that has been purchased from James Allen, you must ship it while it is accompanied by the original laboratory grading report that comes with your purchase. If you fail to include this laboratory grading report, a $150 charge may be assessed to replace that certificate as a result of the time and labor necessary to ensure that the diamond is genuine.

Any items that are used or obviously have signs of wear and tear may not be returned.

In addition, you must properly package and send returned items to the James Allen office by following proper return procedures. Any items that are shipped beyond the 30-day return. Or that are sent to the James Allen office without a RAN number will be refused and sent back to you.

How Many Days?

James Allen’s return policy extends to 30 days for all excepted items with no questions asked. This 30 day period extends from the day of shipment rather than the day of purchase. This is to account for potential manufacturing and preparation time on the part of the jeweler.

Where Do You Send Returns?

To return an item to James Allen jewelers, you must contact their customer service department and advise the representative on the phone that you want to return your order. James Allen will email you with a fully insured FedEx 2-day label within one business day. This email will include instructions on how to safely package the jewelry and prepare it for transportation.

Once you prepare your jewelry, take the order and the shipping label to the nearest FedEx location and mail it back to the James Allen office, the address of which will be included as part of the email. Because of the 2-day label, your order should return to James Allen within two business days.

Once James Allen has confirmed the arrival of the returned jewelry, they will process your refund within two business weeks. The refund will be processed through the original purchase method, such as cash or credit card. If you paid for your jewelry via bank wire, you will be refunded via a company check.

What Does It Cost To Return Jewelry (is it free)?

Returns are totally free and cost nothing, as James Allen emails you paid for and insured shipping label as part of the return process. The only extra costs that you might incur will be the result of damages to the jewelry that James Allen detects after the purchase has been returned.

What Is James Allen’s Warranty?

James Allen offers a warranty on all of its jewelry products with a lifetime guarantee. This warranty applies to every jewelry product that can benefit from the services advertised within its warranty policy. This warranty also ensures that any manufacturing defects at the time of delivery will be fully covered by James Allen with no extra charge to you.

james allen warranty

Does The Warranty Cost Extra Or Is It Free?

The James Allan warranty services do not cost extra, although these services are limited to prong tightening, re-polishing and cleaning, or rhodium plating. Any other jewelry upkeep services have their own fees that will be determined by the James Allen jewelry experts upon receipt of your jewelry. These fees can vary dramatically based on the services required.

In addition, to send your ring to the James Allen experts you must purchase a fully insured shipping label for $30. International customers may pay higher fees depending on their location. Return shipping fees are always covered by James Allen.

Does The Warranty Cover Resizing?

The James on warranty does not cover resizing charges, although all James Allen rings can benefit from a one-year free resizing period. James Allen will resize your ring once for free within the first year of your purchase and include free return shipping as part of the deal so long as you are within the United States or Canada. If you are an international customer, you must pay a small shipping fee of $50.

The resizing policy states resizing covers any small size or material adjustments required as part of the process and you will not have to pay extra for these alterations. If you need further resizes, small fees will apply depending on the metal used for the ring in question. The return service is always free unless you are an international customer.

Does The Warranty Cover Cleaning/Polishing?

The James Allen warranty does cover cleaning and polishing services for rings and other jewelry. This extends for your entire lifetime, so you can feel free to use James Allen for cleaning services for as long as you continue to use their jewelry pieces.

Does The Warranty Cover Repairs?

The James Allen warranty does not cover repairs, although they will perform repair services for a small fee depending on the exact nature of the repair work required. James Allen will always perform service on your jewelry throughout its lifetime, although it will not be free.

Does The Warranty Cover Lost or Stolen Jewelry?

The James Allen warranty does not cover lost or stolen jewelry under any circumstances. The only time where this might apply is if your jewelry never arrives or is demonstrably lost in transit as a result of a shipping error.

Does The Warranty Cover Loose Stones?

The James Allen warranty can be upgraded to apply to loose diamonds provided that the loose diamond was purchased from James Allen exclusively. Any loose diamonds purchased from James Allen can be exchanged for 100% credit.

This credit can then be used towards any replacement diamond of at least two times or greater value. In addition, the diamond that is being upgraded has to have its original laboratory grading document presented upon exchange and it must be in original condition; the stone cannot be overly damaged for show signs of wear and tear or it will be rejected.

Does The Warranty Cover Re-Dipping?

The James Allen warranty does not cover re-dipping as part of its free deal, although it may accept these maintenance services for your jewelry provided that you pay a fee as quoted by their repair services experts.

How Long is the Warranty?

Both the free James Allen warranty and the capability to have your jewelry repaired by James Allen experts extends for the entire lifetime of the purchaser of the jewelry or the company.

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