What Is James Allen’s Resizing Policy? (Detailed Look)

Last Updated on May 3, 2023 by Juli "Jewels" Church

One of the biggest fears of buying a ring online is that it won’t fit.

Fortunately, most online jewelers offer resizing policies that allow you to return a ring and have it resized for free. 

James Allen is one of the most well known online diamond and ring vendors. Like other jewelers, they allow resizing in the event that your ring does not fit.

james allen resizing

Mistakes will happen with online fittings, even with the most reputable sellers. However, a good company will offer to fix the mistake quickly and without charging extra fees. For the most part, that’s exactly what you’ll get with James Allen.

James Allen gives you a 1 year resizing warranty on any ring that you buy. That means that they will pay for the first resizing of your ring, if you send it in within a year. They also pay for shipping and handling. If you need an additional resizing, they’ll charge you a small fee. Any resizings that fall outside of the initial 1 year period also come with the same fee.

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How Long Does James Allen Take to Resize a Ring?

Resizing times will vary depending on the modifications that need to be made. However, most customers have said that it took them a few weeks to get the ring back once they sent it to James Allen. 

When you speak to customer service, you should let them know if you’re in a rush. Often, they will speed up the resizing to get it back to you as quickly as possible if you mention that you have a wedding coming up. They may be able to get it back to you in as little as a week.

If they have to remanufacture your ring in order to change the size, the processing time will be significantly longer. It may take them a few weeks to remake the ring, depending on the design and any special adjustments that need to be made.  

How Much Does James Allen Charge to Resize Rings?

James Allen’s Resizing Policy

James Allen will give you a full year of coverage for any resizings. That means you won’t have to pay anything to have your ring resized, and they will pay for you to ship the ring back. 

However, this policy only applies to the first resizing that you request. If you need any additional modifications made to the ring, they will add an extra fee. The second resizing fee is $25 for white, yellow, and rose gold rings, and $50 for platinum. You’ll also have to pay $30 for shipping if you live in the US, and $50 for international orders. These are the same fees that you’ll have to pay if you need a resizing more than a year after you buy the ring.

To put these fees in perspective, consider that many local jewelers will charge anywhere from $50-100 for a resizing. Even if you’re past the 1 year free resizing period, you could save money by using James Allen to resize your ring instead of a local jeweler.

There are some cases where James Allen will say that your ring cannot be resized, and that it must be fully remanufactured. If you return the ring within 30 days, they will pay for this. However, after this period and up until the 1 year resizing warranty ends, you’ll have to pay a remanufacturing fee if you want to have your ring altered.

The remanufacturing fee varies widely depending on the type of ring that you bought, as well as its price. Customer service can quote you on the fee before you send it in. You can also ask about any remanufacturing fees before you buy the ring.

Outside of the 1 year resizing period, James Allen will not cover remanufacturing. If you want to have the ring remade, you’ll have to pay full price for it, or try to find a local jeweler to make adjustments.

Most of the time, rings can't be resized due to how far down the diamonds go on the band, needing to go more than 1 size up or down , or on eternity rings where the diamonds go all the way around the band. 

If you order a custom built ring, the resizing policy will likely be different than what the company offers with rings in their inventory. In many cases, they may not be able to resize the ring, and will have to remanufacture it completely. Depending on the ring, they may charge full price, or charge a significant fee.

When ordering a custom build ring, you should ask about the specific resizing policy for your order, as it may vary depending on the style and the materials that you request for your ring.

Are Ring Resizing Covered Under Any Warranty With James Allen?

James Allen sell all of their rings with a general 1 year resizing warranty. You won’t have to pay for extra insurance to get this coverage, and it doesn’t have a price minimum. 

This policy also extends to any international orders, although you will have to pay for shipping costs.

How Do You Start The Resizing Process?

James Allen makes it fairly straightforward to get your ring resized. Speak to a customer service agent over the phone or on their website to initiate the process. They’ll send a shipping label,

James Allen works directly with FedEx, so you just need to drop the ring off and they’ll ship it, fully insured. Once they receive your ring, they’ll start the resizing and notify you when it’s ready to be shipped back. The return shipping is always free, even after the 1 year free resizing period is over.

Have There Been Issues With James Allen Resizing?

James Allen offers a nice resizing policy that makes it easy to get a ring that fits. However, some customers have had issues getting their rings resized.

Customers have said that the resize took significantly longer than was promised, and that James Allen would not give them a clear estimate of when the ring would be done. This is the most common complaint made about resizing with James Allen. It’s fairly minor, but it’s an irritating inconvenience, especially when you’ve already paid thousands of dollars on a ring.

Others have said that it took multiple resizings for James Allen to get it right. Since they will charge a fee for additional resizings, many customers felt that they were forced to pay for something that should have been done right the first time. Additionally, there have been multiple complaints that pave stones have fallen off the ring after resizings.

It should be noted that James Allen sells a large volume of rings, and that there are bound to be some negative reviews. The resizing process seems to go smoothly for most customers, with fairly quick processing time.

Should You Get Your Ring Resized With James Allen?

James Allen have a decent reputation when it comes to ring resizing. They work quickly, and will get you your ring back within a few weeks. They also charge no fees for a year after you buy the ring, and their fees after this period ends are fairly cheap.

In most cases, they do a good job the first time around, altering the ring so that you get a snug fit. Some customers have said that it took multiple resizings to get it right, but most have had a positive experience.

However, if you need your ring resized in a hurry, you may be better off choosing a local jeweler.
This will likely be a bit more expensive, but you’ll save 4 days of shipping time. Since they can do the fitting in person, they’re also more likely to get the measurement right the first time, saving you time and frustration.

These criticisms aside, it’s hard to get resizings right online, and James Allen makes a good effort of it. If you need your ring resized and aren’t in too much of a hurry, you should feel comfortable having James Allen resize your ring.