Is James Allen A Scam? (Yes or No?)

Buying a diamond online is a great way of saving a significant amount of money.

By cutting out the middleman (and using James Allen), you can save thousands and still get a higher quality diamond that what you’d find at a retail store.

But there are risks to buying online. Customers are often ripped off by online dealers, who take their money and then sell them an inferior quality diamond.

is james allen a scam

Bottom Line Up Front: James Allen is one of the best online retailers of jewelry.


Since they are an online only shop, James Allen can deliver a better quality product at a lower price compared to brand name brick and mortar shops like Tiffany or Zales stores.

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They also offer 360 degree 20x zoom imaging for their entire stock, so you can see every detail of your ring before you buy as well as 24/7 customer support and easy returns if there's ever an issue.

Without a middleman to check diamond quality, consumers are more vulnerable to these scam dealers.

James Allen is a popular online diamond retailer that ships worldwide. They claim to offer a better value than other retailers, allowing you to get a higher grade diamond for less. 

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Because James Allen has no retail operation in most areas, potential customers often ask if the company can be trusted.

Here, we’ll discuss some of the common complaints made about James Allen. Although the company is not a scam, there are some issues that you should be aware of before you choose to buy a diamond from them.

Does James Allen Bait And Switch?

Many diamond sellers will try to pull you in with a low offer. Once you’ve agreed to take the diamond, they’ll then tell you it’s no longer available. They’ll then try to sell you a more expensive diamond than the one you picked out.

Unfortunately, James Allen have been known to try this strategy. After a diamond has been ordered, customers have said that the company claimed it was unavailable. Instead of offering an alternative in the same price range, they tried to push more expensive options.

Diamonds often run out of stock, so you may not always get the one you initially picked out. However, a good diamond dealer will understand your price range, and try to find an alternative that is similar to your first preference. James Allen does not always do this, putting a dent in their reputation.

Does James Allen Not Follow Through On Upgrade Offers?

There were also complaints that James Allen would not follow through on upgrade offers to existing diamonds or jewelry. They would sell a ring, claiming that it could later be altered. When time came for the upgrade, they would claim it was no longer possible, and that a new ring would need to be purchased.

Do Products Not Match Their Description?

One of the major fears people have about buying diamonds online is that the product they order will not be the one they receive. Unfortunately, there are a lot of retailers that confirm these fears, sending out inferior products to cut costs.

James Allen have a mixed reputation when it comes to delivering on diamond quality that matches the exact product description. Many customers say that they received exactly what they ordered, and that the quality was as expected.

However, there have been complaints that the cut of the diamond was different than how it was described. In some cases, the difference was one of style, where the diamond was of the same quality but had a different cut. There were also some customers who said they received a lower quality diamond than what was promised.

Does James Allen Make Mistakes With Orders?

Most buyers have high standards for their diamonds, and want it to match their specifications exactly. While you may be willing to accept a small mistake with a cheaper item, it’s unacceptable with an investment as large as a diamond.

James Allen have received numerous complaints about mistakes in orders. These mistakes include sending the wrong diamond, not following jewelry specifications, and shipping flawed diamonds.

That said, James Allen also have received a number of positive reviews from clients who got exactly what they asked for. They do have good diamonds, and can produce great rings and jewelry. However, consistency is lacking, and they make too many mistakes given the size of the investment.

Are There Issues With Shipping?

James Allen will often send out rings with next day delivery dates. However, customers have complained that the delivery date is continually pushed back, and that they don’t receive their order on time.

When they reached out to customer service, they would not get a clear answer on the status of their order, or they would be told that the order was on its way.

The company could have stock issues, and are waiting for diamonds to become available. Or they are saving money on shipping by using standard instead of next day delivery. Either way, the practice is misleading, and frustrating given how much you have to pay.

Issues with shipping appear to be worse for customers outside of the US, as more shipments are delayed.

Does James Allen Honor Refunds?

When buying a diamond online, things won’t always turn out exactly how you expect. Reputable diamond sellers handle this problem with generous refund policies, quickly fixing any mistakes so that you get the perfect diamond.

James Allen gets a number of complaints about its customer service. One of the most common is that the refund policy is not always clear, and that processing refund requests can take quite some time.

Others say that they had to make multiple calls just to reach the right person, and that they had to pay for shipping every time an adjustment needed to be made to an order.

Other customers have claimed that the company did not honor their refund after making a mistake with the order. This is an online diamond buyer’s worst nightmare, and it’s a shame to see it happen with a large online retailer.

There have also been some issues with refund policy timelines. Customers have tried to initiate the refund policy, but were not able to reach customer service. By the time they could get someone to review the refund request, James Allen would claim that the refund period had expired.

What About James Allen Negative Reviews?

The long list of complaints outlined above might make you think that James Allen shouldn’t be trusted with your money.


There are some caveats that you should keep in mind.

Diamonds are a significant investment, and people expect them to be perfect. This is reasonable, given the amount of money involved. However, it also means that customers will speak up loudly, and sometimes unfairly, if there is anything wrong with their order.

Mistakes will happen with online diamond orders, especially if there are exact specifications. Even the most reputable diamond dealers make errors, which can lead to angry complaints online.

James Allen have received complaints, but there have also been many positive customer experiences with the company. When making a decision, you should keep both of those facts in mind.

Should You Trust James Allen?

James Allen offer a range of different options, many of which are good value for the money.

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However, the company will often turn to sales tactics that are a bit misleading.

One of the biggest issues with the company is transparency. It’s hard to know what you’re going to get, and pricing is not always clear. They may also try to upsell you on a more expensive diamond if your initial choice is not available.

Mistakes will happen with online diamond sellers. But you need to trust that they will be willing to do everything possible to quickly fix the mistake and get you the right diamond. James Allen has a poor track record when it comes to customer service, and are known to not always honor refund requests.

Many customers have purchased excellent diamonds from James Allen, so they are a company and not an outright scam. But if you choose James Allen, you should watch out for upselling and bait and switches. If you do have an issue, customer service is not always responsive.

You’re making a bit of a gamble if you choose James Allen. In most cases, you’ll probably get what you want from your order. However, if you want guaranteed quality and smooth order fulfillment, you may be better off choosing another seller.

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