Blue Nile Return Policy & Warranty (Are They Any Good?)

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  • What is Blue Nile's return policy and is it any good?
  • How does Blue Nile's warranty work?
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Blue Nile Return Policy & Warranty

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What Is Blue Nile Return Policy?

Blue Nile offers a full return and refund on many items shipped from their facility within 30 days of purchase. Items must be in original condition and include all original documentation. Additionally, all returns must be accompanied with a valid Blue Nile Return Merchandise Authorization number that can be obtained through the online return portal or from a Blue Nile Diamond and Jewelry Consultant.

Any return that is not accompanied by all appropriate documentation will not be processed and will be returned to the sender. Additionally, the return window of 30 days will not be reset during this exchange. Therefore, failure to include all the necessary items and RMA may result in extending beyond the return window. For any questions regarding where to find the appropriate documentation, please contact a Blue Nile Diamond and Jewelry Consultant or refer to the return policy on the Blue Nile website.

What Are You Allowed to Return?

Returns are allowed for all items within 30 days of purchase except some personalize items. Items that are not eligible for a refunded return include:

  • Personalized engraved items
  • Diamond and gemstone specialized eternity rings
  • Special orders that are part of a final closeout sale
  • Exchanged items
  • Items that have been repaired or resized

Some items such as engraved rings may be returned for credit, however, engraving fees with not be credited.

Original shipping fees will not be refunded. Although many items are available for free shipping already. Additionally, any item returned through the online return portal or by contacting a Blue Nile Diamond and Jewelry Consultant will be emailed a prepaid shipping label from FedEx, that will also include adequate insurance on all items.

Blue Nile has also partnered with Mondiamo for their Diamond Buyback Option. This allows customers to receive a cash offer for loose diamonds or diamond jewelry that are 0.30 carat or larger outside the 30-day return window. Mondiamo offers a site unseen guaranteed offer on all qualifying diamonds and diamond jewelry. They also provide a simple kit to ship the item to them fully insured. Additionally, every diamond must be accompanied by a current and valid GIA report.

Items under $500 can be processed online and all returns must be accompanied with a Blue Nile Return Merchandise Authorization which can be found through the online return portal. Purchases that exceed $500 must be processed by contacting a Blue Nile Diamond and Jewelry Consultant at 1-800-242-2728.

How Many Days?

Returns are only available for 30 days from the date the item is shipped. However, Blue Nile does offer a number of exchange options for customers. Diamonds purchased through the Blue Nile Upgrade Program can be exchanged within 30 days, however, they are not eligible for a refunded return.

Where Do You Send Returns?

Returns should be sent via a prepaid FedEx shipping label be emailed to you once you have initiated a qualified return. Affix the label to the package and use any reputable FedEx drop-off location or contact FedEx to arrange for pickup. Blue Nile also suggests purchasing insurance for your return for the full purchase value if you choose to use another shipping service. Any FedEx printed return labels will include the appropriate insurance.

What Does It Cost To Return Jewelry (is it free)?

Returns processed within the 30-day window will be free of charge as long as all return requirements detailed in Blue Niles Return Policy are properly followed, including making sure all original paperwork is the included with your return and a Blue Nile Return Merchandise Authorization has been processed. All returns processed through the online portal for items under $500 or a Blue Nile Diamond and Jewelry Consultant for items exceeding $500 will be issued the appropriate authorization.

Items returned for resizing, cleaning, or repairs can be processed using expedited shipping available at the customer's expense through Parcel Pro. The partnership between Parcel Pro and Blue Nile will give you shipping and insurance at discounted rates.

You can easily track your return status easily through the online return status portal by using your email address and Blue Nile Return Merchandise Authorization number.

What Is Blue Nile Warranty?

Blue Nile offers a Lifetime Warranty for protection against defects associated with manufacturing. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or other damages that may occur include trauma, loss, or theft.

Blue Nile Return Warranty

Does The Warranty Cost Extra Or Is It Free?

The Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty is included on all Blue Nile merchandise. There is not currently an option for purchasing additional warranties through the Blue Nile website. In-store customers may be able to purchase an additional warranty or other service plans. Online customers may consider purchasing outside warranty coverage or adding additional protections to their insurance coverage for protection against damage, loss, or theft of their jewelry.

Does The Warranty Cover Resizing?

The Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty does NOT cover resizing.

Does The Warranty Cover Cleaning/Polishing?

Blue Nile offers complimentary cleaning and maintenance of all products. Take advantage of this service by returning your jewelry to Blue Nile regularly. Blue Nile does not cover the cost of shipping or insurance for jewelry that is shipped for cleaning or maintenance, however, you can take advantage of the Parcel Pro discounted shipping and insurance rates mentioned above.

Taking advantage of the complimentary service can help avoid potential loss or damage as the jewelry will be examined for any signs of excessive wear, loose prongs, or anything that may appear damaged as part of normal wear and you can have the item preemptively repaired.

Does The Warranty Cover Repairs?

The Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty only covers repairs for damage that was a result of a manufacturer defect. Repairs required as a result of initial delivery may need to be processed differently than other repairs. Please contact a Blue Nile Diamond and Jewelry Consultant for items that you receive already damaged.

Does The Warranty Cover Lost or Stolen Jewelry?

The Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty does NOT cover lost or stolen jewelry. Blue Nile suggests contacting an independent jewelry insurer or add the appropriate coverage to your homeowners or renter’s insurance policy.

Blue Nile has partnered with Jewelers Mutual to provide valuable information, quotes, and competitive insurance rates to its customers. Visit the Blue Nile Insurance Services page for more information or to get a free quote from Jewelers Mutual.

Does The Warranty Cover Loose Stones?

As with lost or stolen merchandise, the Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty does NOT cover loose stones. However, loose stones can be repaired at reasonable rates through the complimentary cleaning and inspection services available for any item purchased from Blue Nile. You will be contacted directly if this complimentary service does not cover the necessary repairs to items that have loose stones.

Does The Warranty Cover Re-Dipping?

The Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty also does NOT cover re-dipping.

How Long is the Warranty?

The complimentary warranty is a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty against manufacturer defects. However, it should be noted that maintenance, repair, or other services such as resizing my anyone other than certified Blue Nile consultants will automatically void the manufacturer's warranty. Making sure to always have your items cleaned, repaired, or resized with Blue Nile will help to ensure you maintain the warranty against any defect that is a result of the manufacturing process.

Additional Considerations

It is important to know that all of the included policies, such as 30-day return policy, manufacturer’s warranty protection, and complimentary cleaning and inspection services are only available to the original purchaser. All communications should go through the original purchaser to ensure that all included policies and Blue Nile customer service benefits can be easily accessed.

Due to the limited return, warranty, and refund options, it is extremely important that care is taken to order the appropriate ring or band size. For assistance in finding the correct size, please refer to the online sizing tool.

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