Top 5 Best Purple Gemstone Necklaces (2023 Review)

Last Updated on September 26, 2022 by Juli "Jewels" Church

Looking for the best purple gemstone necklaces? Perfect!

In this Learning guide, you can expect to learn the following:

  • Our #1 overall best purple gemstone necklaces
  • What to look out for when selecting a purple gemstone necklace (kinking, etc)
  • How to clean your gemstone necklace!
  • And much more!
Best Purple Gemstone Necklaces

Below is a quick list of all our top products. Keep scrolling to learn more about how to select and care for gemstone necklaces.

BriLove Women's Cluster Statement Necklace
  • Extendable link
  • Statement Necklace
  • Bonus matching earrings
  • Extendable link
  • Statement Necklace
  • Bonus Matching Earrings
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BEADNOVA Healing Crystal Necklace for Women Men
  • Purple banded agate or natural amethyst
  • Made of surgical stainless steel
  • Said to dispel negativity
  • Purple banded agate or natural amethyst
  • Made of surgical stainless steel
  • Said to dispel negativity
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POTESSA Tree of Life Teardrop Heart Amethyst Opal Pendant
  • Natural amethyst cabochon
  • Hand-wrapped wire
  • Long-lasting luster
  • Natural amethyst cabochon
  • Hand-wrapped wire
  • lasting luster
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CDE Angel Wing Love Heart Necklaces
  • 18K rose gold plated
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Adjustable chain
  • 18K rose gold plated
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Adjustable chain
View on Amazon
14K White Gold Purple Tanzanite Necklace
  • Natural tanzanite
  • 14K white gold pendant setting
  • High-quality jewelry
  • Natural tanzanite
  • 14K white gold pendant setting
  • High-quality jewelry
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Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Updated On November 17, 2023

I've chosen this purple stone necklace as our top pick simply because it's a fantastic statement piece set that comes with a fantastic price. 

While not a natural gemstone, crystals are the most purchased type of jewelry on Amazon in order to keep price down. This gorgeous necklace is available in a ton of colors- the iridescent tone will also give you flashes of purple. 

This set is perfect for someone who wants to either dress up their outfit or enhance a formal look. The purple gemstone earrings and necklace are perfect to accompany prom dresses, wedding photos, work events, or anywhere you just wanna snaz it up a bit. 

Top 5 Best Purple Gemstone Necklaces

In a hurry? Check out our top 5 picks below! Keep scrolling to learn more about these luxury neck pieces!

Purple gemstone necklaces were elegant pieces in ancient jewelry, highly attributed to their mystic value. Today, gem necklaces have a strong fashion statement to the extent that you can pick your outfit around the necklace.

That being said, choosing the perfect necklace will definitely add glamour to your dresser and give your outfit the right balance of color and contrast. But with so many online stores selling purple gem necklaces, how do you separate the chaff from the wheat?

In this guide, I’ll reveal the finest purple gemstone necklaces along with useful tips for getting the best value every time you go shopping for necklaces.

Let’s start with my favorite purple gemstone necklaces, and then we’ll proceed into the explanations.

What Are Purple Gemstone Necklaces?

Whether it is for beauty or personal reasons, the purple gemstone in necklaces is usually the main point of attraction. They are mostly set as pendants or added around the whole necklace. The type of purple gemstone used may vary from amethyst, druzy, turquoise, crystals, cubic zirconia, etc.

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Purple gem necklaces are generally unisex. However, if you want to separate the two, just look at the thickness of the chain. Thin chains exhibit elegance, cuteness, and (obviously) femininity. The latter may be better suited for men as the thickness depicts masculinity.

Are Purple Gemstone Necklaces Expensive or Cheap?

As much as the overall price matters, most of these pieces are generally affordable. If you get a rare purple gemstone on a necklace, you should always expect to dig a little deeper. It all trickles down to the type of gemstone and the metal used.

For instance, amethyst is relatively cheap, but when a metal like white gold is used, retail prices will definitely shoot up. Ultimately, your style and preferences will determine if a necklace is cheap or pricey.

What Should You Look For In The Best Purple Gemstone Necklaces?

Whenever you buy any piece of jewelry, you always want the best value. But what happens when you find yourself caught up between defective errors, overpricing, false product information, etc...?

Here, we’ll rack up the best ways to avoid buying the wrong gemstone necklace and what you should do to revamp your online shopping experience.

Unknown Costs

The total price for a necklace is inclusive of both the pendant (in our case, purple gem) and the metal chain. When buying a necklace, always ask about a breakdown of weights of the pendant and the chain. This kind of approach will help you identify if any of the pieces are priced incorrectly.

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For instance, when you buy a necklace set in a semi-precious purple gemstone, your pendant should be no more than 20% of the total weight. Anything above 40% might mean you paying more for the metal.


Have you ever experienced kinking? It’s usually when one of your necklaces gets caught up in a cloth and tangles up or rather kink. Now, this occurs to the chain itself and not the pendant.

There a few chain designs notorious for kinking:

  • Herringbone chain
  • Omega chain
  • Snake chain

Honestly, you should be careful when you find a purple gem necklace with any of the following chains. Kinking is an awful experience and once your chain kinks, it’s always very hard to streamline the chain back. So, it’s better not to invest heavily with such kinds of necklace patterns.


While the process of making chain metals, especially in classic designs, is relatively straightforward, carving out purple gemstones is an art and requires precise cuts and attention to detail. This usually converts to a ‘making fee,’ which is an important consideration used for pricing gemstone pieces in necklaces.

As an informed buyer, you should pay close attention to the design of the pendant and try to figure out how much of a craftsman’s effort it took to make the gem. This way, you can grab huge bargains and avoid overpriced gem necklaces simply by putting yourself in the shoes of the designer.

Hollow Vs Solid

Now, chains used in making purple gem necklaces have different styles and designs. Depending on the design, a chain could be either solid or hollow. A hollow necklace will have a lighter touch, since the inside of the chain is, well… hollow!

I’m pretty skeptical about hollow chains as they break easily, even though they can save you a few dollars. On the flip side, solid chains will last for decades and won’t wear down easily. They are fixable, so you can always take it back for repairs, which brings up my final point…

Extended Service Plan

When you go shopping for a purple gem necklace, always ask if there’s a service plan to cover for unexpected damages or manufacturing errors. It may seem far-fetched for cheaper necklaces, but who wouldn’t want to save, even if it’s a few bucks?

Some jewelers will have a free service plan, limited guarantee, paid service plan, or just about any post-purchase arrangement that there is. Take advantage of such plans; they can save you lots of money down the line.

How To Clean Purple Gemstone Necklaces?

Your necklace can last for generations if well taken care of. All it needs is a few routine maintenance tips and tricks. So, read on and find out how you can preserve your precious purple necklace.

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Firstly, your jewelry case should be of good quality and divided into compartments. This is especially important in separating delicate purple gemstone necklaces from the sturdy ones. You can also place your necklace separate from other types of jewelry.

Depending on the metal used, you should be able to clean your necklace with water and a soft piece of lint-free cloth. Avoid solutions like toothpaste as much as you can. Some metals are sensitive and toothpaste can easily abrade delicate metals and gemstones. Organic purple gems like pearls should be cleaned with distilled water only.

Where To Buy Purple Gemstone Necklaces?

Well, you can purchase a purple gem necklace almost anywhere. You can find necklaces in clothing stores, jewelry shops, malls, not forgetting all the online stores focused on jewelry. Some stores will have a high-end inventory, while others are better suited for the average buyer.

If you’re an average buyer like I am, then you’ll appreciate any beautiful purple gem necklace with a great value for money. Online shops should be your best bet as you can expect discounts and attractive warranty plans.

Our Reviews for the Best Purple Gemstone Necklaces

Looking at the list of purple gem necklaces I compiled, our overall #1 pick went to the druzy necklace in 925 sterling silver. But what about the rest?

Here’s a little breakdown on why these nice jewelry pieces should be in everyone’s jewelry dresser.

Even though it's not a precious or semi-precious gemstone, this necklace is a show stopper without being the cost of one

A set like this with amethyst would be a 4x more expensive, so it's nice that the crystals cheapen the price a bit. 

The necklace has an adjustable chain for 18-21 inches, perfect for wearing it a little higher or lower as it goes with your outfit. The metal is a zinc alloy, which normally contains metal allergens like nickel and lead. But this alloy is free of both, so it shouldn't cause allergies, but it's not hypoallergenic. It could contain less common metal allergens, but it's unlikely. 

The necklace has a lobster clasp, making it so much easier to connect than a tiny O-ring clasp. It comes dressed in a beautiful sapphire blue gift box with the brand scrolled across the top. 


  • Extendable link
  • Nickel-free & lead free


  • Not completely hypoallergenic

Instead of going the traditional amethyst necklace route like we already have done, I wanted to find unique pieces of various purple gemstones- natural or manmade. 

This purple pendant is very popular and at a very popular price. 

You have two options for purple- the created banded agate like pictured, or they also have a natural amethyst option.

If you know my story, you know I love jewelry from all angles, especially in mineral form. This pendant is very popular for crystal healing and the pointed shape helps direct the flow of energy. Both purple agate and amethyst offer protective energies as well as keeping the negative vibes away. 

This pendant is made of high quality surgical steel, meaning it's hypoallergenic. The chain measures at 18 inches- but I do wish it was adjustable. Heavier pendant like this look better if they can hang down lower so that's a bit of a bummer. 


  • Promotes positive energy
  • Amethyst or purple banded agate
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Not adjustable
  • Not everyone's style

For our third pick, I've chosen this unique teardrop amethyst cabochon pendant. 

I really love how handmade this necklace. I mean, those intricate wires wrapping around to create the Tree of Life shows a lot of effort went into making it. 

The copper wire color looks gorgeous around that deep purple natural amethyst. It has been oxidized, polished, and varnished, so it should keep its luster for quite a while. The chain is a leather chain, which means that you won't be able to fix it if it breaks. You'll have to get another chain, which is inconvienient. 


  • Affordable
  • Handmade for cheap


  • leather rope chain

Here's another gorgeous purple gemstone pendant that makes a great Valentine's Day gift in particular. 

This eye-catching heart necklace featured a purplish blue heart made of Austrian crystals. The crystals really sparkle with just the slightest movement, so make sure you're wanting something flashy. 

You can actually check out some video footage of it in the reviews. The base metal is made of brass, so it will start to tarnish, but CDE includes a jewelry cleaning cloth in a pretty gift box to take care of it. 


  • High quality crystals
  • Hypoallergenic brass
  • Good sized pendant


  • Too flashy for some
  • Will need to replace chain if broken

I wanted to add a high quality piece to our list for those of you who are wanting to spend a little bit more for better quality. 

This cushion cut pendant features a natural violet-blue tanzanite. Tanzanite is actually my favorite gemstone.

 Most tanzanite is on the deeper blue side, but I prefer mine on the lighter lavender side like this one. The 18in chain is sterling silver and pendant setting is made of solid 14K white gold, perfect for skin sensitivities. 

I wish that the chain was also white gold, because it really makes no sense for the pendant to be, other than it won't tarnish.  But, white gold chains can run a couple hundred, so they decided to go with sterling silver.


  • Natural tanzanite gemstone
  • Come with gift box
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Expensive
  • Paler purple color
  • White gold pendant only

Our Top Pick: BriLove Women's Cluster Statement Necklace

It may not be the over-the-top type of purple gemstone, but this Austrian crystal necklace is certainly an eye-catcher. You can always feel fabulous wearing this BriLove Women's Cluster Statement Necklace on the daily or for formal events. 

Even after re-reviewing this purple gem necklace, it still came out the best of the best. I’d recommend it to anyone looking to surprise a loved one, without going too heavy on the budget. 

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