What Do Mood Ring Colors Mean? (10 Colors Explained)

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When mood rings came out, they were all the rage. I grew up in the 90s, and I still remember them.

I remember being a kid and thinking it was magic, the way it read my mind. Mood rings are a fantastic item of jewelry to introduce to children as they are full of mischief and colors. 

But is it really magic?

What causes a mood ring to change color? And what are their color meanings? The answers to these questions and more will be revealed ahead.

what do mood ring colors mean

Let's get into it!

History Of Mood Rings?

The first mood ring was created in 1975 by two New York inventors by the names of Josh Reynolds and Maris Ambats. Mood rings are said to read the mind and mood of the wearer. The ring suddenly changes color based on how the wearer is feeling. They are made of clear quartz, which is a very common gemstone. The quartz jewelry is then filled with thermotropic liquid crystals. 

Interestingly enough, there was a man named Marvin Wernick that claimed to have invented the idea of color changing jewelry around 10 years beforehand, but he never went through to patenting the idea. Bet he regrets that decision now!

From the 1970s to the 90s, mood rings were pretty popular, especially after they were invented. The 70s was the hippie area, so it was a perfect time to create a ring that could display a multitude of colors and help you get in touch with your emotions. 

Are Mood Rings Accurate?

While I'd love to tell you mood rings can really analyze your mind and display your state of mind based on color change, I simply can't. The sentiment is nice and it's a great story to tell a child, but it's not the truth.

So, do mood rings work? 

Technically, yes. They do change color. If you were to purchase one, it'd do exactly what it was supposed to do. 

When mood rings change, it's because of your body temperature. The stone is usually quartz, but sometimes glass so that can be in the form of a mood ring, mood necklace or pendant. The stone is filled with thermochromic liquid crystals that work as liquid crystal thermometer. 

Mood rings can also show different colors when the weather temperature changes. If you're in hot or cold weather, your skin temperature reflects that with the ring color. 

If you are in a cooler temperature or you have cold hands, the mood ring color would be a dark color. In a neutral environment, the thermochromic liquid crystals will most likely be the default color, which is usually green or blue.

In a way, mood rings work for your different moods, but not as direct as people who sell them would have you think. Instead of your emotion, the mood ring monitors your body temperature. 

For instance, if the wearer's mood is angry or excited, his body temperature increases. If you're dealing with stress, angst, or grief, his surface temperature changes and the ring displays different colors. 

Perhaps the person is really angry and clenching their fist tightly while wearing a mood ring. The ring buyers warm and sweaty hands would cause the mood ring color change. The liquid crystals are reacting to the warmth. 

Mood jewelry may not discern your emotional state it claims too, but is still a scientific creation that does what it was intended to. 

Bottom Line Up Front: Looking for a mood ring to go with your moods? 

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What Do Mood Ring Colors Mean?

Even though we know mood ring colors aren't exactly what they state themselves to be, there's no reason why you can't have fun with mood ring color meanings. And mood rings work, kind of. 

Generally when you buy mood rings, the seller includes a color chart. The mood ring color chart lets you know what every displayed color has a meaning and mood.

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However, different companies may change colors of the mood ring color chart meanings in order to suit them, but we'll do our best.

Read to find out what mood ring colors mean. Let's check it out.

Violet Mood Ring Meaning

violet mood ring

Purple and violet ring color meanings indicate strong or intense feelings regarding romance, love, and relationships. It could be a new crush has walked into your midst, or maybe a rekindling of stagnant love. It could also mean you're feeling flirty or sensual. Purple is also when you body temperature is the warmest. 

Red Mood Ring Meaning

red mood ring

If the mood ring turns a red or reddish color, it indicates other intense feelings that increase your temperature. If you are excited about a new project, or passionate about a new subject, your mood ring can turn shades of red, including pink.

However, mood could still indicate negative emotions that are just as passionate as the positives, such as anger or embarrassment. 

Blue Mood Ring Meaning

Mood rings aren't an exact science, so there's not just one shade of a color it can be. Red and pink are often included in the same variation, but there is a dark blue and a light blue shade your ring could turn.

Blue mood ring color meanings say you're feeling optimistic and looking forward to the future. You are content and happy with your current situation and surroundings. 

blue mood ring

Bottom Line Up Front: Feeling optimistic today? Great! It sure is awesome to see how the different shades of blue changes on your mood ring to show that positive vibe you have right now.

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If your mood jewelry stays at your standard blue to light blue, it means you are calm, or relaxed. You could be enjoying a movie with the family, or doing a creative project, such as painting. Whatever it is that makes you forget the stress of the world, that's when your mood color is blue. 

Blue-Green Mood Ring Meaning

blue-green mood ring

If it's blue-green colored, you still retain the blue color to support the emotions of relaxation and the art of kicking back, but if a problem should arise in your relaxed state, you are said to be alert and clear-minded to confront the situation head on. The cool green color indicates you are calm, but alert and calculated.

Green Mood Ring Meaning

green mood ring

Green is usually the default color of mood jewelry. Your emotions are neither heightened or lowered. 

Yellow Mood Ring Meaning

yellow mood ring

When mood rings turn yellow, we shift to the realm of mixed emotions. You're alert, but anxious. You may be feeling apprehensive. Sometimes if the color is yellow, it can represent overthinking. Your mind may be wandering to unconfirmed situations. 

Amber Mood Ring Meaning

amber mood ring

Bottom Line Up Front: You're probably ready for brainstorming today or maybe up for some project ideas. You'll find that out instantly if you're wearing your mood ring! 

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When mood rings turn amber or orange, you may also be unsettled, but not necessarily a bad way. You may have the feelings that you want to do something or create something new.

You don't want to be sitting around on your phone. You have to be doing something. Amber color mood rings are a great time to create. 

Brown Mood Ring Meaning

brown mood ring

Brown mood rings mean you are walking on a thin line. You're probably dealing some mixed emotions right now. The apprehension has gotten worse. Brown indicates the murkiness of your mood, which is unsettled, nervous, and on edge. 

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Gray Mood Ring Meaning

grey mood ring

When mood rings turn gray or silver colored, it is really the preface to black. It is the beginning stages of true worry, fear, and the feeling as if something bad is going to happen. You're starting to feel strained and overwhelmed. Maybe work is starting to grate on your nerves, or the threat of losing a job. 

Black Mood Ring Meaning

When mood rings turn black, the wearer experiences both the coldest color temperature that represents true stress and turmoil. A wearer with a black mood is completely overwhelmed and lost. This person needs to relax immediately and get their spirits up.

black mood ring

Bottom Line Up Front: And so you're looking for a mood ring; one that would definitely match up with your personal style or fashion. There's always one to fit you best! 

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Even though we know that mood ring color meanings have less to do with the wearer's emotions and more with surface body temperature, the idea of a ring displaying our emotions is still pretty cool.

So cool, in fact, the Washington Post linked a twitter post article talking about the concept of mood ring cars back in 2014. 

Mood rings may have been popular the kids and teenagers, but there are more modern mood rings meant for adults out there as well. The styles of modern moon rings you might see could be set with pave diamonds, eternity bands, or other dainty and minimalist rings. 

Of course, I don't know about you, but I wouldn't be too keen on my true emotions emerging at any given point, visible to see. But, that's if the other person knows what they mean. 

But if you're interested in purchasing your very own mood ring, I recommend you check out Amazon's mood rings.

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