How to Stack Rings: Wearing Your Wedding Bling With Style

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Ready to learn how to stack rings like a pro stylist? Discover the latest trend in jewelry with this Guide.

From the basics to advanced techniques, we'll show you stacking ring ideas you can use to showcase your personal style.

I'll give you tips and answer questions like: 

how to stack rings
  • How many rings should you put on a ring stack?
  • Should you solder your ring stack?
  • What types of metal are best for an engagement ring stack?

What is Ring Stacking?

Ring stacking is the process of creating an ensemble of rings to be worn together on the same finger. This popular jewelry trend of wearing multiple rings can be done as part of a bridal set or as a fashion statement.

A ring stack usually consists of three or more bands on the same finger. Some may argue that an engagement ring and wedding band are considered a ring stack, but I disagree. Personally, I don't think a ring stack looks like a fashion forward look unless it has three or more. Four stacked rings is what I'd do if I were making my own ring stack.

How to Create a Ring Stack

Stacked Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring

You must decide how many stacked rings you want. You can choose as many rings as your want, but keep in mind the width of your engagement ring. If your engagement ring band has many curves, it will be harder to create your engagement ring stack, unless the gaps are more your style.

You only have so much room on your ring finger, you know?

The standard bridal stack consists of your wedding band, engagement ring, and another band. This can be an additional wedding band, part of an enhancer/ring jacket, or can be a future anniversary band.

With Other Diamond Bands

A standalone ring stack is the art of mix and match with various diamond bands you love. If you're wanting to mix it up even more, you might consider plain solid gold bands as a surefire way to bring your cost down and have the perfect stack to reflect your personal style.

Don't think you have to start out with two rings or more right off the bat. Some people create their ring stack ring by ring, starting with one ring. Additional rings may be added at special events, milestones, or anniversaries.

Tips When You Create Your Diamond Ring Stack

There's no real rules to creating the stacked look with various rings and bands. Ring stacks are a way to blend different styles and jewelry preferences to produce a unique ensemble on your finger.

But there are some things to keep in mind when doing it. That being said, you must decide what kind of person you are. Do you want a ring stack with delicate rings that complement one another, or do you want a mixture of chunky and thin bands that command a lot of attention?

There's no wrong answer to this. After all, the only perfect ring stack is the one that reflects you!

No matter what kind of stack styling you're into, these tips should help you either way. Some may be pointed towards those who are wanting a more subtle but unique look.

Here are my best tips and ideas for making a ring stack you'll fall in love with.

Size of Diamonds

The size of your diamonds in each band is important to the price, width, brilliance, and overall look of your beloved ring stack.

If the total carat weight of one of your bands is larger than the others, it's likely the band is thicker than the others. There's no issue with having different widths in your ring stack, but be aware that it limits how many rings you can put on one finger. Thankfully, you got other fingers if you just have to have the larger carat weights.

The other thing you want to consider regarding the size and total weight of the diamonds in your band is because larger diamonds require higher grades and they tend to cost a lot more than thin diamond bands.

Unlike engagement ring center stones, diamond bands are graded for color and clarity as a whole, not each individual diamond. Some bands may say they have a SI or VVS diamond clarity in the band. Some may have colorless diamonds in the band, while others may near colorless.

You must choose the appropriate grades for larger diamonds, or it can affect the brilliance. Try to keep your bands all in the same grade range unless the carat weights are different. Sometimes you might see noticeable inclusions in larger stones or duller color if the color grade isn't high enough.

Number of Diamonds

Alongside the number of diamonds in each band, you should consider how many diamonds you have in each band. It's important because some ring bands go a third of the way down the band, I/2 the band, or all the way around, like eternity bands.

Be careful with eternity bands. If the diamonds are too big, some eternity bands can make wearing your ring stack really uncomfortable. Also, eternity bands are more susceptible to diamonds falling out on the underside.

But if you really want an eternity band when stacking rings, its best to have your ring stack next to a bare finger. If two fingers each have a ring stack, they could rub against each other. Remember, diamonds are the only thing that can scratch diamonds.

Type of Metal

Most bridal sets are purchased in 14k white gold. However, there's the occasional person that wants the platinum engagement ring or the 18K gold rings. There's nothing wrong with doing that, but make sure you stick to platinum or gold stacking rings. You want to avoid sterling silver rings when you stack rings because of the extra maintenance it takes to keep up with.

Metal Color

You might be a white gold person only, but it's important that you open your mind to mixing different metals in your ring stack. I'm not saying a white gold stack can't look beautiful, but it's just a little boring representation of one of the latest trends.

Two tone jewelry and even tri tone jewelry are popular in rings and necklaces, and it honestly looks fantastic in a ring stack. The best part is, you shouldn't find any difference in the price of gold metals. Yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold stacking rings should all cost the same as long as it's the same ring and gold karat in a different colored metal.

Band Width

The width of the bands in your ring stack will determine how many rings you can stack on the same finger. Rings with larger that 2-4mm width will fit tighter, so you may have to go up a ring size. Wider rings fit tighter. 

Diamond Shapes

Round diamonds and princess cut diamonds (square) may not seem like the most unique diamond shapes to choose from, but they'll allow you the most options when making your ring stack jewelry. 

Different shapes like pear cut diamonds and marquise are harder to find as ring bands. They are often larger rather than the tiny melee diamonds you find bands with round stones. Plus, if you're mixing metals and different styles, other shapes might cause your rings to look like a mess, not a proper ring stack.

There are some wedding bands that are wavy in the metal band and filled with round diamonds. Vintage wedding bands are popular for this. The metals are shaped like marquise in the setting, but there's two round diamonds in each marquise. These are perfect for adding to your ring stack without overwhelming if you like different shapes.

But if you like the big and bold style, you should limit yourself to one big showstopper in your ring stack to avoid being too crowded. 

Should You Solder Your Ring Stack?

After the wedding ceremony, many people choose to have their engagement ring and wedding band soldered together. That's when a jeweler fuses your two rings together. It's an easy process and can be undone without evidence of being done in the first place (if they're a skilled jeweler-I've seen some pretty crappy soldering in my time at Kays).

Some reasons why one might solder their wedding set or their ring stacks may be:

  • The engagement ring spins on your ring finger
  • Only one ring to keep track of
  • Easier to clean
  • More space in jewelry box

The main reason why people solder rings is convenience. However, when you want them unsoldered, you run the risk of a crappy repair job.

How Much Does a Ring Stack Cost?

The price of the perfect ring stack is not easy to pinpoint. Like many aspects of the jewelry world, there are many variables regarding how much a ring stack costs.

Nearly every tip above also contributes to the cost. For example, yes sterling silver may be less expensive, but gold doesn't require as much care. If you're not someone who wants to have to polish their rings often, sterling silver rings might not be right for you.

On the other hand, if you choose platinum bands in your ring stack, you'll find it costs more than 14k or 18k wedding bands.

In the same fashion, larger carat weights of your stacking ring will cost more that if you're choosing a 1.4 ct tdw ring.

All of these details of the bands you choose to mix and match in your ring stack contributes to the cost of your ring stack. But aside from the details of each band, the main price is in how many rings you want to stack on your finger. Some people want that whole section of their finger as a statement ring. Others prefer to leave a portion of the finger bare.

Where to Make the Perfect Ring Stack

You can really make your ring stack at any places that has a large variety of diamond bands. Most jewelry retail stores only keep the most popular styles in stock. If you're looking for unique bands in different color metals, you might bring your search online.

Our friends at Brilliant Earth have created another feature-but for ring stacks.

They make it easy for you to stack rings and see what they look like before buying. You are limited to a selection of different diamond bands as well as gemstone bands. All of the bands here are in 18K (14K for rose) recycled gold. You can also choose platinum if you want.

Brilliant Earth's Create Your Own Ring Stack allows your to choose 3-4 bands in your ring stack. Simply select the bands you're interested in and preview it. You can easily switch up the order as well as choose different metals. Check out the video below!


Learning how to stack rings sets you on the path of dressing up your engagement ring or creating a statement in a fun new way. Whether you've decided to wear your ring stack on your wedding finger or your middle finger, you'll turn heads everywhere as you hop aboard this jewelry trend! 

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