How to Get a Stuck Ring Off: Tips & Tricks for Easy Removal

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So, you've got a ring stuck on your finger. Or perhaps you just want handy information in case your wedding ring gets a little too tight. 

No need to call the fire department or emergency room just yet.

In this Learning guide, we'll discuss:

  • Topical Ring Removal
  • Special tricks for removing stuck rings
  • How to get help when there is a swollen finger and the ring is seriously stuck
How to get stuck ring off

If your ring is too tight and having a tough time coming off, there are a few different things you can try to help slide it off. These techniques are not for seriously stuck rings that are cutting off circulation or severely swollen

A common complaint for wedding band owners is swollen fingers, though it's more common in women than men. In the summer, your fingers are more likely to swell and in the winter, they shrink. This can happen even if you already bought one of the best rings for fat fingers

This is not the greatest news for your ring finger when it comes to your ring size. Rings that have fit comfortably for quite some time can suddenly feel way too tight. 

Easy Ring Removal Techniques

Topical Ring Removal

You'll need a slippery substance to help glide the ring along the skin, making it easier to slip off. Try some of the following items to help get a stuck ring off. 

ring stuck on finger

Water - Taking the idea that winter makes our fingers shrink, try running your finger under cold water, or plunge it into a cup of ice water. The cold may shrink your swollen finger enough for you to wiggle the rest of the ring off.

WindexWhen I worked at a jewelry store, we would use Windex as one of our go-tos for mildly stuck rings. Not only does it act as a lubricant, making the ring easier to slip off, the Windex also contains some chemicals in the composition which help shrink fingers. 

Hand lotion- This is the most common way of getting a stuck ring off, because lotion is often convenient to find. Apply a generous amount to the finger and on both sides of the ring. The oils in the lotion should help loosen that ring and get it to slide right off. You can also try using petroleum jelly/Vaseline , cooking oil, conditioner, or baby oil to slide it off. 

Tip: Never pull excessively on a ring as too much pulling can increase swelling and make it really stuck.

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Dental Floss Ring Removal Trick 

Another ring removal technique that works well is the dental floss trick. If you have some floss in the bathroom, go grab it. 

Check out these easy steps and the video below to see how this way works: 

1. You'll want to grab a long piece of floss and thread it under the shank (bottom) of the ring, just enough so you can palm it. 

2. Take the other end of the thread and wind it down the length at your finger, tightly, but not so tight that your finger is turning purple. This helps compress the swollen skin around the stuck ring. Secure the floss so it holds on the other end.

3. Start to unwind the floss and pull it off your finger. The ring should come with it!

Seriously Stuck Rings 

If none of the ways above helped you remove your ring, it might be time to look for a better solution. If all else fails, your ring might need to be cut off. 

You probably don't have a ring cutter around and I don't suggest trying any other tools. Call your local jeweler or jewelry store and see if they can cut rings off. 

Tip: Some jewelry stores can only cut rings off if there is a manager there, so make sure to call before going. 

If your ring is extremely swollen, turning purple or blue, or you're in serious pain, skip the ring cutter step and get medical help at your nearest emergency room. Prolonged tightness can result in amputation of finger if it gets really bad. 

Hopefully one of these techniques we've gone over today worked for you. Remember to take care of your hand after ring removal too. 

To reduce swelling, soak the hand in cold water or apply an ice pack.

Lastly, if you want to reshape and learn how to properly size your ring, make sure to take it to your local jeweler. Be safe, ring wearers! 

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