Top 6 Best Infinity Engagement Rings (2023 Review)

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Looking for the best infinity engagement ring that stands out and won't break the bank?

Great, you're in the right place. In this Learning Jewelry Guide you'll learn:

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  • Where to buy infinity engagement rings 
  • Our top 6 best infinity engagement rings 
  • And much more!
top best infinity engagement rings reviewed

Whether you’re looking for a minimalist solitaire design or a fuller look, we’ve got you covered. 


Let’s dive right in with my #1 favorite infinity ring pick.

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Updated On April 26, 2024

  • Can be set with 0.10 - 8.00
    carat center stone
  • Infinity-style design with petite diamond side stones 
  • Available in 14K white, yellow and rose gold, and platinum

Out of the infinity engagement ring I reviewed, this ring takes the crown.


This ring had the most authentic positive feedback with regards to the quality and service provided.

Distinguished by its opulent look, this infinity engagement ring offers the perfect combination of luxury and value in an attractive pavé design backed by one of the highest quality jewelers, James Allen.

The four-prong setting is crowned with a dazzling round cut diamond center stone.

The infinity band is decorated with pavé-set accent diamonds, which intensify the sparkle of the center stone, making this ring an extremely desirable option if you’re on a budget. 

This infinity diamond engagement ring is available in 14K white, yellow, rose gold, or platinum, so you actually have the option to choose the metal color you prefer.

That said, this ring is at least worth checking out., otherwise continue reading for the others I found on my list.

Top 6 Best Infinity Engagement Rings 

What Is an Infinity Engagement Ring?

Infinity engagement rings are rings that incorporate the infinity symbol into the design of the band.

Most of the time, the band of an infinity engagement ring is made up of two pieces/parts that are twisted together to resemble the infinity symbol. 

It is thought that an infinity engagement ring represents the intertwining of husband and wife. It is also an exceptionally beautiful way to express your never-ending feelings and the steadfastness of your commitment. 

Are Infinity Engagement Rings Always Set with Diamonds? 

Infinity engagement rings can be set with diamonds or with other gemstones like sapphire or amethyst.

Depending on the setting style of the ring, there can be one or more diamond center stones. Take, for example, this beautiful 1/3-carat infinity diamond engagement ring. It has a single 1/3-carat diamond center stone set in a four-prong setting. 

However, if you’re on a budget and can’t afford a diamond engagement ring or you have a preference for a different center stone, you can find many infinity engagement rings that are set with aquamarine, morganite and other gemstones. 

Some infinity engagement rings also feature petite diamond accents set on the band, usually on one of the two metal pieces that form the loop of the infinity symbol, like this .75-carat diamond ring or this aquamarine and diamond ring from Blue Nile 

Diamond engagement ring with accent diamonds set on the infinity band.

Aquamarine engagement ring with accent diamonds set on the infinity band.

Are Infinity Engagement Rings Expensive or Cheap?

The cost of an infinity engagement ring depends on a few different factors. Generally speaking, infinity rings set with diamond center stones tend to be more expensive compared to rings set with other gemstones. 

If you’re looking for a diamond infinity engagement ring, you should remember the 4Cs: carat, clarity, color and cut.

The price of the ring will depend very much on a combination of these four factors, which are usually evaluated based on GIA’s consistent grading criteria. The better rated a diamond is, the more expensive the ring. 

When it comes to the carat weight of a diamond, you’ll find most infinity engagement rings set with 1/3-carat, 1/2-carat, 3/4-carat and all the way to 2-carat diamonds.

However, don’t forget that carat weight alone isn’t solely responsible for the price of an infinity engagement ring. Its clarity rating, which ranges from I1/I2/I3 to FL, as well as its color rating (graded on a D-to-Z scale) and cut grade (from “Poor” to “Excellent”) can make the cost fluctuate considerably. 

See below for a very helpful carat sizing chart, to give you an idea on sizing.

For example, a .5-carat diamond ring with D-E color, VVS1 clarity and “Excellent” cut can be pricier than a heavier 1-carat diamond ring with K-L color, SI1 clarity and “Very Good” or “Good” cut. 

Read also: .5-Carat Diamond Ring Buying Guide | 1-Carat Diamond Ring Buying Guide 

If set with a different gemstone, such as morganite or aquamarine, the cost of an infinity engagement ring will be much cheaper. Even larger gemstones or birthstones that weigh 2 carats or more will be less expensive compared too diamonds. 

Some infinity engagement rings are also set with side stones.

Most of the time, the infinity band of the ring will be decorated with smaller accent stones. If these stones are actually diamonds, then the price of the ring will increase depending on their total carat weight.

Similarly, halo engagement rings, which have additional smaller gemstones surrounding the center stone, can cost more compared to solitaire engagement rings. 

Lastly, the type of metal used for the ring band can have an impact on the price you’ll pay. Generally, precious metals like gold and platinum cost more compared to sterling silver.

If you choose a gold band, you can expect to pay more if the percentage of gold is high, which is the case with 18K and 24K gold. 

What Should You Look for in the Best Infinity Diamond Rings? 

Shopping for infinity engagement rings isn’t easy, but you can make an informed decision and get the best value for your money by following our recommendations below. 

Start with the Center Stone 


The very first thing you should do when shopping for the best infinity engagement rings is deciding on the center stone. Most rings will be set with a diamond of up to 1 carat, though you can find some rings with heavier diamonds. Realistically speaking, heavier diamonds will also increase the price of the ring, sometimes quite significantly. 

We recommend a minimum carat weight of 0.50 for the center diamond of your infinity engagement ring. Regardless of the diamond weight, you should always pick the ring based on the qualities of the center stone. In case of diamonds, the clarity, color and cut rating can make a world of difference to the beauty and brilliance of your chosen ring. 

To get the best value for your money, we recommend the following ratings: 

  • Clarity: A minimum clarity rating of VVS1 will ensure that your diamond has no eye-visible inclusions or blemishes. 
  • Color: Diamonds in the G-I color range are considered near-colorless, which means they appear nearly as colorless as those in the D-F range. 
  • Cut: Always shop for diamonds with an “Excellent” cut, as this will maximize their brilliance and fire. kiiii

Other Gemstones

If you decide that a diamond infinity engagement ring isn’t for you, that’s alright! There are many gemstones that make beautiful center stones for an engagement ring, including morganite and aquamarine.

These are generally far more affordable, and even larger specimens will cost less compared to diamonds, which makes them more attractive if you’re on a budget. 

Decide on the Band Style 

Not all infinity engagement rings are made equal, and you’ll often find a number of infinity symbol variations to choose from. For example, the infinity symbol can take up one third, one half or the entire length of the ring band. 

One more aspect to consider is whether you’d like to have smaller accent stones set on the band. Pavé diamond designs are very popular amongst customers, and they tend to maximize both the beauty and the value of the ring. Even if you’ve decided against a diamond center stone, you can still have the breathtaking sparkle of this gem by choosing an infinity engagement ring with diamond side stones. 

As diamond side stones are usually very small, they won’t significantly increase the price of the ring. Moreover, you won’t need to worry about the 4Cs since they’re not large enough for their attributes to be distinguishable. 

Consider the Craftsmanship of the Band 

Infinity engagement rings come in a variety of metal types. They can either be made from solid gold or platinum, or crafted from a less valuable metal and plated with gold or platinum.

While the latter are definitely more affordable, they’re not nearly as durable or beautiful as the first and they often require greater care to maintain their look. 

An engagement ring doesn’t just mark a marriage proposal. It is a symbol of love and devotion, and it should be carefully selected to be as durable as possible together with a proposal song to make things perfect.

We recommend shopping exclusively for rings made from precious metals such as gold and platinum, which are as hardwearing as they are beautiful. 

If you choose an infinity engagement ring with a gold band, make sure it’s 14K or 18K gold. 14K gold is considered the norm for engagement rings, offering both a lovely finish and excellent money value. 18K gold rings tend to be pricier because of the higher percentage of gold, but their quality is also better and they’re not as likely to cause an allergic reaction since the percentage of other alloy metals is lower compared to 14K. 

Unless your partner is allergic to silver, zinc, copper or nickel, we suggest you opt for 14K gold engagement rings. This will allow you to shop on budget without compromising on quality. 

How to Clean Your Infinity Engagement Ring?

How you clean your infinity engagement ring can make a world of difference to its appearance over time. Different gemstones and metal types can be cleaned using a number of different techniques, so the cleaning method will vary for each individual ring. 

A universal way to clean your engagement ring regardless of gemstone or metal type is by soaking it in a mixture of warm water and a few drops of mild dish soap/detergent for 10-15 minutes.

This will help to soften the grime and dirt accumulated on the surface of the stone(s) and band, which you can then remove using a soft-bristle toothbrush.

Pay special attention to the areas around and under the center stone, as they’re harder to reach and easier to miss when cleaning your ring. 

If there is any grime left, repeat the process once again until the ring is clean. 

At the end, use a blow-dryer on the lowest heat setting to dry the ring.


  • Using tissues or cloths, as this can scratch the gemstone and band. 
  • Letting the ring air-dry, as this will leave visible water marks that can make the gemstone appear cloudy and dirty. 
  • Using harsh chemicals or cleaning solution, which can permanently damage your ring. 

Your ring should be cleaned every 2-3 months to maintain its brand-new look over time. 

Where to Buy Infinity Engagement Rings? 

It’s no secret that the jeweler you shop with can make or break your experience. Among the best places to find quality infinity engagement rings is Amazon, which offers a wide selection of products at different price points. They also provide special offers on fine jewelry regularly, so you’re very likely to score a great deal on your infinity engagement ring. 

If you’re ready to invest a bit more, then a ring from James Allen or Blue Nile is just what you’re looking for. While the selection isn’t as great compared to Amazon, you can shop with confidence in the quality and expertise offered by Blue Nile’s 21+ years of experience in the jewelry industry. 

Best Infinity Engagement Rings Reviewed 

One of James Allen's most popular rings is this fine 1.8 mm pavé set infinity band with a 4-prong set center stone.

Pavé settings are meant to highlight the center stone, and this band full delivers.

With 40+ 5-star reviews, people love this band and the customer services James Allen offers help folks nail the ring of their dreams.

The ring is available in 14K white, yellow, rose gold, and platinum, which gives you plenty of options in terms of metals.

What's great about this band is that James Allen also lets you set it with a gemstone instead of a diamond if that's what you prefer!


  • Can be set with 0.10 - 8.00 carat size diamonds
  • Multiple petite diamond accents set on the infinity band
  • Available in three shades of 14K gold + Platinum


  • Can be pricey depending on metal/diamond combination

This gorgeous ring is perfect for the person looking for simple, yet subtle. 

Also available in white gold and rose gold, many will love this infinity styled solitaire band. The high polish of the metal keeps it looking great in every kind of lighting. 

And with it being yellow gold,  you can opt for a diamond that's lower in color grade than you could if it were set in rose or white gold. 

This style is also great for many diamond shapes and James Allen will show you what it looks like with each. Many infinity ring settings only fit a small range of diamond shapes. 


  • Different shape options
  • Solitaire styles are more affordable
  • High polish infinity band
  • Still keeps center the star of the show


  • Won't look good with center stone carat weights under 3/4

Our best of the best pick is this breathtaking 1/3-carat total weight ring, which offers all the fine qualities you need in an engagement ring, albeit at a much higher price.

This ring has a classic intertwining-loop infinity band set with dozens of side round diamonds that add opulent sparkle to the design.

Crafted from high-quality platinum, this engagement ring is a durable symbol of love and commitment she’ll cherish forever. Additional metals are 14K rose gold or platinum.

For a band like this, I'd recommend going with a 1.5 carat center stone to really bring this ring together.


  • Blue Nile offers exceptional customer service
  • Blue Nile has multiple physical locations if need be
  • Available in rose gold, white gold, and platinum


  • Not an affordable engagement ring

Distinguished by its lovely design, this infinity engagement rings adds a micropavé design drawing the eye to the center stone.

The delicate peachy pink hue of the rose gold metal is set in perfect harmony with diamond stone offering a colorful design she’ll love.


  • Micropavé design adds a bit of uniqueness to your ring
  • 1/4 total carat weight for side diamonds
  • 14K rose gold, white gold, and platinum metal options


  • Similar to the above, Blue Nile offers quality but with a step up in price

This infinity engagement ring is a vision of elegance. A 7 x 7mm aquamarine takes center stage, infusing this beautiful ring with a touch of color.

Thirty-four side diamonds accentuate the infinity twist design, creating a striking contrast with the serene hue of the center stone. 

The band is crafted from solid 14K white gold, which ensures the durability and hardwearing quality of the ring.

At just 0.12 total diamond carat weight, it is an extremely cost-effective choice if you’re on a budget.


  • 7 x 7mm cushion cut aquamarine center stone
  • Solid 14K white gold craftsmanship
  • Very affordable price


  • The aquamarine center stone is heat-treated.

This infinity engagement rings captures the attention of those who are on the fence between a plain metal infinity band or an infinity band adorned with tiny diamond or gemstones. 

This ring is designed by one of the desginers at James Allen, Martin Flyer. It features half of the infinity symbol in high polish and the other half encrusted with prong-set diamonds. 

You have the option of choosing 14K, 18K, or even platinum. Currently, there's no yellow or rose gold options for this ring


  • Multi-stone shape
  • High quality designer
  • 14K white gold craftsmanship


  • small diamonds more likely to fall out
  • More expensive from a designer

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