James Allen Insurance (What’re Your Options?)

Last Updated on April 12, 2023 by Juli "Jewels" Church

Wondering if James Allen's offers any type of insurance on your new ring purchase with them?

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In this guide we cover:

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  • If James Allen Offers Insurance On Wedding Rings
  • Who Jewelers Mutual Is And How They Related To James Allen
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James Allen Insurance

Does James Allen Offer Insurance On Wedding Rings?

Yes or No?

As stated in our full James Allen review, they do not offer insurance through its own company on wedding rings, although it has partnered with a different company called Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company to provide you with plenty of jewelry insurance options regardless of jewelry type. 

Because of this partnership, ensuring your jewelry with this external company is very easy and can be accomplished either from the Mutual website or from the James Allen website.

It is the only insurer in the United States and Canada that specializes exclusively in insurance for jewelry of all different types.

What Does It Cover?

The insurance provided by Jewelers Mutual has several advantages. These include the flexibility to choose the jeweler from which you've acquired your jewelry, although in this case, it will be James Allen. It also covers protection against theft of your jewelry both in the United States or if you travel abroad. Accidental theft is covered as well, along with mysterious disappearance which cannot be accounted for.

Any damage done to your wedding ring will also be covered by Jewelers Mutual insurance.

Mutual can perform the repair of damaged jewelry with the same level quality as the original piece. This can sometimes cost extra depending on the exact jewelry that has been damaged, and wedding rings, in particular, tend to be very expensive. However, Jewelers Mutual will work with your jewelry provider to ensure that your repaired wedding ring looks as good as it did the first day you got it.

Finally, Jewelers Mutual also covers the replacement of lost jewelry as long as the replacement jewelry is of the same brand and type is the original. They’ll work with your provider to ensure that an accurate match is found.

James Allen Jewelry Insurance


The exact cost to ensure your piece of jewelry can vary based on several factors, but Jewelers Mutual uses a flat rate to provide an easy quote and general calculation for your insurance costs. Generally, insurance for any given piece of jewelry costs between 1% and 2% of the retail replacement price at the time of the insuring.

In addition, you can elect to add a deductible to your insurance policy, which is a certain amount of money that you pay out-of-pocket to lower your annual premium quote. This can be smart if you’re insuring something that has a relatively high price.

Your insurance rates or quote that you get from the website represents the yearly total that you pay to protect your wedding ring. For instance, if your wedding ring cost $10,000, it will likely cost $100 a year or so to protect.

Is It Worth It?

This depends on the exact person, but most people find their wedding rings to be extremely valuable and almost irreplaceable. While the loss of a wedding ring is regrettable, since replacing it doesn't hold the same value, having insurance that covers the repair of a wedding ring can be an excellent idea since it ensures that you'll be able to enjoy your wedding ring looking fantastic for the duration of your life.

Wedding rings are supposed to be representative of your marriage as a whole, so keeping it in good condition shows pride both in your marriage and in the original promise you made to your significant other.

How To File A Claim?

Filing a claim with Jewelers Mutual is very easy and is described on this page. Let’s go over an easy summary. If your jewelry has been stolen, you need to report it to the police. Otherwise, you can submit your claim online at the Jewelers Mutual website or call 888-824-2424 and speak to a person. They'll take all of your information and follow up on extra details to ensure that they know exactly what piece of jewelry is being filed for a claim.

Your preferred jeweler or the original manufacturer will be agreed upon in order to consult them if repair work needs to be completed.

In the event of a replacement or repair work, an appointment with your agreed-upon jeweler will be made and you will then go about the process of replacing or repairing the jewelry. Once you're satisfied with the work done on your wedding ring, you can pay any deductible amount that may be applicable and James Allen, in this case, would pay Jewelers Mutual the remaining balance.

One thing to remember is that you must reinsure your new wedding ring once it’s been repaired or replaced. This keeps its exact value accurate in the minds of both James Allen and Jewelers Mutual.

Does James Allen Offer Insurance On Engagement Rings?

Yes or No?

Just like with wedding rings, James Allen offers insurance for engagement rings through an outside insurance company named Jewelers Mutual. They cover all types of jewelry and handle a variety of different engagement ring issues.

What Does It Cover?

Every type of issue when it comes to your engagement ring will be covered by Jewelers Mutual aside from resizing costs. These range from the loss of an engagement ring to damage of the engagement ring to theft. Travel loss is included in your coverage.


Like with wedding rings, engagement rings generally cost between 1% and 2% of their total value per year to be insured with Jewelers Mutual. There may be a deductible according to your specific contract, and this can lower your yearly rate.

Is It Worth It?

Most people find engagement rings to hold great sentimental and emotional value and would benefit greatly from having capable insurance protecting the ring throughout their lives. Engagement rings are supposed to be something that you only receive once in your life, so it’s important that it remains wearable and beautiful for all time.

In addition, lost engagement rings can represent great commercial turmoil for many people. Being able to replace the engagement ring with an exact replica might remove some of the sting of losing your original.

How To File A Claim?

Once again, filing a claim with Jewelers Mutual can be done either on their website or by calling the phone number that we mentioned for filing a claim for your wedding. The engagement ring claim filing process is exactly the same, and you’ll need to provide your preferred jeweler or the engagement ring’s manufacturer to Jewelers Mutual to begin the repair or replacement process.

Does James Allen Offer Insurance On Other Jewelry?

Yes or No?

James Allen offers insurance on other jewelry through Jewelers Mutual. This insurance company covers jewelry insurance for virtually every type of jewelry you can imagine. Even loose gemstones that have yet to be set into a ring or another piece of jewelry are covered under the Mutual umbrella.

What Does It Cover?

The insurance for other types of jewelry under Jewelers Mutual covers the same range of potential problems or damages that we mentioned above. Any damage or repair work will be covered, along with potential loss due to theft or “mysterious disappearance”.


Like with wedding and engagement rings, other pieces of jewelry usually have insurance costs ranging between 1% and 2% of their retail price at the time of insuring. Deductibles may be added to the total to lower your annual payment.

Is It Worth It?

Insuring types of jewelry other than wedding rings were engagement rings is a lot more subjective and will depend on the person. In general, jewelry that cost a lot of money, or over $100 in value, is worthwhile to insure since the overall cost won’t be very high. In addition, jewelry that holds sentimental value of any type is often worthwhile to have insured, since nothing can replace the memories you associate with the original piece of jewelry given to you as a gift by a loved one.

How To File A Claim?

Filing a claim through Jewelers Mutual can be done either online or by using the same phone number that we discussed above.