Does Blue Nile Let You Build Your Own Ring? (Yes or No?)

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Blue Nile Custom Ring

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Does Blue Nile Let You Build Your Own Ring®?

If you are looking to purchase a ring that you get to design, from the cut of the diamond to the metal used for the band and setting, then you are going to love Blue Niles Build Your Own Ring®. Blue Nile allows you to choose everything you want in your ring, including choice of stone and setting. 

Depending on the choices that are made, a custom build ring can be delivered in as little as two weeks.

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How Does It Work with Blue Nile?

Begin the process of building your own ring by choosing the diamond you want to build your set around. Blue Nile offers your choice of over 150,000 diamonds from which to choose your perfect stone.

Choosing the Perfect Diamond:

Diamonds come in all shapes, sizes, cut, and weight. When choosing the perfect diamond for your ring, diamonds can be compared based on the following attributes:

Shape – Blue Nile offers all major diamond shapes, including round, princess, and less common, cushion and pear.

Price – It is possible to choose your stone based on your budget. Currently, the stock of available diamonds ranges in price from just over $200 to over $200,000. Though it should be noted that the selection available for building your own ring changes almost constantly.

Carat – the weight of a diamond or gemstone, can be the weight of a single stone or a set of stones, often referred to as total carat weight.

Cut – a diamond’s cut determines the amount of reflected light that the gem is able to produce. Cuts from Blue Nile vary from Good, for the budget conscious, to Astor by Blue Nile™. Astor™ cuts are precisely cut and polished to allow the highest level of reflected light.

Color – the amount of visible color in a diamond determines the color. Blue Nile uses diamonds with color grades of J, near colorless, through D, the highest colorless grade.

Clarity – the level of inclusions, visual blemishes on or within a diamond. Blue Nile carries a wide range of clarity levels from I1 and I2 (minor visible blemishes), to the most IF (internally flawless) and FL (flawless).

You can also choose to include additional filter options; these extra filters include:

Polish – this refers to the overall exterior condition of the diamond. All diamonds are polished on a wheel, higher quality diamonds will show fewer if any polish marks. However, it is almost impossible to see polish marks on any diamonds without the use of a jeweler’s loupe (the eyepiece a jeweler uses to view stones).

Symmetry – just like in high school geometry, symmetry refers to the alignment of the diamond facets, whether, or not, they line up, and how precisely. 

Fluorescence – some diamonds are able to transform ultraviolet light into a light that is visible to the human eye, this is referred to as fluorescence. A high fluorescence level will sometimes actually cause the market value of the diamond to be slightly lower, though there is no integral impact.

Depth % - refers to the height of the diamond from the culet to the table, divided by the diamond’s diameter. This percentage contributes to the overall beauty of the diamond, including appearance and fire. 

Table % - refers to the table surface divided by the total diameter. The table refers to the flat surface on the top of the diamond. 

L/W Ratio – particularly important in a square, rectangular, or Marquise cut diamond, the length to width ratio conveys an important aspect of the diamond. Used to help pair a diamond with the appropriate setting.

Price per Carat – the total price divided by the carat weight of the diamond will provide the price per carat. This is important as larger carat diamonds will actually cost more per carat than smaller diamonds due to the relative rarity. For example, you could choose to purchase a 1 total carat weight ring that has multiple diamonds and will pay less than a ring with a 1-carat diamond solitaire.

Culet – the point at the bottom of a diamond. Though typically unable to be viewed without using a jeweler’s loupe, diamonds with more pronounced culets may have less brilliance.

Delivery Date – individuals that have to have their ring by a specific special date can add this filter to their search to find the diamonds and settings that can be combined and shipped within a set timeframe.

Choosing the Perfect Setting:

Once you have chosen your perfect diamond, then it is time to choose the setting to hold your diamond. You can choose a setting and band based on a number of features These features include:

Price – the price listed includes only the cost of the actual setting. As mentioned above, diamond prices are listed separately when you choose your diamond. Sorting the available setting according to price will allow you to stay within your intended budget without falling in love with a setting you cannot afford.

Stone Shape – This includes all major diamond shapes, including Round, Princess, Emerald, Asscher, Marquise, Oval, Radiant, Pear, Heart, and Cushion.

Metal – You can choose to Build Your Ring in Platinum, 14k or 18k Rose Gold, 14k or 18k White Gold, or 14k or 18k Yellow Gold.

Material – this refers to any material that can be located on the band, including diamonds, gemstones, or a plain metal band.

Blue Nile Ring Styles

Ring Style – Blue Nile offers all major ring styles. There are also a number of styles that allow for engraving as well. The ring styles that you may choose from when Building Your Own Ring include; 3-Stone, Channel-Set, Designer, Eternity, Halo, those that include a matching band, Infinity, Pave, Sidestone, Solitaire, or Vintage.

Ring Size – you can Build Your Own Ring in sizes from 3 to 10. However, both the smallest and largest sizes will have less setting options to choose from. Individuals purchasing rings for someone with these sizes may consider contacting a Blue Nile Design Consultant to inquire about purely custom settings for more setting options.

Band Width – ranging from 1mm to 7mm, the band width refers to the thickness of the ring in profile. 

Gemstone – Build Your Own Rings are currently available in settings that feature diamonds or sapphires. Though other options may be available at other times.

Designer – Top of the line ring designer settings are currently available. In addition to the Blue Nile Studio, there are designs available from Bella Vaughan, Monique Lhuillier, Zac Posen, and The Gallery Collection™.

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Does Blue Nile Charge Extra to Build Your Own Ring?

At this time all costs are included when selecting the diamond and setting of your Build Your Own Ring. When making your selections you will see the prices listed separately for your choice of diamond and setting. You will then have the option to have the ring engraved for an additional non-refundable $25 fee.

How Long Will It Take to Make?

Currently, Build Your Own Ring designs include free expedited delivery. For example, it is quite possible to Build Your Own Ring today and receive the ring within a week at no additional charge. However, for purchases totaling more than $1000, a signature is required at the time of delivery, so you should make sure to take this into account when placing your order.

Additional Considerations

Not sure if you are ready to commit to your diamond choice just yet? Add your prospective diamond choice to your cart, begin the checkout process and look for the Diamond Price Alert. By entering your email address, they will alert you if any Blue Nile conflict-free diamond in your shopping cart changes in price. 

Also, it is important to note that for most sales and promotions, Build Your Own Rings are generally excluded. The Diamond Price Guarantee is one way that Blue Nile ensures you are getting the best price possible when choosing to Build Your Own Ring.

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