What Is Blue Nile’s Resizing Policy? (Detailed Look)

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Blue Nile’s Resizing Policy

Let's take a deep dive on Blue Nile's policy!

Does Blue Nile Offer Ring Resizing?

Sometimes it is impossible to know the correct ring size of the person you are shopping for.

Other times, your finger size may change enough to require that you have your ring resized.

Blue Nile values its customers. As a result, Blue Nile DOES include complimentary resizing on all custom engagement rings for the first year after purchase.

All other ring purchases or after the first year, Blue Nile will still resize your ring, however, the cost may vary. 

In order to avoid the potential cost and delay of resizing your ring, Blue Nile offers several options to help you select the right size at the time of purchase.

There are a number of options for finding the right ring size. Blue Nile provides a free ring sizer, they will even mail it to you free of charge. All you have to do is give them your address and you can choose to sign up for an email newsletter or not.

There is no email confirmation required, and the ring sizer will arrive in 7-10 days (8-15 for Canada residents). If you need your ring sizer sooner, you have the choice of expedited shipping, but it will cost you $15. 

While waiting for your ring sizer to arrive you can also download the free PDF that helps you determine your ring size. The download walks you through step by step how to take the appropriate measurements.

This free PDF also includes tips and tricks for buying a ring as a surprise, international ring sizes, and a few additional tips. For example, did you know your fingers are smaller in the early morning or when they are cold?

According to Blue Nile, the best time to measure your ring size is in the evening to avoid purchasing a ring that will become too tight throughout the day.

How Long Does Blue Nile Take to Resize a Ring?

Rings are resized using the online return tool for rings $500 or less, or by contacting a Blue Nile Diamond and Jewelry Consultant for rings over $500. You will be assigned a return merchandise authorization number. You will then be sent an email with a pre-paid, printable FedEx shipping label. Make sure to include any necessary paperwork, your return merchandise account number and any other appropriate material with the ring. Shipping includes the appropriate insurance from Blue Nile

For items that Blue Nile does not cover shipping and insurance, you can utilize the Parcel Pro partnership with Blue Nile for a discount on shipping and insurance rates. Blue Nile suggests always purchasing insurance anytime you are shipping your jewelry to them. You can also require a signature upon delivery for added safety and peace of mind. Once Blue Nile has received your ring, the process of resizing may take up to as much as 2 weeks. 

However, the length of time it may take to resize your ring will vary depending on the amount of resizing need (up or down), the material, and likely the demand for the service. Many have reported that resizing in the month of July, after the surge of June weddings and just after major holidays such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day may result in longer delays in resizing. However, in general, you should expect that it should not take more than 12-14 days to receive your ring back once Blue Nile has received your ring.

For information regarding tracking a resize request, check the status of your return on the Blue Nile Services page.

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How Much Does Blue Nile Charge to Resize Rings?

Blue Nile charge to resize rings

As mentioned above, engagement rights are resized free of charge if the service is rendered within one year of purchase. However, other resizing will incur an added charge. This charge varies greatly depending on the band type, the amount of work that the resizing will involve, and whether you are sizing up or down.

It may be tempting to avoid the cost associated with resizing your ring through Blue Nile by taking your ring to someone else, such as a discount jewelry store, or local jeweler. However, it is important to remember that any work not performed by Blue Nile jewelers will void the manufacturer's warranty for your ring immediately.

For a general idea of how much it may cost to have your ring resized, we urge you to contact a Blue Nile Diamond and Jewelry Consultant. Usually, the consultant can give you a general idea of the cost of resizing based on the type of ring, the setting, the material used, and the size adjustment that is necessary. This can be discussed as part of the same call that is necessary to begin a return for items greater than $500. If you choose to continue with the return process following the consultation, be sure to obtain the return merchandise authorization number from the Blue Nile Diamond and Jewelry Consultant at the time of your consultation.

Is Ring Resizing Covered Under Any Warranty with Blue Nile?

The only warranty available through Blue Nile is the Lifetime Manufacturers warranty, which does not extend to cover the costs incurred by resizing. If you have purchased the wrong sized ring, there are a few options that you may be able to take advantage of even though resizing is not included as part of the warranty. 

The first option is to return the ring for a refund. This is only possible within 30 days of purchase, therefore if you are purchasing a ring for any reason, check the sizing well within the first 30 days to ensure you do can return the ring if necessary. This may be the best option, particularly for individuals where the ring is drastically the wrong size. Especially if it is way too small. In general, resizing up will incur more costs than resizing down. 

If you need a different sized ring beyond the original 30 days, you may return the ring for credit in most circumstances as long as you have all of the necessary paperwork and have requires the appropriate return merchandise authorization from Blue Nile. A return merchandise authorization can be obtained by using the online returns portal for items $500 or less or contacting a Blue Nile Diamond and Jewelry Consultant for items over $500. 

Additionally, you may choose to use the Diamond Buyback option to sell your current diamond or diamond jewelry. Through a partnership is Mondiamo, Blue Nile offers this service to its customers. This is available for all diamonds or settings with at least one diamond that is 0.30-carat or larger. However, this option requires a GIA report and all paperwork about the regarding the diamond.

Additional Considerations

There are some types of the ring that cannot be resized. These include all diamond and gemstone eternity bands, silver rings, rings made of metals such as Tungsten, and other ornate bands. Most custom designs (different than Build Your Own designs) are also not usually able to be resized as they usually have ornate bands.  As with other purchases Blue Nile will gladly exchange the ring for the appropriate size or refund the purchase price if processed within 30 days of the original date of purchase.

Need More Help?

Blue Nile Help Support

Blue Nile offers personal assistance from their certified Blue Nile Diamond and Jewelry consultants that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additionally, there are a number of resources that Blue Nile includes on their website to help you find the perfect ring, make sure you purchase the correct size and even some bonus tips on how to get the information without the ring recipient having any clue. 

Individuals that received a Blue Nile Ring as a gift may return the gift to Blue Nile. In exchange, Blue Nile will issue the recipient an email gift certificate. The gift certificate will only be issued once the item has been received and processed.

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