Does Blue Nile Offer Financing? (How Does It Work?)

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Wondering if Blue Nile offers any type of financing or loans to help you buy jewelry?

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In this guide we cover:

  • Blue Nile's Financing Program
  • All The Credit Card Options You Have With Blue Nile
  • And The Monthly Payment Plan Options You Have

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Blue Nile Financing

Does Blue Nile Offer Loans To Buy Jewelry?

Blue Nile does not currently offer financial or loans directly through their website or brick and mortar locations, although this may change in the future.

However, Blue Nile does offer the Blue Nile Credit Card for individuals that need financing and loan options to see if you qualify, apply for the Blue Nile Credit Card directly from the Blue Nile website.

You also have the option of obtaining personal financing through other institutions for purchasing jewelry from Blue Nile, contact customer service for requirements in order to use your own alternate financing options or loans.

Additionally, Blue Nile accepts all major credit cards, include valid debit cards, and even PayPal. As an added bonus you can also make your purchase using a direct bank transfer and will enjoy a 1.5% discount for using this payment option. Interested individuals may want to contact their bank before making their final purchase in order to ensure the transfer will be correctly processed.

Does Blue Nile Offer A Credit Card?

Blue Nile offers a number of financing options utilizing their Blue Nile Credit Card from Comenity Capital Bank. Benefits available for credit card members include paying over time, special promotions for card members, and no annual fee for qualified members.

How Much Credit if Offered?

Credit lines of up to $6000+ are available for qualified members. The credit line is determined by creditworthiness and the amount of the initial purchased placed on your Blue Nile credit card.

What is the Interest Rate (If Any)?

The Blue Nile Credit Card from Comenity Capital Bank includes no interest financing option for qualified cardholders in good standing. The no interest financing options are as follows:

Purchase amounts ranging from $500 to $1499.00 are available for interest-free financing for qualified individuals that pay the entire amount financed with six months of purchase. For eligible individuals that make a qualifying purchase of $1500 or more can take advantage of the interest-free financing when the entire purchase amount is paid within twelve months of purchase. Finally, the interest-free financing can be used by qualified individuals with purchases of $2000 or more if the whole purchase price is paid in full within eighteen months of the initial purchase.

Here is an easy to understand visual representation of these no interest options.

Purchase Amount

No Interest if Paid Within:


6 Months

$1500.00 and up

12 Months

$2000 and up

18 Months

Additional financing options are available at a promotional interest rate of 9.99% APR for qualified cardholders. This includes a fixed equal payment rate based on the total amount financed. In order to receive the fixed APR of 9.99%, purchases of $2000 to $2999.99 must be paid in full within 24 months of the original date of purchase plus the initial 25 day grace period included on all transactions made on accounts in good standing that have been paid in full during the previous. 

For purchases ranging from $3000 to $3999.99 the fixed 9.99% APR can be maintained if the account remains in good standing and the amount financed is paid in full within 36 months of purchase. Like all purchases, this is beyond the 25-day grace period afforded to new purchases on accounts where the previous balance is paid in full the previous billing cycle.

Purchases including all taxes and additional fees of $4000 or more are eligible for the 9.99% APR fixed payment and fixed rate option when the amount is paid in full within 48 months of purchase. The fixed payment amount is determined by the full purchase price including any additional taxes, fees, or added merchandise.

Finally, purchases made on accounts in good standing of $6000 or more may qualify for the 9.99% fixed rate APR and easy fixed payment option for accounts that remain in good standing and are paid off within 60 months of the original date of purchase.

Here is a simple to read table that shows these equal payment financing options and the corresponding length of the terms for each amount financed.

Amount Financed

Length of Term w/ 9.99% APR


24-month term


36-month term

$4000 and up

48-month term

$6000 and up

60-month term

You may notice that a fixed 9.99% APR and equal payment option is not available on purchases less than $2000. Interested individuals should refer to the no-interest options above which would require the account holder to have an account in good standing with the balance having been paid in full the previous billing cycle and make sure the amount is paid in full within 18 months of the original purchase date. All payments options require maintain a valid account in good standing throughout the promotional term of the purchase agreement. 

Additionally, all new purchases qualify for a 25-day grace period before any finance charges are applied any time your account balance is paid in full for the previous billing cycle.

Purchased made outside of the requirements (see below) promotional terms or account balances beyond that of the promotional terms are subject to the standard variable APR of 29.99%. This also includes a minimum interest charge of $2.00 and a minimum monthly payment of at least $27.

What Are The Requirements?

The Blue Nile Credit Card from Comenity Capital Bank is available to qualified customers who pass the necessary credit approval at the time of sign up. Additionally, for purchases beyond the initial purchase, in order to receive the above-mentioned promotional terms, your account must be in good standing at the time of purchase.

How Do You Sign Up?

To see if you qualify for the Blue Nile Credit Card from Comenity Capital Bank you can apply during checkout or visit their Financial Services page of the Blue Nile website.

All credit cards from Comenity Bank are subject to credit approval and the account must remain in good standing to ensure any future promotional sales or financing options.

Additional options available with the Comenity Bank issued Blue Nile Credit Card may include a deferred interest promotion good for a limited time no interest financing on all promotional purchases that are made when the account is in good standing. Good standing refers to an account that is current on all payments, have not had a late payment within the last 12-months and has the appropriate credit limit for the upcoming purchase. This does not refer to accounts that have been charged additional service fees within the previous 12 months or have reached the credit limit.

Comenity Bank also offers benefits to members who choose to make extra payments on top of any payment or financial arrangements made through their Blue Nile Credit Card.

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Does Blue Nile Offer Any Monthly Payment Plans?

Blue Nile Monthly Payment Plans

At the time of publication Blue Nile does not offer monthly payment plans directly through their website or stores. However, there are a number of monthly payment options available for qualifying individuals through the Blue Nile Credit Card from Comenity Capital Bank. However, this may change at some point in the future. If so, we will be sure to update this information with any additional payment plans or financing options at that time.

Monthly payment plans are available from the Blue Nile Credit Cards range from interest-free financing on qualifying purchases paid in full within 6-18 months. Additional monthly payment options may include fixed 9.99% APR for purchases of $2000 or more in variable terms lengths of 24 to 60 months depending on the amount financed.

All other purchases made through the Blue Nile Credit Card are subject to a rate of 29.99% APR after the grace period of 25-days for accounts in good standing and paid in full during the previous billing cycle.

For further information, please refer to the Blue Nile Credit Card information page located on the Blue Nile website.

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