The 5-Carat Diamond Ring: Size & Value Information

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Trying to decide if you should buy a 5 carat diamond ring? You've come to the right place.

In this Learning Guide, I'll go over everything you'll need to know about buying a 5-carat diamond ring without ever stepping foot in a jewelry store.

I'll also answer popular questions about 5-carat rings like:

The 5-Carat Diamond Ring
  • How much is a 5-carat diamond ring worth?
  • Where can I buy a 5-carat diamond ring? 
  • What’s the best clarity for a 5-carat diamond ring?

Best Places to Buy a 5-Carat Diamond Ring

Diamond engagement rings with a 5 carat center diamond are difficult to come by at brick and mortar jewelry stores. That's not true for every store, but many require you to put a down payment in order to bring it into the store for viewing.

For many online jewelry retailers, this isn't the case. Here are some of our best picks to buy a 5 carat diamond ring with:

Each of these talented companies has their strengths and weaknesses, but we believe they all have something significant to bring to the engagement ring table. Some retailers even provide alternative options such as lab grown diamonds, fancy colored diamonds, and colored gemstones.

Also, in case you're curious, we've also reviewed other popular carat weights for diamonds rings. See below:

What is a 5-Carat Diamond Engagement Ring?

There are many aspects to a 5 carat diamond ring, but don't worry. I'm going to break down everything you need to know about buying one. If you need to learn anything further about any section below feel free to follow any links or recommended articles found in the text.

What is a Carat?

A carat (or karat in the UK) is the unit of measurement for diamonds. Colored gemstones may be also be shown in carats, but more often in millimeters. A carat is equal to 200mg, or 1/5 of a gram. A 5 carat diamond weighs one gram.

Carat Size or Carat Weight?

One of the most confusing terms in diamond buying is how many people think carat weight and carat size are the same thing. Turns out, they're not. Not to sound snarky, but carat weight is the weight of a piece of rough diamond after it's been faceted by a diamond cutter.

The carat weight doesn't represent the overall size of the diamond. The visual size of a 5 carat diamond ring may shift based on fancy shapes. An emerald cut diamond, oval cut diamond, radiant cut diamond, princess cut diamond, and elongated cushion cut diamond have a bigger table surface size than a round cut diamond ring because of the elongated shape.

Carat size is the measurements of the diamond's face-up view. A round diamond has a smaller face-up view, so other fancy shapes of the same carat weight may have a diamond size in appearance. Though they're all 5 carat diamonds, the weight distribution among the shapes is different.

The 5-Carat Center Stone

Finding the perfect 5 carat diamond is going to be a bit of a treasure hunt, especially if you're only searching in your neighborhood. A high-quality 5 carat diamond is going to be very expensive and rare, particularly if it's a natural diamond. A 5 carat diamond from lab-created origins is less expensive and rare, but still will cost a considerable amount of money.

Don't expect to find chain jewelry retailers carrying many 5 carat diamond rings in their glass cases. Places like Zales and Kay will encourage you to wait until one of their special events to bring in a diamond this large. Larger stones often come with down payment in order for them to bring it into the store. After all, these are highly expensive and valuable.

You'll have better luck finding 5 carat center stones online because there's no risk to the retailer to show them on their website. They filters that let you narrow down the specs and there's diamond experts just a click away that aren't going to pressure you.

5-Carat Total Weight

Finding a single diamond weighing 5 carats would be hard to do locally without going to special jeweler who can source one for you. Finding a 5 carat TDW might be a lot easier.

If you see these markings on a price tag or online description, know this isn't the same as a 5 carat center stone on a solitaire setting. The TDW after the number 5 represents the total diamond weight of all the stones in the setting. If it's a solitaire, obviously you'd have the center stone as 5 carats, unless you have hidden diamonds like more modern solitaire styles.

You may also see 5 carat engagement rings marked as:

  • TW- Total Weight
  • DWT Diamond Weight Total
  • CTTW Carat Diamond Total Weight
  • CTW Carat Total Weight
  • How Much Does A 5 Carat Diamond Ring Cost?

    Too much.

    Just kidding. Well, kind of. The average person probably wouldn't be able to afford a 5 carat diamond. But if you're one of the lucky ones or if you're choosing to go the lab-created diamond route to save a chunk of cash, then you're going to want to know how the cost 5 carat diamond ring is broken down-as well as a few tips to make the most out of your purchase.

    All diamonds have a variety of factors that contribute to their overall cost and quality. Some have more of a significant impact than others. In the world of diamonds, the 4Cs of diamond quality are the biggest contributors.

    This system determines the overall quality of diamonds and was implemented by the Gemological Institute of America. The entire diamond industry bases a diamond's value on the cut, clarity, cut, and carat weight of a diamond.

    The cost of a 5 carat diamond ring is dependent on many factors. It's difficult to nail down a straight price, especially based on carat weight alone. A diamond's quality and value aren't only assessed based on how much it weighs or how big it is.

    In fact, a system called the 4Cs of Diamond Quality was established by the Gemological Institute of America. They surmise that a diamond's cut quality, color grade, clarity grades, and carat weight were the most important pillars of diamond standards. There are other small factors that may increase or decrease the cost of a diamond ring, but they are less impactful as the carat weight goes up.

    Here’s a list of elements that contribute to pricing of a 2 carat diamond ring:

  • Diamond Cut
  • Diamond Clarity
  • Diamond Color
  • Diamond Shape
  • Diamond Brand
  • Diamond Setting
  • Cut Quality

    Diamond cuts can refer to both diamond shapes and cut quality. In this case, the diamond cut we're talking about is cut grades and quality. Though only round diamonds can have official cut grades on most grading reports, there are other fancy shapes that are said to be ideal- like cushion or princess cut diamonds. However, the proportions of these shapes usually fall under a range, rather than exact symmetry.

    The diamond cuts grading system is determine per this scale:

    To achieve an Excellent, ideal, or Very Good cut grade on a round diamond, it should be faceted, cut, and polished to the best of the diamond cutter's abilities. They will have discarded diamond rough with too many imperfections and smooth down any rough surfaces.

    The cut quality of a diamond has a big impact on its overall beauty. A well-cut 5 carat diamond ring will show brilliance and fire unparalleled to any other colourless gemstone-without being overwhelming.

    If you're spending the money to purchase a beautiful diamond engagement ring, I'd advise you to stay away from a Good or Fair cut diamond. It's harder to find fair cut round diamonds, but if you do they'll be considerably less expensive than higher cut grades.

    However, when sat next to a Very Good or Excellent cut diamond, a Fair cut diamond will pale in comparison in beauty. In fact, it's likely you'll see a noticeable dullness in the Good or Fair cut graded diamond ring.

    Aside from that, poorly cut diamonds can make your diamond look misshapen, unbalance, and vulnerable to chipping easier if struck.

    Clarity Grade

    The clarity grades of 5 carat diamond rings are easier to work with if you're trying to save some money on your diamond ring. However, because a 5 carat diamond is much larger than the national average of a 1.5 carat diamond, you might not want to go too far down the clarity scale.

    Diamond clarity doesn't usually affect the durability of your diamond, but more so with its appearance. Certain diamond flaws within the crystal can make the diamond vulnerable to chipping, but these are usually in poorly cut diamonds and are certain types of surface blemishes.

    Internal flaws, on the other hand, are very natural and acceptable in diamonds. These may be small inclusions and tiny bits of other minerals trapped in the diamond as it was forming in the earth or in a lab.

    A lot of people think lab grown diamonds don't have inclusions, but that's not true. The types of inclusions in a diamond vary but most are visual. The less prominent the inclusions in a 5 carat diamond, the higher on the clarity scale the diamond will be. This is the diamond clarity scale.

    GIA Diamond Clarity Scale

    On a diamond certificate, the clarity grade is determined by a gemological laboratory.

    Clarity is how free of natural inclusions and surface blemishes the diamond is. The higher the clarity grade of the diamond, the more clear the diamond appears to the naked eye. An eye-clean diamond refers to a diamond whose inclusions can't be seen with the naked eye.

    Color Grade

    Some people may confuse color grades with fancy colored diamonds. However, these are two different diamond topics. The color grade on a grading report refers to colorless diamonds, not diamonds that are supposed to be different colors.

    This is the GIA's official color grade scale for colorless diamonds. 5 carat diamonds with DEF color grades are in the colorless range while GHIJ color grades are considered the near colorless range. Diamonds graded KLM are considered faint yellow. N-Z diamonds aren't usually found at bigger online retailers.

    Diamond Shape

    The shape of a 5 carat diamond ring greatly increase or decrease the overall cost of your diamond engagement ring. Some diamond shapes are more expensive than others, even if all other diamond grades are the same.

    For example, step cut diamonds like the emerald cut and Asscher cut diamonds are typically less expensive than brilliant cut shapes. However, step cut shapes may need higher clarity grades or color grades because of the way they're cut.

    5 Carat Marquise Diamond Ring, Brilliant Cut Shape

    A round brilliant cut diamond will be the most expensive shape for a 5 carat diamond ring. Not only does it have the best sparkle, but it costs the most to facet. It's very difficult for diamond cutters to facet an eye-clean diamond out of a piece a diamond rough big enough as a 5 carat diamond. On average, 60% of the diamond rough used to create round diamonds is discarded. The waste drives up the cost.

    Diamond Brand

    Most of the time, the brand of the ring setting can drive up the cost. However, there are specialty diamonds that can also alter your cost. For example, Whiteflash diamonds are known for their superior light performance with their super ideal cut diamonds. However, these diamonds come at premium price when matched up against a standard ideal cut diamond with the same grades.

    Diamond Ring Setting

    The engagement ring setting chosen for your 5 carat diamond ring will have a significant impact on the cost of it. Your setting will most likely be less than your diamond, so expect the 5 carat diamond to be the bulk of the cost.

    5 Carat VVS2 F Color Lab Grown Diamond Ring $10,151

    Diamond ring settings with a lot of metalwork and accent diamonds are going to cost more than if you were to buy a 5 carat diamond engagement ring from a classic solitaire collection.

    Aside from the style, a branded ring setting will usually cost more than a setting from an unbranded collection. 

    How Big is a 5-Carat Diamond Ring?

    Remember when we talked about how the weight distribution of diamonds varies based on the shape though they're the same carat weight? The result is that some shapes look visually bigger than other 5-carat diamond shapes.

    What is a 5-Carat Diamond Ring Worth to Sell?

    I'm not able to give you number on how much a 5 carat diamond ring is worth to resell. However, there are some things you should know about reselling diamonds.

    Most diamonds aren't worth investing in unless they're natural fancy colored diamonds. Any 5 carat diamond ring will definitely sell for a considerable amount of money for most people. But you shouldn't get near anywhere close to what you paid up front.

    How to Get the Best Value When Buying 5 Carat Engagement Rings?

    It's no secret a 5 carat diamond engagement ring is very expensive. You'll want to save as much money as possible without sacrificing quality. As your chosen carat weight increases, both inclusions and yellow tint in your diamond becomes more obvious. You may find yourself needing to buy from a higher range than you would for a one carat diamond ring.

    Color Grade

    Diamond color is a subjective detail of a diamond. By quality standards, there's higher ranges that command higher values. However, the presence of yellow tint is only strong as the viewer's eyes.

    If you're not as sensitive to tint in a diamond, you might not see a noticeable difference between an E color diamond from the colorless range and an H color diamond from the near colorless range. However, everyone will notice the price difference, even if all other diamond grades are the same.

    J Color Asscher Cut Diamond

    F Color Asscher Cut Diamond

    Besides, color is a visual detail. It has no effect on the sparkle or durability of the diamond. You'll find that many people couldn't tell a J color diamond from an I color diamond, but J's are much more affordable.

    Clarity Grade

    A 5-carat diamond is way above the average weight for a diamond center stone (1.2 cts). Depending on your chosen shape, your clarity grades may need to be much higher than with a smaller weight. However, it's not the case with every 5 carat diamond, like below. The other grades are different, which causes prices to fluctuate.

    SI Clarity for a 1 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond

    SI Clarity for a 5 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond

    Normally, VS2 is considered a great choice for diamond clarity grades. It is the first grade that is considered eye-clean. In a 5 carat diamond, those very slight inclusions. look bigger. You may need to look for diamonds with inclusions closer to the edge of the diamond, where a prong might be placed over.

    The best way to do that is by taking your time to search through a pool of loose diamonds and utilizing their 360˚ viewer.

    Ring Metal

    The price of your 5 carat diamond ring isn't just impacted by the type of engagement ring setting you've chosen, but also the ring metal. An engagement ring is most often crafted in 14K gold, but online retailers offer more options in both 18K gold and platinum.

    Final Thoughts On 5-Carat Diamond Rings

    There's many things to think about before pulling the trigger on a 5 carat diamond engagement ring. The biggest ones to think about are the 4Cs. You've already got carat weight taken care of, but the three other Cs are the biggest factors of cost.

    You shouldn't sacrifice diamond cut, but both diamond clarity and color are in the eye of the beholder. Choosing lower grades on these two pillars will result in a less expensive 5 carat engagement ring. However, the visual look of the diamond might not meet your personal standards.

    5 Carat Oval Cut Diamond Ring with Split Shank

    That being said, don't buy from any online retailers. Make sure you do some of your own research. We have plenty of different articles on various engagement ring companies. Don't just pick the engagement retailer with the best diamond prices. A 5 carat engagement ring with a low price but certified from a laboratory that's considered unreliable. You might end up paying more for a diamond that has worse grades.

    All of the retailers mentioned above are legitimate retailers with return policies of at least 30 days, just in case you don't love the 5 carat engagement ring you picked out.

    Hopefully this guide has shown you the things to consider when buying a 5 carat engagement ring, as well as how to make the most of their diamond prices.

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