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best amethyst pendants

An amethyst pendant can be an excellent jewelry purchase, as it allows the transformation of an otherwise plain necklace chain, thus saving the expense of buying an additional chain (typically made of expensive precious metal) that you don’t necessarily need.

There is also a diverse utility in the purchase of pendants beyond the cost-saving versus a whole necklace. 

Many fans of pendants like to purchase multiple pendants per each chain they own, allowing them to completely transform the look of the piece, by simply swapping out the pendant – not unlike a good capsule wardrobe!

Whether you’re drawn to amethyst as a birthstone, or because you’re attracted to its natural beauty, let’s jump right in and explore the five best amethyst pendants.

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Updated On January 15, 2021

  • 14K white gold setting
  • Tasteful, classy design
  • Eye-clean, deep purple amethyst and eye clean diamonds

Our overall number 1 pick is the beautiful 14 Karat White Gold Pear Shape 1.50 Carats Amethyst Diamond Pendant from Amazon. Not only is it an excellent piece of jewelry, but is also an excellent price given the quality.

What Are Amethyst Pendants?

Amethyst is one of the most popular gemstones in the world today, and it’s not hard to see why – it possesses beautiful color, is relatively cheap when compared to the cardinal gemstones of diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald, and since 18th Century is in relatively abundant supply for a gemstone.

Amethyst has developed significant cultural status throughout history, including the belief amongst ancient Greeks that it could ward off drunkenness (a trait that sees it worn as a ring by both Anglican Bishops, and St Valentine).

It is thought to possess different positive attributes also; leading astrologer Camillo Leonardi believed that amethyst quickened intelligence, and warded off evil thoughts. Amethyst is also thought to bestow calmness and clarity upon the wearer. 

Amethyst is a form of quartz denoted by its beautiful purple hue. Amethyst develops this purple hue throughout its formation, largely owing to the level of irradiation and iron impurities that it is exposed to in the earth, over many centuries of formation.

Are Amethyst Pendants Expensive Or Cheap?

Amethyst pendants are relatively cheap, in comparison to pendants that feature the cardinal gemstones. The main determinants of the cost of an amethyst pendant are the material (and craftsmanship) of the setting, and the quality of the amethyst relative to the benchmarks of amethyst quality in the marketplace. Cabochon amethyst pendants also look very attractive relative to a number of other cabochon stones, and so you have the ability to buy a large amethyst cabochon for very cheap (relative to other faceted gemstones).

The price of the setting should be commensurate with the material it is made of (white gold is more expensive than silver, for instance). Given the typically larger size of pendant settings, there is scope for jewelers to implement more ornate decoration than they can on smaller pieces, and you should expect to pay more for this craftmanship also.

What Should You Look For In The Best Amethyst Pendants?

Most amethysts in the marketplace are eye clean – that is to say that they don’t have any inclusions that are visible to the naked eye without magnification. Furthermore, amethyst benefits from the fact that its structure allows those stones that do have visible inclusions, to be cut and polished as cabochon stones (without fears about the integrity of the stone).

Amethyst pendants are excellent pieces of jewelry, because of the way in which they can transform a plain necklace chain into a wonderful statement piece of jewelry, at relatively low expense. What’s more, pendant necklaces are designed in such a way that they complement most outfits, making them a quite diverse staple of any jewelry collection.

When buying an amethyst pendant, care must be taken to buy one in a setting that is too ornate or irregular, as it is at increased risk of catching or snagging on the clothing of the wearer. The setting also does not typically have to provide the same level of protection to the stone, as is the case for a ring, for instance, as the pendant is much less likely to suffer impact damage.

The nature of an amethyst pendant is such that you can experiment with other shapes and cuts that wouldn’t work as well with other pieces of jewelry. For instance, pear and oval cuts can look very nice in a pendant, where they wouldn’t necessarily be recommended for all buyers in a ring.

The movement of the pendant can encourage experimentation with different styles of cuts also. For example, a nice checkerboard cut can reflect lots of light and make a statement when placed in a pendant. On the contrary, a pendant can also allow the use of a much larger stone than some other jewelry pieces, and so a large cabochon (polished, but not faceted) stone can look very nice in a pendant. (

How To Clean Amethyst Pendants?

Whilst amethyst is a relatively tough and durable gemstone, there are some key things to keep in mind when cleaning and maintaining it.

As with other pieces of amethyst jewelry, the best method of cleaning is to use warm water with mild soap. The pendant should be left to soak for about 10-15 minutes before being rinsed clean and dried with a soft cotton cloth. Such a cleaning regime should be safe for all precious metals also. Again, avoid the use heat and ultrasonic cleaners, as this can have a seriously detrimental effect on the amethyst if it has had particular manufacturing treatments.

When cleaning gemstones set in particularly ornate settings, I like to also use a soft bristle interior detailing brush (such as those used for cleaning car interiors) to gently agitate the dirt and fluff from the setting.

Another point to bear in mind if you have amethyst cabochons, is to store them separately from your faceted amethyst (and other hard gemstones) as it is likely to experience scratches and scores from its faceted counterparts. (

Where To Buy Amethyst Pendants?

We recommend purchasing your amethyst pendants from Amazon. Whilst Amazon wouldn’t necessarily be the first retailer that springs to mind when purchasing jewelry, they happen to be the commercial front for a number of high quality, reputable jewelers and jewelry retailers. Furthermore, they have an extensive range of excellent amethyst pendants, and are sure to have something to suit you, whatever your style.

Review of the top 5 Best Purple Gemstone Necklace

This is our best value pick. This pendant embodies everything that we look for, in a best value pick. It is essentially the same design as our best of the best pick, including the same quality of cut and hue of purple, but features a smaller amethyst stone, loses the diamonds, and is set in rhodium plated sterling silver instead of white gold. These are the kind of exchanges to look for if you want top dollar style at a lower price point.

  • 1.00 carat amethyst is large enough for most customers
  • Rhodium plating on the silver really adds to the shine
  • Exceptional amethyst for the price
  • It’s hard to have any complaints at this price

Our best of the best selection is beautiful 1.5 carat pear cut amethyst pendant. The amethyst has a beautiful cut that catches the light spectacularly, and is a deep rich shade of purple. What’s more, it’s accompanied by eye clean diamonds, and set in a tasteful 14k white gold setting. A fantastic amethyst pendant that would be a great addition to any jewelry collection.

  • 14K white gold setting
  • Tasteful, classy design
  • Eye-clean, deep purple amethyst and eye clean diamonds
  • Take care that the prong setting doesn’t catch on your clothes

Something completely different from our two previous selections. Don’t be alarmed by the mention of healing crystals and chakra stones if that isn’t your thing; what we have here is a large and beautiful cabochon amethyst stone.

Whilst some will only purchase faceted gemstones, a large cabochon pendant can act as an excellent piece to wear with more casual outfits.

  • Nicely cut and polished cabochon
  • Very bright and vibrant purple
  • The cabochon style won’t be to everyone’s taste
  • Unfortunately, the setting is only stainless steel

This lovely pendant features four cushion cut amethysts set in a quad pattern. The amethysts are approximately 5mm across each, meaning that the pendant has quite a large footprint, but benefits from the relatively cheaper lower carat sizes. The amethysts are divided by cubic zirconia which, along with the very good cut of the amethysts, means this pendant is eye-catching in how it reflects the light.

  • Cushion cut amethysts look very good
  • The inclusion of cubic zirconia adds to the appeal
  • The Silver setting would benefit from rhodium plating

Last but not least is this very attractive 0.75ct heart cut amethyst pendant. The stone benefits from a very good cut, and is a nice shade of purple – particularly at this price.

The silver heart setting is also very attractive, and is also functional as it acts as an extra level of security (especially useful as a heart cut is one of the most easily chipped cuts of gemstone).

  • Very nice heart cut amethyst
  • Reasonably large stone amethyst
  • Good shade of purple for the price
  • The silver setting would benefit from rhodium plating

Our Top Pick: 14K White Gold Diamond Pendant

Overall, the 14 Karat White Gold Pear Shape 1.50 Carats Amethyst Diamond Pendant is our top pick. It’s everything that you could hope for from an amethyst pendant – a large pear-shaped amethyst stone of a rich purple hue, set inside a tasteful white gold setting, and accompanied by genuine diamonds.

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