Does James Allen Offer Discounts? (Yes or No?)

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James Allen Discount

Does James Allen Offer Military Discounts?

James Allen does not offer military discounts at this time.

Any military discounts that are found online are through third parties and will likely not be honored by James Allen either online or in person.

Does James Allen Offer Senior Citizen Discounts?

James Allen also does not offer senior citizen discounts at this time. The same caution followed for military discounts should be practiced here; any possible coupons or discount codes will likely not be honored by any official James Allen establishment.

Does James Allen Have Active Promo Codes or Coupons?

James Allen does not currently offer official promotional codes or coupons. However, they do offer a special discount of 1.5% off your order’s listed price if you pay by wire transfer. This is a common method of payment used by many customers who purchase items over $1000 in value.

In addition, James Allen offers free resizing off any ring purchase that you make within one year of the purchase date. This can save you hundreds of dollars in potential fees if you need your engagement or diamond ring resized.

How to Find the Discounts?

You can find details about this discount from the James Allen website or by following this link here. The resizing deal is detailed on this page.

Any Qualifications to Get the Discount?

There are no extensive qualifications or limitations on the products you can purchase via a wire transfer of funds. However, due to the length of time involved in the wire transfer it’s not recommended to pay for your James Allen jewelry unless you are spending a significant amount of money on the purchase.

The only qualification to receive the free resizing deal is that your purchase must have been made with James Allen themselves. You must provide proof of purchase via receipt in order to apply for the resizing deal. In addition, while shipping is free for customers in the US, international customers must pay a $50 shipping fee to get their ring back.

How to Redeem the Discount?

This discount is applied automatically to your purchase based on the listed price of whatever item you choose. You check out normally at the James Allen store either online or in person and you’ll receive wiring instructions once you’ve completed the checkout process. This checkout process does not result in you obtaining the desired item immediately; instead, it will be held by the store for shipping to your specified address at a later date.

James Allen must wait for confirmation from the bank that you specify that the wire transfer has been completed before they will ship your purchased item to your home or other address. In addition, James Allen reserves the right to require wire payment for international orders that exceed $20,000 in value.

For ring resizing, James Allen requires you to contact their customer service team and then mail your ring to them for the resizing process. They will ship it back to you once the resizing has been completed and you have settled on the exact work or modifications that you want completed. You will not be charged a fee for any sizing or material differences that occur during the process.

Does James Allen Offer Cash Back On Purchases?

Currently, James Allen does not offer any cash back promotional features or programs. This includes both online purchases and those performed at an in-person store.

James Allen Discount Offer

Does James Allen Offer Sales On Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

How Much Were the Sales for?

James Allen is currently offering a special discount for those who sign up for the website’s email list. This discount provides you with an update of the exact moment that the yearly James Allen Black Friday sale begins as well as adding an additional $100 off of your first purchase on the site.

This email list is also a great way to become informed about any potential coupons or discounts which may be offered in the future exclusively from James Allen via their publicity emails.

In addition, James Allen often offers up to 25% off of various purchases during Black Friday sales. The items for which the 25% off qualifies will shift depending on the year or the day of the sale, which often lasts for several days rather than simply Black Friday itself.

How to Find Them?

You can find details of these deals from the James Allen Black Friday webpage. Simply sign up your email and you’ll immediately be added to the list; James Allen will inform you when the Black Friday sale begins and you’ll be able to enjoy the $100 off your first purchase.

How to Redeem?

Redeeming the $100 off your first purchase is very simple. All you have to do is go to your cart once you collected everything you want in your purchase and the $100 will be automatically eliminated from your total.

Any Qualifications for the Sale?

There are no qualifications for the sale, as everyone on the James Allen website will be able to take advantage of the Black Friday discounts up to 25% on select items. However, you must give James Allen your email and identify your gender, man or woman, in order to receive the $100 off your first purchase discount.

By providing James Allen with your email, you must read the website’s privacy policy and agree that your email and gender information will be used for the purpose of promoting new products you and give you updates and news via your email. You can always unsubscribe from this email or withdraw your consent by either unsubscribing your email address manually or contacting the James Allen customer service team.

Does James Allen Offer Sales On Christmas?

Last year, James Allen offer 25% off any engagement ring purchases. This makes the website or in person stores a great choice if you’re planning on purchasing an engagement ring within the next six months.

It’s likely James Allen will continue to offer a similar discount or different sale once Christmas season rolls around near the end of October or November.

How to Find Them?

You can find the James Allen Christmas sales on their holiday page, which is not yet been posted but will likely replace the Black Friday page once that specific date has passed.

How to Redeem?

Redeeming these types of discounts doesn’t ever require much effort on your part. Most of the time, you’ll simply be able to finalize your transaction in your cart and the discount will be automatically applied. On a rare occasion, you may be supplied with a coupon code to be inputted into a special box near checkout time. This code will be supplied to you on the website itself or via email if you signed up for the email newsletter that we mentioned above.

Any Qualifications for the Sale?

This sale requires that you be purchasing an engagement ring specifically. The 25% discount will not work on any other jewelry whatsoever, and the ring must be classified as an engagement ring by the James Allen website. You cannot claim that a different ring count as an engagement ring in your eyes alone and still obtain the discount.

Does James Allen Offer Sales On Valentines Day?

James Allen offered a 25% off discount for diamond rings, engagement rings and other fine jewelry until the end of the month of January.

This discount only applied to the above categories of product, although it encompassed most of what James Allen offers in total as a result.

How to Find Them?

James Allen makes the discounts clear on their main website and advertises the amount off next to all applicable purchases, such as all diamond or engagement rings.

How to Redeem?

Redeeming the discount was as simple as placing the desired item into your cart and moving to check out. It would be automatically applied from the total before you input your payment information.

Any Qualifications for the Sale?

The only qualifications were that the purchase jewelry be a diamond ring, engagement ring or another piece of fine jewelry and that the purchase took place before January 28, 2019.

We fully expect this discount to be around next Valentine's Day as well.

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