Blue Nile Insurance (What’re Your Options?)

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Blue Nile Insurance

Does Blue Nile Offer Insurance On Wedding Rings?

A wedding ring symbolizes the continuity of marriage and is supposed to be as strong and permanent as the marriage vows themselves.  It is important then that the wedding ring has as many guarantees and insurance on it as possible.

Some Renters insurance and Homeowners insurance policies cover insurance for jewelry and rings. While this is a good start, it is best to work with insurers that specialize in and know the jewelry market.

On Blue Nile’s side, they offer satisfaction guarantees upon first purchase such as resizing in the first year, free returns, free shipping, etc.  When it comes to ongoing insurance though, they have partnered with Jewelers Mutual (JM).

JM only insures jewelry and works with The Gemological Institute of America and the American Gem Society to make sure that they are up to date and accurate with their coverage and claims.  Since Blue Nile employs the Gemological Institute of America to test their diamonds, there is a seamless transition of Blue Nile diamonds to insurance coverage.

Yes or No?

For wedding ring insurance, Blue Nile has partnered with Jewelers Mutual to provide coverage that will either repair or replace your rings. From everything we have researched, Jewelers Mutual covers everything that they are supposed to and they do so quickly.

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What Does It Cover?

It is important to know that every policy is different and you want to make sure that you understand what your policy covers.  What the deductibles are, how to file a claim, and what the path to restoration looks like. It is important to keep the purchase receipt as well as any appraisal valuations for the ring.

Any diamond worth more than $1,000 from Blue Nile comes with an appraisal valuation, but you will want to get ongoing appraisals over the years to make sure you still have appropriate insurance coverage.  


Most of the insurance policies that we saw both from the website and from the reviews that we read seem to be priced at 1 to 2% of the value of the ring.  A $10,000 ring would run about $100 per year in premiums. If you would like a lower premium, that is possible but then you will have a deductible that you would have to pay with each claim.

Is It Worth It?

In almost all cases and reviews we have read the insurance has been worth it.  With full coverage for loss or repair for any fittings, the annual cost pales in comparison to the loss of such a hefty and important investment like a wedding ring.

How To File A Claim?

Depending on how much your policy covers and your most recent appraisal, the claim policy can be quite easy.  You start the claims process online with Jewelry Mutual. Jewelry Mutual will not write a check to you for a loss.  Instead, they will ask what jeweler of your choice you would like to work with and they will then pay that jeweler directly either to fix or to replace the wedding ring.

All of Jewelry Mutual insurance is reimbursement insurance so they will pay jewelers directly.  If you happen to purchase a high-end piece (Tiffany’s) and want to get the same piece then you must buy the new piece, show a receipt and then you will be reimbursed.

Does Blue Nile Offer Insurance On Engagement Rings?

Blue Nile Insurance On Engagement Rings

Yes or No?

Through a partnership with Blue Nile, Jewelers Mutual coverage for wedding rings.  Blue Nile uses the GIA report of the and the appraisal for the ring to provide Jewelers Mutual with the information needed to provide proper coverage of your beautiful investment.

What Does It Cover?

Like with the wedding rings, Jewelers Mutual provides coverage for any loss due to negligence or theft. The rings are also covered in case a setting fails or the diamond itself is separated and lost from the rest of the ring. Jewelers Mutual offers reimbursement policies that are extremely flexible, meaning you can choose the jeweler of your choice.

One of the stipulations of the policy though is that you will get reimbursed for comparable jewelry. As some rings or diamonds are one-of-a-kind, this can present a challenge to those extra special diamonds. For Blue Nile diamonds though, since they are all through the Jewelry Mutual family, you have coverage for all of your engagement ring diamonds.


Very similar to the wedding ring program, the engagement ring insurance premium through Jewelry Mutual is about 1% of the cost of the ring with a $0 deductible.  So a $6,000 ring would run you about $60 per year. If you want a $500 deductible on a $6,000 engagement ring, you would run about $55 dollars per year. However, saving that extra $50 dollars per year, you would need to go 10 years before you make up the difference on paying the $500 for a deductible.

Is It Worth It?

The question is the insurance worth it is a question or risk tolerance usually.  When it comes to an engagement ring and all of the emotional value attached to an engagement ring, these rings approach a price that is almost priceless.  The Jewelry Mutual reimbursement program is so user-friendly and cost effective that it is a resounding yes to say that it is worth it.

How To File A Claim?

The reimbursement process is the same for an engagement ring as it is for a wedding ring.  You start the claim online with the Blue Nile claims department. If you have the receipt and an updated appraisal valuation, Blue Nile will usually ask you what local jeweler you want to work with to get a replacement or comparable engagement ring.  If a repair is needed, the jeweler will do the repairs, invoice you and get paid by Blue Nile directly. In all cases, Blue Nile will cut the check to the local jeweler.  

This helps to provide in case of fraud and  also allows for maximum flexibility when it comes to getting the replacement ring that you desire.

Does Blue Nile Offer Insurance On Other Jewelry?

Yes or No?

Along with wedding and engagement rings, all other jewelry that they sell is covered by their association with Jewelry Mutual.  Any necklace, bracelet, or other kinds of jewelry sold through Blue Nile comes with an appraisal if it is over $1,000 and that appraisal goes to Jewelry Mutual to help with evaluating coverage.  Again, while home insurance helps cover jewelry cost, using an insurance company that specializes in jewelry at a low cost the integrates with the company that sold it can be very beneficial.

What Does It Cover?

Like the other types of insurance mentioned, it covers loss, theft, broken chains or settings, and is a reimbursement program where the payment for your claim is paid to a third party jeweler of your choice that can handle fix or sell a comparable replacement.


Jewelry Mutual’s Jewelry Insurance program matches that of their ring programs.  The cost of the premium is 1-2% of the current appraised value of the jewelry. Most of the time, this appraisal is complimentary from Blue Nile if the purchase is more than $1,000.

Is It Worth It?

Sometimes jewelry that is not a wedding or engagement ring may not have as much emotional value and so you need to decide if the necklace was lost would you need a new one.  If there is sentimental value and great monetary value, then it should be insured.

How To File A Claim?

The process is the same in that you will need to fill out a loss claim online.  Jewelry Mutual may have further questions for you about the loss or breakage, and then you will need to submit receipts and most recent appraisals.  Then, you will choose the jeweler of your choice and either get a comparable replacement or the cost for repair.

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